My NCIS S14 E5: “Philly” Play-by-Play is LIVE over at USA Today!

Hello Fabulous Readers & NCIS viewers! ! It’s NCIS recap time over at USA Today. This week we welcome back hottie McBrit, Duane Henry as MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves and I’m a fan of that.


Also? A chance to win cool stuff! See the end of the recap for a chance to win a signed trade edition (big ‘ol paperback size) of my first Blueberry Cove novel, Pelican Point. 

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I know!  Go forth and read!  And enter!   Then stop back by here next week and see if you’re the Big Winner.

Good luck!

3 Responses to “My NCIS S14 E5: “Philly” Play-by-Play is LIVE over at USA Today!”

  1. Was glad to find out Quinn’s back story. Is the English agent going to be on the team? Thanks for recaps. Really love your books

  2. Unlike you I am struggling with Torres. His anger about being left in the pen, working with the printers, and how violent he can be when he chooses. He has also turned McGee into a violent, crazy officer. McGee stills seems out of place, but when he is paired with Torres, watching him is uncomfortable.

    I love the addition of Quinn, She definitely adds to the team and it was nice to see where she came from. I want to see more Abby too. Lastly, I really, really hope there will be more Clayton Reeves in the future. He fits in well and brings out the best of those who work with him.

    Thank you so much for your recaps.

  3. Hi Sharon! He has been hired as a series regular, but whether that means he joins the team fully, or we see him as we did tonight, like we occasionally see Fornell, I don’t know. My guess is it will be the latter, but time will tell!

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