Last Call! So…if you think you can dance, ya better hurry up and do so!

So, we’re in our last week of auditions on So You Think You Can Dance.  HALLELUJAH!  I mean, they weren’t particularly painful or anything, but it was a lot of  Medley of this Week’s Dancers! And not a lot of getting to really see much of any actual, you know, dancing. I’m happy to see such great talent in a general sense, but the show is about coming to care for and root for your favorites…and we can’t have favorites if all we’re getting is one endless clip package.  Show.  Just sayin.

We also had Jenna Dewan Tatum as a guest judge this week.  Aka Mrs. Channing Tatum.  And all I’m saying is, you know hubby dances, too.  Would it have been too much to ask to have them both on the panel?  Because I could forgive a whole ton of clip packages if I get to gaze upon Mr. Dewan-Channing in between.  And yet…no.  Denied.  However, I thought you might like to gaze upon him, so…here you go.  Never let it be said I didn’t give you anything.



As it happens, I also gave away a book to one of last week’s lucky readers.  Winners name up in digital lights at the end of my scintillating So You Think You Can Dance recap over on USA Today.   So go check that out.

And while you’re there, you can get all the details on how to win the delicious swag showing below!  Yes, indeed!  A signed copy of my brand new release, Half Moon Harbor  AND the fabulous Half Moon Harbor pendant designed by the one and only Joyce Taber of The Cotton Thistle.  She has a Blueberry Cove inspired collection going on over there, so you’ll want to check that out.   To enter to win the swag below, check out this week’s SYTYCD Recap – entry details at the end of the blog.

SandpiperARC      HMH necklace

And while you’re off flitting aboot and checking things willy here and nilly there…did you know that some of my hottest Scots are coming to next month?  I know!   The following books are up for preorder!  Coming July 22nd!! 

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