Hello, Savannah!

I’ve been exploring the lovely historic city of Savannah, Georgia this past week, doing research for THE SWEET LIFEa spin off series to my popular Cupcake Club books.  What a beautiful city this is!


I love the Spanish moss draped live oaks that shade the residential streets, every single one of the twenty-two squares in the historic district, each with it’s own unique little park, the endless eye candy of architecture on every street, from the homes, to the churches, to the businesses.  The keyhole gardens, the River Walk, the lush green expanse of Forsythe Park, with the grand old live oak trees standing sentry on all sides. I could walk these streets for days and never get tired of the view, finding some new little treasure with each stroll.


Today, I wanted to share a little about my stay at the beautifully restored Galloway House. Originally built in 1895 and located in the Victorian District, just south of Forsythe Park, the owners have done a remarkable job in restoring it to new glory.  When they purchased it, the property was boarded up, long neglected, the grounds gone to weed.  Twelve years ago, a crew of 20-25 workers began a twenty-one month odyssey to fully restore the home and carriage house.  The owners live on the premises, and have turned parts of the house and the carriage house into an inn, with four different fully detailed apartments. (And, just so ya know, no, this is not some kind of paid endorsement.  This place has gone on to win an avalanche of awards, deservedly so, and is booked up well in advance.  They definitely don’t need my endorsement.  But they’re getting it anyway. 🙂  I just loved the place and thought I’d share a bit of my stay with you all.

I stayed in the loft, which you can see at the top of the place in the photo above.  The dormer window there marks the front of the loft, and it runs, shotgun, all the way to the back of the house.  I wish I had before photos of the other apartments, but I do have them for my lovely little loft nest.   Check this out!


This was the loft space after cleaning out the junk, in preparation for renovation.  That’s the dormer window there at the rear of the photo.


Looking back the other direction, this is the door at the rear of the loft space.

Look at it today!


The view as you step inside the door.  That’s the dormer window at the rear of the loft.


Looking back at the rear door.


A peek behind the screen at the bedroom and the cozy dormer nook.  Isn’t that amazing!  (I love before and after pictures, don’t you?)   I took these photos, but they are identical to how the place looks on their website.  I love it when a place lives up to (or, in this case, surpasses) its advertising.


Here’s a little peek at the Carriage House and potting shed, located in the keyhole garden behind the house.  The Carriage House has two apartments, one on each floor.  And check out the garden!


Once nothing more than a dirt patch, now a lush, tropical little paradise.


You can’t see in this photo, but there’s a little spot tucked away to the left with two garden benches, perfect for a little break.  All in all, the perfect little hideaway for this writer.

Now you know where the first chapters of the new series were written.  Fun!

If you want to learn more about Galloway House (and see photos of their sumptuous other apartments) you can check them out here.

I checked out yesterday (sob!) so I could head down to sunny Florida to see my folks for a few days (yay!)  I’ll be heading back to Savannah in a few days to continue my research adventure.

 More to come…

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5 Responses to “Hello, Savannah!”

  1. Looks beautiful. Look forward to getting a signed copy of the new book at TTP one day. Have safe travels.

  2. WOW! The Loft looks incredible!

  3. love this! i’m sure you have inspiration galore.

  4. I can hardly wait for the new books! This area of the country is one of the most romantic in the world, AFAIC!?

  5. We went to Savannah a few years ago…it was beautiful but ungodly hot and humid when we were there in July. I bet this time of the year is just perfect!

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