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Your Ultimate Hero has been chosen!

We have WINNERS!! Well, with Facebook, Twitter, and Blog posters all chiming in, it was a tight race!   Morgan Westlake from BABYCAKES, Brodie Monaghan from HALF MOON HARBOR, and Ford Maddox from SANDPIPER ISLAND giving the eventual winner a good run for his money! But the blog nominations put our winner over the edge. My entry into Kensington’s Ultimate Hero Wars (coming early 2015) will be….  Sugar Rush Baxter Dunne from SUGAR RUSH! That means three of you who voted for Baxter will get the book of your choice from my website bookshelf. Come on down: Agatha P. Townsend, Ashley Matthews, and Suzanne Thatcher! To claim your prize: Drop me an email to with the title of the book you’d like (one that has already been published!) and it will be on its way to you. To browse my website bookshelf, go here:  Congratulations! Thanks to everyone for helping me choose!  

Nominate a Hero Contest! Free books up for grabs!

 (Edited to add: winners announced!  Go here to find out who is the Ultimate Hero!)

Oooh! Fun new Nominate A Hero Contest!

Brodie M

So, here’s the down low.  In a few months my fabulous publisher, Kensington,  is going to run a fun Ultimate Hero contest as part of a special and they’re asking their authors to each nominate one of their hero’s to be in the running.

I thought it would be more fun to throw the question out to you — and give away a few books while I’m at it!  Definitely more fun, right?

So, here’s the deal: comment below and nominate one of my hero’s along with the title of the book he is in (no Bantam or HQ heroes – Kensington only!)  That’s it!  (I’m running this on my Facebook Fan Page, too!)

I’ll add up all the entries and announce the winning hero at Noon tomorrow (Wed 12/17)


From the pool of those who nominated the winning hero, I’ll draw THREE names and those readers get the book of their choice from my website bookshelf.  Cool?  Let’s do it!

Photo above is just to get you in the hero kind of mood…I know he gets me in the mood… :)


Facebook Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!


Look what the post man dropped off on my doorstep this morning! Author copies of Books 1 & 2 of my Blueberry Cove series. Want one? Good! Cuz I’m giving a stack of ‘em away today.

Head on over to my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment on the contest post (it has the same picture as above, you can’t miss it!) telling me which one you want.  At 8PM ET this evening (Wed, Dec 10) I will draw EIGHT names from the stack and give four of each book away.  Winners announced on my FB page – don’t forget to check back!

Happy early stocking stuffers!!  Open to readers everywhere.   Aaaaaand, GO!

We have Cyber Monday Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone for rocking this Cyber Monday Giveaway and for all your enthusiasm for my books!

We have WINNERS! 


BN10o you win a copy of Black Sheep & The Princess!


Jenn Brown, you win a copy of Sandpiper Island!


And Sneha, you win a copy of Pelican Point! 

Woo hoo!

To claim your prize, drop me an email to with an address and your book will be on its way to you!

Thanks again everyone!

Cyber Monday Giveaway!

Let’s kick off December with a bang, shall we?


Books make great gifts and stocking stuffers, so I’d thought I’d help out with the gift giving this season.  You never know, this could be the easiest Christmas shopping you’ll do!

Up for grabs?  Any book from my online bookshelf.  Yep, all 70+ titles!  I know!

To enter: leave a comment with the title you’d like to win and you’re in!  International readers welcome as always.

I’ll pick THREE winners from the pile and announce them here at 8PM ET (Monday, Dec 1.)

Check out my bookshelf here.  That photo above?  That is my actual shelf at home…and yes, my name is on the spine of every last one of those…I think I should take a nap. :)

(Psssst! For all you Facebook Fan Page followers, there’s a second chance to enter there!  And if you’re not a follower, now’s a good time to start!)

Happy bookshelf browsing!

Ready?  GO! 

We have Black Sheep Friday Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic response to today’s Black Friday Giveaway!  We have winners!


For the print version of The Black Sheep and the Princess: come on down Lois M and  Linda Henderson

For the audiobook: Angie Thompson and Cheryl H


For the print version of The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty: come on down Marianne W and Robyn Corcoran

For the audiobook: DonnaToys and Shari


For the print version of The Black Sheep and the English: come on down Barb C and Sue G!!

For the audiobook: Liz Digman and Robin Driscoll!

To claim your prizes, email me at  For print books, send me your mailing address.  For the audiobooks, I’ll send you info on how to download your copy from

Thank you thank you to everyone again for making this such a fun day!  I hope you all enjoy the books!




BIG Black Friday Giveaway! It’s Black Sheep Friday!

WINNERS ANNOUNCED!  See post here:  Thanks to all for entering!!


#BlackFriday #Giveaway #BlackSheepFriday! Hello everyone!  I’m having my own version of Black Friday today! Yep, it’s Black Sheep Friday! IMG_4656  bshiddenbeauty_300  51iUdAc1ybL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ My Unholy Trinity guys are up for grabs. I’m giving away TWO copies of each of the three books AND TWO copies of each of the three audiobooks.  You might recall the audio versions are arrated by the supremely hot Sebastian York. I will forever hear my unholy heroes in that voice. My, oh my my my…. I’m sorry, where was I? Oh, right!  Want in? It’s simple! Just leave a comment on which one you want, and in which format (print or audiobook!)  I’ll announce all TWELVE winners in a new blog post right here at 8PM ET tonight (Friday, Nov 28). International readers, you’re invited, too!  (And psssst!  If you follow me on Facebook, I’m doing the same giveaway there – yes, twelve additional winners!  You can enter in both places!) For more on the series, go here. Want a sample of Sebastian’s might fine voice?  Click here Ready to enter?  GO!!

Unholy Trinity series in audiobook! New USA Today Giveaway!

Lots of excitement this week!

IMG_4656      bshiddenbeauty_300  51iUdAc1ybL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

My Unholy Trinity series is now available on with the fabulously sexy Sebastian York doing the narrating.  If you haven’t heard his voice made of yum, well, hop right on over there and take a listen.  You might want to grab something cold to drink first.  Possibly a small fan.  Because…hubba hubba!


Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson, CBS

Want a chance at winning one of the audiobooks?  It’s easy!  Pop on over to my USA Today recap of this week’s NCIS episode and right there at the end are the simple entry details.  Winners announced in next week’s recap.

Want more?  Of course you do!  As many of you know, I love to giveaway stuff.  Share the love, spread the joy, you know?  So stop by my Facebook Fan Page and give it a Like so you can be in on my random acts of book freebies that happen every week.  Also?  Fun photos and other frivolity.  We’d love to have you!

Cupcake Race Day Fun! Cupcake Club Giveaway Winners!

The Cupcake Race was a success!  Miles were run, cupcakes were consumed! And we actually finished! :)


We have WINNERS!!  Thanks to everyone for your great support for the Cupcake Race today.  We had such a blast made even more fun by getting to share it all with you.

IMG_5005         IMG_4970

Now it’s time to spread the joy your way!  There are four Cupcake Club books…and four winners!

For SUGAR RUSH, congratulations Kortney!

For SWEET STUFF, come on down Sheena Dunn!

For BABYCAKES, you’re the big winner, Tina W!

And for HONEY PIE, it’s all yours Adria Wauson!

Winners, email at with your addresses and your prizes will go out in the mail upon my return to Virginia!

Again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated everyone’s support AND your enthusiasm for my books.  Please join me over on Facebook for the weekly giveaways and daily frivolity!


It’s Cupcake Race Day! Also? Cupcake Club Giveaway!

I’m here in St. Louis and the Gateway Cupcake Run race day has finally arrived!


My sister and I, along with my nephew and his bff gf will be joining hundreds of others on the race course in downtown St Louis today to support a local charter school charity…and eat cupcakes! Yes, the race course has five cupcake stations. Each cupcake consumed knocks time off your final tally when the course is completed.

It’s true.  They finally designed a race just for me. :)

We’ve got our Cupcake Club t-shirts ready, our cupcake hats and even cupcake wands. Because that’s how you run a cupcake race!


You all have been so great in your support, I thought it would be fun to include you all in today’s festivities by giving away copies of my Cupcake Club books. I know!

Cupcake Club series

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me which Cupcake Club book you’d like to win, and I’ll be back this evening at 8PM Central time to announce winners right here in this blog post.

Want to know more about the Cupcake Club books? Start here.

Want more chances to win?  I’ll be posting on FB during the race today and there’s already a contest post up there as well.  Head on over to my Facebook Fan Page for all the up to the minute race course fun and frivolity.

Okay, time to limber up…grab a bottle of milk….and hit the race course!  See you at the finish line!