It’s fashion! It’s design! It’s…almost over!

On Finale Pt 1 of Project Runway, the remaining four designers are thrown a last second challenge when they have to make a bridesmaid gown to go with the wedding gown in their collection…in one day. With the runway show looming. I always hate these last second challenges, as…what is really the purpose at this point?

What I also hate, is that I actually liked Kenley’s weddng gown and bridesmaid dress. Certainly better than Jerrell’s overworked dress (though I liked it in general) and Korto’s hot mess of a wedding gown. Was I the only one who thought it was horribly ill fitted? And her stuff usually is like a glove, so it was doubly disappointing. So, even though Jerrell should have been guaranteed a spot in the final with his win of the final regular season challenge last week, all four are at risk. This proves to be a problem for Jerrell.

We get the traditional hometown visits, see more of the designers towns, friends, family. Unless you’re Kenley, who apparently doesn’t have any friends or family. At least none who want to be seen on television with her. From what little we get to see of the collections, Leanne’s has the strongest theme, Jerrell’s looks over the top but gorgeous, I was loving Kenley’s wedding dress, but the rest looked like a mish mash of colors, and Korto’s was equally hard to really see, but the color pallette was pleasing.

Kenley lasts about fifteen minutes being nice, then melts down in the apparent belief that only she is allowed to make a short bridesmaid dress (despite standing in the same room when Tim urged Leanne to make a shorter dress, Korto, too.) So….more sabotage, Kenley? Seriously?

We finally hit the runway and Leanne and Kenley clearly have the best duos up there. I loved the originiality of Leanne’s, especially. Korto and Jerrell’s comparatively, looked a hot mess. Which, boo! I was so disappointed. So, Kenley,Korto, and Leanne are in…and Jerrell is out. Jerrell, who should have been automatically guaranteed a spot, gone. Kenley, who should have gone home last week, in. Based on that runway show, it’s an understandable result. And it’s still seriously wrong.

During the runway portion of the program, they also nail Kenley for copying an Alexander McQueen look from his collection, and she hotly denies that he has any such silhouette in his collection. Not only does he have such a silhouette, Kenley, but he has pretty much the same exact dress.

Kenley\'s totally original dress....ahem

Kenley's totally original dress....ahem

Alexander\'s dress....look familiar anyone?

Alexander's dress....look familiar anyone?

So…I’m not happy. I’m thinking Alexander McQueen isn’t thrilled, either. But, whatever, we get to see Leanne, Korto, and Kenley next week in the finale. Go Leanne!

On Top Design, it’s a toss up as to who is more obnoxious…

So, wow, Eddie, insecure much? You might want to take a page from Andrea’s Guide to Being Humble. Because arrogant is so not a good look for you.

This week is a green challenge. They have to design an office space for a eco oriented company being eco aware in their design and usage of materials. And, seriously, Eddie, wipe the smug off your face. What is up with him? Natalie, on the other hand, great attitude. Eddie, not so much. Not at all, really. He goes in and just trashes every aspect of the room, and not that he isn’t right, or that the client might not even agree with him, but wow, a little editing of what comes out of your mouth and what should stay in your head? Would do us all a world of eco friendly good. Sheesh. Has he just been getting a kind edit up to this point? Because either he really can’t get over his loss to Nathan last week and has just lost all sense of wanting to be there, or…he’s always been a complete and utter ass and we’re just now getting the chance to see it. Whatever the case, we’re five minutes into the show and I am very, very done with him.

You know what would be fun? Let’s send Eddie to Amazing Race Terrance’s house for a total redesign…then listen in. Ha!

Wisit needs to, at some point, grasp that his job is to design for other people. Not for himself. He has to bring his taste and style…but these are not your rooms, Wisit. You will not be living here. Ever. Your client will. Why he can’t figure that out, I have zero idea. He really doesn’t even seem to consider if the client will like the work, but mostly whether or not he gets to represent his own vision in every space he designs. I’m not feeling optimistic here.

Then, after meeting with the clients and picking out all their stuff, they get thrown a twist. Which is randomly line up….then pass your office key to the designer on your right. That is your new room. Eddie gets Nathan’s room – and Nathan’s purchases – and actually has nice things to say. Quelle shock! Mild Wisit gets Wild Natalie’s stuff. He’s concerned. So am I! But amused, and entertained.

Andrea is stressing out over having to use Eddie’s color choices, but when she approaches him on what his vision might have been, he dismissively tells her to put a wash on it or something (then sasses to the camera how he’s not helping her do something to a room that looks s*tty. And, um, Ed my man? Who picked the crap colors? Just sayin.)

All in all, everyone except Wisit seem to do their best to work with what they’ve been handed while staying true to the original concept. Hard to work on a room for a person you’ve never met, with stuff you didn’t pick out, but they go to it. Everyone is helpful, except Eddie. So, if either he or Wisit goes, I will be fine with that.

Final result…

Rooms I loved:
Ondine’s room. Loved the whole room. It wasn’t masculine as the guy wanted, but that goes on Wisit’s choices. She did the best she could with what she had. Loved, loved the light fixture made from water bottles.

Nathan’s room: possibly too garage-tech for me, but it fit in nicely with what the client wanted and he was the most eco-aware in terms of recycling things.

Andrea’s room: given what she had to work with from Eddie? That super strong color n that tiny space? I thought she knocked it out of the park.

Rooms I was partially okay with but also made me shudder a little:
Preston’s meeting room: actually, there is nothing inherently wrong with this room, but all the white detailing made it look a little to theme-parky for me. A bit Alice in Wonderlandish. And not a lot of eco thought here.

As much as I hate to say it, I liked the colors of Eddie’s room, and the tack board made from carpet padding. (Which was Nathan’s idea and he totally didn’t credit him with it.) But, yikes, the curtains and light fixture/privacy screen, to paraphrase Eddie: Ew.

Natalie’s reception area: It flowed well, colors were nice, and though I liked the fabric panel idea, the colors she had to work with, and the final design of them, looked like a cluttered mess.

Wisit’s office was very serene and for the most part lovely. Just not remotely what the person wanted. And the covered chairs…yikes. That was bad. As was the tragic paint job on the desk.

Judges: liked Nathan, Preston, Eddie, kinda liked: Andrea & Ondine, Didn’t like: Wisit, Natalie.

Winner: Eddie. Wow, and it was because of Nathan’s idea. I’m totally against this win. It should have gone to Nathan, hands down, and doubly so because he earned Eddie his win. Dayum. And Eddie, you might want to witness Nathan’s extremely kind sportsmanship, because he could have totally called you out, and he didn’t.
Loser: Wisit and Natalie were in the bottom two. Correctly. Wisit goes home. Also correctly. Bye, pumpkin.

What did you think? What room would you want to work in? Who should be Top Designer? Who should win Project Runway? DISH!

Tonight, it’s Grey’s Anatomy & Survivor…and new tribes! This? Should be most interesting. Tune in tomorrow for all the MAC you can stand. And don’t forget to enter this week’s contest. Details in Monday’s post.

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  1. I think someone should tape Eddie’s mouth shut! I agree with your picks more than the judges.

    I think Leanne will win.

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