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Well, clearly the guys have it on Top Design. The five remaining designers had to design a room, any room, around an artistic, interesting Swarovski crystal chandelier. Everyone got a different piece – picked out by Eddie, who won the pop design. And, might I say, has gone from merely being a pretentious, egotistical, name-dropping ass to…well, fill in the blank with whatever word is worse than that.

He was particularly over the edge last night and has gone from someone I found amusing and fun in the first two episodes, to someone truly insecure and nasty. Wow. So, the smackdown he got for decorating his room last night was somewhat gratifying. Especially as he was using Martha stuff to decorate it. (In case you hadn’t heard, Eddie will be the first one to tell you all about his job at Martha Stewart Living.) So, doubly satisfying. Except, of course, he has decided he is so far above the judges that he’s not entirely certain why he must be subjected to their ridiculous opinions anyway.

Which leaves Nathan and Preston for me to love. And I enjoy them both, for entirely different reasons. Nathan I don’t so much love as simply find interesting. Just because he’s so talented and so out there, and an actually interesting acerbic person to listen to. I never know what he’s going to do, so I like having him on the show. But Preston I just adore. Period. I like his work, I like his work ethic, and I love how he hasn’t allowed the assiness of Eddie and Nathan excluding him from their little clique to get to him. He just goes about the work and gets it done. Oh yeah…and winning.

Now, on to the women. Ondine is trying, but her aesthetic is really wavery. You never really know what you’re going to get with her. And Andrea’s confidence is all over the place. In the end, Ondine was chosen as having the least put together room, but Andrea is the one who asks to go home. She is done. She cannot put herself through it any longer. She wants to have her family back. So….buh bye, Andrea. Reprieve Ondine! Who has to know she’s next, but that gets her to the final four. And she seems like a decent person. While I don’t so much get excited to see what she’ll come up with, it’s nice for Preston to have someone where who will actually talk to him and not treat him like he’s invisible.

Oh, and Preston won the challenge. That makes two in a row. Eddie.

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  1. I really like most of Preston’s designs. With Nathan I’m never sure what he will come up with. I know I’m going to hear Martha at least once a show from Eddie! Enough already!!

  2. Eddie is making me nuts. And his room made me almost as ill as his personality.

    Nathan’s was wacky, but worked.

    And Preston’s, while good, was lacking for me. Much like Preston is lacking a personality.

    Oddly, it was Andrea’s room I really liked the best. I’ll miss her.

    I just can’t wait to see Jeff Lewis read him for his hideous wardrobe (and inconsistent design) choices next week!

  3. I am glad you admit that you liked Eddie in the first few episodes, I did as well. But now I know better. I am glad we can share our shame.

    But I am not on the Preston love-train just yet. He really got on my nerves the first couple of challenges but I decided that I really should try and give him another chance. I will have to watch the early episodes again and see if I can like him.

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