March 1994
Bantam Loveswept #675
ISBN 0-553-44424-7
Angels & Outlaws Month
Cover Art © Lina Levy

December 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537300




Cole — A ruthless desperado who played it rough, and made a woman like it…

The dark bar might be the right place to hire an outlaw, but Cole Sinclair wasn’t looking for a job–and figured the lady with the diamond eyes needed a lesson in playing with danger…but he couldn’t scare her off! He’d never be anyone’s hero, but somehow she’d breathed life back into his embittered soul, made him feel respect–and astonishingly fierce desire for this woman who dared to touch him.

Once Cole Sinclair captured her mouth, Kira felt she’d carry his mark forever. Need shot through her with a violence that rocked her, sensations so intense they engulfed her body and seduced her mind. She’d offered him anything to recover her stolen dolphin, vowed to fight his demons, but Cole knew pain was all he had left of his heart. Could she prove she loved him, scars and all, and always would?


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Debuted at #2 on the Waldenbooks bestseller list

A W.I.S.H. award from Romantic Times for hero Cole Sinclair

“If you think I’m in so much danger, Cole, then why did you ask me to stay?” Kira asked softly.

“I’m not sure,” he answered finally. “But I imagine it’s the same reason you didn’t run away when you had the chance.”

His eyes were so dark they held no light at all. Kira didn’t mistake his meaning. “Is that the deal then? You’ll help me if I stay?”

He smiled, the shine of his white teeth playing off the bottomless black pools of his eyes and giving him an aura the other side of wicked. Kira realized she’d felt safe because she truly hadn’t believed the rumors about his notorious past. She did now.

“What exactly are you offering, Kira? Are you saying that if I help you, you’ll go to bed with me?”

Heat crept over her skin until her body felt as if it were on fire. She wished he’d do something to put the fire out. “If that’s what it takes,” she answered, struggling not to back down.

Cole chuckled softly, pressing his finger softly into the soft indentation beneath her lips, parting them slightly. “We both know I could have you in my bed–with or without a promise to help you.” He watched her nod grudgingly at the truth of his words, then lowered his head until his lips were almost touching hers, teasing her mouth with their heat. “I’ll help you sweet lips,” he said, his voice rough. “But not for sex…”

“Hard-edged heroes possessing smoldering sensuality are fast making Donna Kauffman a name to watch for in the romance genre.” 4 1/2 stars and a W.I.S.H. award for hero Cole Sinclair ~ Romantic Times


“…a very enjoyable read, loaded with edge-of-your-chair nail-biting suspense. Ms. Kauffman … is a very welcome addition to the Loveswept line.” ~ The Paperback Forum


“I enjoyed this story. It had a little mystery, danger and excitement as well as sensual looks and pent up desire.” ~ Rendezvous


“5 stars. Wonderful new theme.” ~ Heartland Critiques



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