So, what was the point, again?

So, last night on Project Runway, we essentially wasted an hour accomplishing absolutely nothing. Except to confirm that Kenley is still so self-absorbed that she has no self awareness at all. (“I’m always on the outside, and I don’t know why.” Really, Kenley? Nary a clue?) Everyone made flower inspired dresses and Jerrell won, except none of it mattered because all four will go to Bryant Park and all four will have to compete yet again to be in the three that actually get to show. How is that fair? I can see, if the judges were truly stumped (do your job, I say, even if it’s hard) that Korto and Kenley, who were in the bottom two, could duke it out for the last place. But if there was any point to last night’s challenge, then both Leanne and Jerrell have earned their finale spots. So to put them through the exact same ringer again is both pointless and unfair.

Ah well.

And then we go on to Top Design, where Crazy Aunt Kelli really brings the wackadoodle, but as it turned out to be the most entertaining part of the program, I owe her. So…they have a triathalon, which is actually my fave challenge thus far, as we get to see each designer work alone, and on three consecutive tasks, each one bigger than before. The first part is redecorating a chair, the second is creating and entire dinner table ensemble, the third is to do a photo-shoot ready outdoor set up in an studio-set area. Nathan won both the first two legs, although I understood the win on part two, I’d have given that one to Eddie given he’d already won part one (with a chair I thought was perfectly hideous, but whatever…) So he had double immunity going into the final leg and everyone else had none.

It was interesting seeing how each designer tackled the challenge. Their style was finally more exposed and determined and the front runners really stood out, but there were some surprises as well. I really loved Wisit’s hand painted chair, I thought it was pretty amazing, but Ondine and Andrea both disappointed me, where I expected them to shine. Eddie was the most consistent in terms of doing things that I thought were both splashy, finely detailed, and appealed to me personally (unlike Nathan’s hideous blue and silver chair -gah!) but then, that’s what Eddie does everyday, working for Martha Stewart Living. He was clearly upset at not getting the win for the table setting, though he smiled his way through it. But given how close it was, and that Nathan already had immunity, I really felt it should have gone his way.

That said, the catty backstabby comments? Seriously, Eddie, stop being so insecure. And two-faced. Everyone is dissing Teresa’s skillz, now that they’re finally on display, and while I agree her aesthetic isn’t so hot, I really liked her as a person this episode. Which I can’t say for the rest of the designers. I was glad to see Andrea separate herself from it, but I was really wishing someone had called him out to his face about it. A shame.

Which left me not caring at all about the challenge, despite loving it in theory, because the best designers were the worst people, and the people who were shiny and happy…not so much with the room display. Except Natalie, which was a happy surprised. But… I started thinking, you know, I could be reading and eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream right about now….

What a waste.

Oh yeah, and Nat wins the final leg, Nathan takes it overall. Teresa goes home. Yawn.

Tonight, Survivor Gabon, ep 2 and I’m pretty sure yawning won’t be the reaction. MAC tomorrow, along with the winners of this week’s SHaQ Attack contest. See Monday’s post for details!

In the meantime….DISH!

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  1. I was so hoping that Kenley would go home last night – sick to death of her nasty, whiny, self-centerdness – and she’s wondering why she’s been on the outside her entire life? Duh. Anyone in favor of a smackdown?

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