If it’s Tuesday, it must be Castle Dish & a New Giveaway! Also? Your Mark Harmon Moment

Which is pretty much the trifecta of Tuesdays, am I right?


Have you been enjoying ABC’s Castle this season?  Apparently a whole lot of someone’s other than me have been enjoying it because it won the People’s Choice Award this go!  Nice!   For all the latest dish on last night’s episode, pop on over to my USA Today recap right here.   

Cupcake Club group mm

While you’re there, you can also see if you were the big winner of last week’s contest!  Up for grabs, a copy of any one of my Cupcake Club Books AND…


…..a lovely little necklace, specially designed for the book series by the talented Michelle Ridge of Origami Owl.  
Now, if you don’t see you name in print over there don’t get all pouty on me.  it’s not like I’m never giving away anything else ever again.  In fact, I’m giving away something again this week.  And you can enter right now.  This very second.  I know, right?  Who doesn’t like second chances?


This week the prize is a signed copy of my current release, PELICAN POINT, the first book in my Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series.  How can you get your hands on a copy?  (Well, other than hopping over to Amazon and snagging one for immediate gratification?)  Drop me an email to donna@donnakauffman.com (or dmkauffman1@gmail.com)  with “I want a second chance!” in the subject line.  That’s it.  So simple.  Next week I’ll pick a name from the stack and announce the winner right here in the next Castle recap.  So, hurry up and enter already!

So, you might be asking yourself, what’s up with that whole Mark Harmon Moment thing?  Well, if you were a regular visitor to my Facebook Reader Hangout, you’d know that we all happen to watch a little NCIS every week.  Okay, not all of us, but most of us, and so as a little reminder that it was Tuesday and therefor NCIS night, I posted a picture of lead character, Gibbs.  Aka Mark Harmon.  And we all enjoyed a little moment.  Because..well, have you seen Mark Harmon?  I’d like more than a weekly moment with him.  That’s all I’m saying.   And it became something of a Tuesday Tradition.  So drop on by, experience the handsome.  Then stick around for all the other fun daily stuff!



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  1. Love your Tuesdays of Mark Harmon, lots of drooling here.

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