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BIG Black Friday Giveaway! It’s Black Sheep Friday!

#BlackFriday #Giveaway #BlackSheepFriday! Hello everyone!  I’m having my own version of Black Friday today! Yep, it’s Black Sheep Friday! IMG_4656  bshiddenbeauty_300  51iUdAc1ybL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ My Unholy Trinity guys are up for grabs. I’m giving away TWO copies of each of the three books AND TWO copies of each of the three audiobooks.  You might recall the audio versions are arrated by the supremely hot Sebastian York. I will forever hear my unholy heroes in that voice. My, oh my my my…. I’m sorry, where was I?

Oh, right!  Want in? It’s simple! Just leave a comment on which one you want, and in which format (print or audiobook!)  I’ll announce all TWELVE winners in a new blog post right here at 8PM ET tonight (Friday, Nov 28). International readers, you’re invited, too!  (And psssst!  If you follow me on Facebook, I’m doing the same giveaway there – yes, twelve additional winners!  You can enter in both places!) For more on the series, go here. Want a sample of Sebastian’s might fine voice?  Click here Ready to enter?  GO!!

Unholy Trinity series in audiobook! New USA Today Giveaway!

Lots of excitement this week!

IMG_4656      bshiddenbeauty_300  51iUdAc1ybL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

My Unholy Trinity series is now available on with the fabulously sexy Sebastian York doing the narrating.  If you haven’t heard his voice made of yum, well, hop right on over there and take a listen.  You might want to grab something cold to drink first.  Possibly a small fan.  Because…hubba hubba!


Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson, CBS

Want a chance at winning one of the audiobooks?  It’s easy!  Pop on over to my USA Today recap of this week’s NCIS episode and right there at the end are the simple entry details.  Winners announced in next week’s recap.

Want more?  Of course you do!  As many of you know, I love to giveaway stuff.  Share the love, spread the joy, you know?  So stop by my Facebook Fan Page and give it a Like so you can be in on my random acts of book freebies that happen every week.  Also?  Fun photos and other frivolity.  We’d love to have you!

Cupcake Race Day Fun! Cupcake Club Giveaway Winners!

The Cupcake Race was a success!  Miles were run, cupcakes were consumed! And we actually finished! :)


We have WINNERS!!  Thanks to everyone for your great support for the Cupcake Race today.  We had such a blast made even more fun by getting to share it all with you.

IMG_5005         IMG_4970

Now it’s time to spread the joy your way!  There are four Cupcake Club books…and four winners!

For SUGAR RUSH, congratulations Kortney!

For SWEET STUFF, come on down Sheena Dunn!

For BABYCAKES, you’re the big winner, Tina W!

And for HONEY PIE, it’s all yours Adria Wauson!

Winners, email at with your addresses and your prizes will go out in the mail upon my return to Virginia!

Again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated everyone’s support AND your enthusiasm for my books.  Please join me over on Facebook for the weekly giveaways and daily frivolity!


It’s Cupcake Race Day! Also? Cupcake Club Giveaway!

I’m here in St. Louis and the Gateway Cupcake Run race day has finally arrived!


My sister and I, along with my nephew and his bff gf will be joining hundreds of others on the race course in downtown St Louis today to support a local charter school charity…and eat cupcakes! Yes, the race course has five cupcake stations. Each cupcake consumed knocks time off your final tally when the course is completed.

It’s true.  They finally designed a race just for me. :)

We’ve got our Cupcake Club t-shirts ready, our cupcake hats and even cupcake wands. Because that’s how you run a cupcake race!


You all have been so great in your support, I thought it would be fun to include you all in today’s festivities by giving away copies of my Cupcake Club books. I know!

Cupcake Club series

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me which Cupcake Club book you’d like to win, and I’ll be back this evening at 8PM Central time to announce winners right here in this blog post.

Want to know more about the Cupcake Club books? Start here.

Want more chances to win?  I’ll be posting on FB during the race today and there’s already a contest post up there as well.  Head on over to my Facebook Fan Page for all the up to the minute race course fun and frivolity.

Okay, time to limber up…grab a bottle of milk….and hit the race course!  See you at the finish line!

New site look! New USA Today recap! New Swagapalooza Giveaway!

The fall tv season has finally arrived and with it, my new gig for USA Today! This season I’ll be recapping NCIS- you can catch it Tuesday’s at 8pm ET! – with fabulously fun giveaways each week.


Check out the season premiere recap right here and enter this week’s mammoth Swagapalooza Giveaway!  SIX winners and all kinds of goodies!  (Entry details are at the end of the recap.)

Amongst them…

All three of my Bachelors of Blueberry Cove books are up for grabs, in both paperback AND audio.  I know!

pelicanpt_mm_300  10462867_10152555086906079_8727753690477272933_n sandpiperisland_300

For more on the series click the titles…  Pelican Point, Half Moon Harbor, Sandpiper Island. 

And each book comes with it’s own bit of swag!

A happening Pelican Point canvas tote…

Pelican Point Tote 2

A beautiful Half Moon Harbor charm necklace, designed by the fabulous Joyce Taber of The Cotton Thistle...

HMH necklace


And a lovely bookmark charm for Sandpiper Island, also designed by Joyce for The Cotton Thistle!

Sandpiper bookmark

All SIX winners will be announced in my next NCIS recap, which goes live on Wednesday morning, October 1st, at 6am ET. Join me, won’t you?  Links posted here and on my Facebook Fan Page (drop by there, too and join in on the day to day crazy and the additional weekly giveaways there, too!)


SANDPIPER ISLAND IS HERE! Also? Check out my new website look!

It’s Big Book Release Day here and I’ve dressed up my site in all new clothes to help celebrate.  We still have more goodies to add, but I couldn’t wait to share the new look with you.  What do you think? I love it! HUGE thanks go out to Holly at Dreamforge Media for putting in such long hours to get all this ready to launch on the Big Day!

Book 3 in my Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series - SANDPIPER ISLAND -  is finally on sale and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on Ford & Delia’s story!


Ford Maddox was running from his past when he came back to Blueberry Cove, Maine, where he’d tasted both heartache and comfort. With feisty Delia O’Reilly there to cheer him on, he couldn’t have picked a better place to start over–even if he’s determined to do it alone in his island tree house, working to save endangered seabirds…and himself. But when he finds Delia fighting to hold on to her local diner, and all that’s best about their little seaside town, Ford has to lend a hand. Suddenly two fiercely independent people are building something sweeter than they ever imagined…together.

DIY is so much better with two. . .

Includes an easy do-it-yourself restoration project!

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly had to say about the book:

“Kauffman’s third visit to endearing Blueberry Cove, Maine solidifies the idea of the whole town as a quirky family…Kauffman’s stories show that the bravery to reach for a connection is all we need to discover joy; she excels at expressing the struggles and joys of giving in to love.”
— Publisher’s Weekly on SANDPIPER ISLAND


I hope you all give it a try!   Not only is it available in the lovely, large size trade paperback, but also in e-book in every format, AND in audiobook, too!  Here’s some handy links in case you need to have it in your hot little hands rightthisverysecond.  And really, of course you do!

Amazon    BN   BAM  Kobo  iBook    Audible

Now, a Big Book (and new website!) Launch wouldn’t be anything without a Big Book Launch Party!  

Last week I announced a Big Book Launch Giveaway to celebrate having twelve of my books now on sale in audiobook format.  I know!!  TWELVE!  Including all three Bachelors of Blueberry Cove books!!

Here’s the lowdown:

  pelicanpt_mm_300  10462867_10152555086906079_8727753690477272933_n   sandpiperisland_300

On sale as of TODAY, all three of my Bachelors of Blueberry Cove novels, read by the fantastic Lauren Fortgang.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I found out she was going to be narrating, as she was my number one pick for this series.  Smooches to Audible for making that happen!!

Cupcake Club series

AND!  All FOUR of my Cupcake Club books are now available in audiobook format over at  The entire series is narrated by the fabulous Amanda Ronconi, who I also requested and pretty much did the happy dance all over my house when I found out they were able to make the timing work out with her hectic audio schedule.  Wait till you hear Miss Alva!  I adore her even more now! Amanda rules and was the perfect person do perform these books.  You’ll love her!!  (And the books, too, I hope!)

        BAD BOYS IN KILTS.indd           thegreatscot_300

Also available in the righthisverysecond? …FOUR of my Scotland-based contemporary romances as well.  Yes, both the Chisholm Brother series AND the Hot Scot series are up for your listening pleasure.  And I do mean pleasure!  Narrated by the lovely Chloe Lynn you’ll get to hear all your yummy, sexy hot Scot heroes speaking in that sexy Scottish brogue.  I know!  It’s like sumptuous cake, and delicious icing — times four!!

somelikeitscot        off-kilter_300

And yes, I promised that TEN lucky readers would win their choice of ANY of the above titles.  I know!  I told you it was a Book Launch Party!!  The lucky Happening Blog Babes are:

Robin Driscoll, Dawn Lent, Brenda Howrey, Barbara Tobey, Melissa Boyer, Sara Resta, Victoria Powell, Sandra Williams, Kathleen Giannone, and Ellen Caccavale! 

To claim your prize, simply drop me an email to with the title of your choice and I will send you all the info to go snag your very own copy!  To check out all of the books I have available in audio, click HERE!

Now, of course the celebrating isn’t done yet!! I will be having a BIG Book Giveaway on my USA Today recap of So You Think You Can Dance this week – and there is still time for you to get in on the happening giveaway going on from last week’s giveaway!  I know!  Check out my recap right here  - entry details at the end!  Then look for the new recap coming this Thursday morning with a brand new BIG giveaway!!  Links posted on FB and Twitter, or just hop over to USA Today and search on my name!

Also?  If you haven’t started following me on Facebook, now would be a great time to start!  I’ll be doing special Release Week Giveaways all week!!!

Thanks to ALL of you for making this day such a fun one for me!  Your support and word of mouth enthusiasm mean more to me than you can possibly know.  I’m humbled and grateful by all the positivity you bring to my world and put out there for other readers to share.   I hope you enjoy and happy, happy reading!

Top 6 SYTYCD recap for USA Today! And? Fab Swag Giveaway!!


This week on So You Think You Can Dance the Top 6 danced their way into our living rooms, and in a few cases, into our hearts.  We’re now down to our Final 4, who will perform next week for their last chance to grab your votes.  I know!  Where did the season go?  Where did the summer go??

I’ve done my best to make the transition a little sweeter.  In addition to all the dance dish – over in my USA Today column - I’ve included a Fab Swag Sandpiper Island Giveaway this week!  And I’m not just giving away one prize package – I’m giving away THREE!  I know!


But it’s a celebration you see, because Sandpiper Island hits the stands next Tuesday, August 26th so we have to do the Book Launch Party some justice, doncha know!  What can you win?  A signed copy of the new release AND this fabulous, exclusively designed Sandpiper Island bookmark charm, from the wonderfully talented Joyce Taber of The Cotton Thistle.

Sandpiper bookmark

To enter and get in on the Sandpiper Island Fab Swaggaganza, head on over to my USA Today SYTYCD Recap.  The entry details are at the end of the dance dish.  Good luck!

Cupcake Club series

In other fab new release news (yes, there’s more!) ALL FOUR of my Cupcake Club books are now available in audiobook format over at  All four are narrated by the fabulous Amanda Ronconi, who I requested and pretty much did the happy dance all over my house when I found out they were able to make the timing work out with her hectic audio schedule.

        BAD BOYS IN KILTS.indd           thegreatscot_300

Also available in the righthisverysecond? …FOUR of my Scotland-based contemporary romances as well.  Yes, both the Chisholm Brother series AND the Hot Scot series are up for your listening pleasure.  And I do mean pleasure!  Narrated by the lovely Chloe Lynn you’ll get to hear all your yummy, sexy hot Scot heroes speaking in that sexy Scottish brogue.  I know!  It’s like sumptuous cake, and delicious icing — times four!!

somelikeitscot        off-kilter_300

Now, psssst!  For all you who have made it allllll the way down here, you dedicated Blog Babes who I have so sadly neglected with all the USA Today columns and the Facebook Fan Page frenzy, and, well, getting the next series of Blueberry Cove books written (yes, there will be three more!  Squee!!) I thought a little reward was in order.

So…here’s a Special Blog Book Launch Giveaway, just for you!  Drop me an email to with “I’m a dedicated Blog Babe, count me in!” in the subject line, and you’ll be in the running for ANY one of my newly released audiobooks.  That includes next Tuesday’s audio release of Sandpiper Island. I know!  But I had to make it special, because your dedication means everything to me.  And yes, that extends to all Happening Blog Babes worldwide!

So…that means I will have TEN audiobooks for sale….and TEN winners. Yes.  TEN!!!! 

I’ll announce all ten winners right here in a new blog post next Tuesday morning, on Sandpiper Island release day.  THAT, my happening blog babes, is how we do a book launch party!!


Top 10! All Stars! But most important? SANDPIPER ISLAND Giveaway!

Photo credit: FOX

Photo credit: FOX

Last night we got the treat of watching our Top 10 finalists on So You Think You Can Dance take a spin with the All Stars, giving us the chance to see some of our past favorites in action, once again.  And I got to cover every toe flick and jazz hand for USA Today.  I know, it’s a tough gig, but somebody has to do it!  For all of my dance dish judgmentary, head on over HERE.


Don’t forget to take a close look at that last part, all the way down there at the end of the recap.  That’s where you find out all the entry details to win your very own advance copy of my upcoming August 26th release, SANDPIPER ISLAND.  I know!  Dish and free stuff!

Photo credit: Bobby Quillard

Photo credit: Bobby Quillard

And in case you missed it, check out my fabulous USA Today interview with the ridiculously adorable and crazy talented Emmy nominated choreographer, Travis Wall.  (His contemporary ballet piece in last night’s show was truly stunning!)  It’s really wonderful when someone exceeds even your highest expectations when you meet “in real life.” Travis is a remarkable, passionate, humble young man, not to mention a truly nice guy.  Here’s hoping he wins that golden statue this year!

So after you’ve dished the dance and entered to win stuff, come on over to my FB fan page...that’s where all the day to day crazy happens.  Come on, join in!


My interview with Emmy nominated SYTYCD choreographer Travis Wall! I know! We’re like, besties now.

So, I spent part of this week gabbing with four time Emmy nominated choreographer and life long cutie patootie Travis Wall, dishing about dance, about what’s happening this season on So You Think You Can Danceabout his upcoming 36 city tour, and, you know stuff.  Yeah.  So that happened.


But, of course, I share!  It’s all over in my USA Today interview, including a little spoiler on Travis’s groundbreaking new routine being performed on tonight’s Top 10 show. I know!


Also?  Great giveaway happening this week as well.  One is going on righthisverysecond, details at the end of the interview! And look for another in tomorrow’s SYTYCD recap.  What can you win?


Well, you can be the first to get your hands on my August 26th release, SANDPIPER ISLAND!  Details on how you can get in the running are at the end of my interview – and look for them tomorrow at the end of my recap.  But hurry!  The window to enter for the interview giveaway ends when the show starts tonight at 8PM EST on FOX.

Join me and the rest of the armchair judges, won’t you?

New Release Tuesday! Four of my backlist now on! Also? GIVEAWAY!

It’s a lovely Tuesday here in the mountains…and even lovelier online!

Four of my backlist titles are now available for download over at  I know!

My Hot Scot Series is available, with SOME LIKE IT SCOT and OFF KILTER ready for you to drop by for a spell.

somelikeitscot       off-kilter_300

Then check out my Chisholm Brother Series with BAD BOYS IN KILTS and THE GREAT SCOT! 

badboykilts_mm_300      greatscot

Even better?  I’m giving away one free download for each, today only, over at my Facebook Page!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get on over there and enter already.  Just go to my Fan Page and like/comment on today’s post (Tuesday, July 22) announcing the Giveaway and you’re in!  (The post starts with GIVEAWAY ALERT!  You can’t miss it. :)  Contest runs until 10PM EST July 22.

Want to check out all the good, kilt clad fun over at Audible?  Go here and get all those yummy Hot Scots for yourself.