January 1996
Bantam Loveswept #771
ISBN 0-553-44470-0
The Three Musketeers Series
Floral Border©Joyce Kitchel

October 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537317





His voice could seduce the clothes off a lady…

Zach Brogan was sexier than sin, a globe-trotting wild man whose bad-boy smile beckoned Dara Colbourne to taste thrills only he could deliver! He’d always sensed the secret wildness that burned inside his childhood pal, had tempted her into trouble more than once, but now he wanted the woman she’d become to feel his fire. Could a man who chased danger for a living prove she’d be his greatest adventure?

Donna Kauffman’s heroes like dancing on the edge and women who don’t make it easy, but no one sizzles hotter than guys who act bad to the bone but are oh -so good! His grin dared her to risk everything, but would her reckless rebel be there to catch her when she took the plunge?


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“This is hopeless, Zach,” Dara said. “We weren’t compatible as kids, and we’re even more incompatible now. You leap before you look, and most of the time I don’t even make it to the edge.”

“You’re wrong. The reason we didn’t get along as kids was because we were too much alike. You’re still one of the bravest people I know.”

“You know what I’m saying, Zach,” she persisted. “You keep thinking of me the way I was back then. I’m not that person anymore. You’re still impulsive, I’m not. You’re–”

“Getting tired of this line of discussion.” He sighed and pulled her closer. “Yes, you’ve changed. So have I, even if you don’t see it. I don’t know why you climbed into the castle and pulled up the drawbridge behind you, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend time together. Who knows, maybe we’ll find out there’s something more going on here than hormones with a bad case of spring fever.” He tilted her chin up. “Or is that what you’re afraid of?”

"The sensitivity Ms. Kauffman displays shows what a flair she has for writing superb tales with incredible characters." ~ Rendezvous


"Donna Kauffman entertains us in grand style. An intelligent reader’s delight, Ms. Kauffman spices a touching love story with fresh and creative originality." 4 Stars ~ Romantic Times


"The second of The Three Musketeers series BORN TO BE WILD is just as well-written, fascinating and emotion-packed as its predecessor. A truly mesmerizing tale!" ~ Paperback Forum


"(Donna Kauffman) vibrantly describes the characters features and emotion’s. Zach’s tantalizing seduction of Dara will leave the reader swooning. The author hooks the reader from the beginning and makes each page turned worthwhile." ~ Gothic Journal


"Ms. Kauffman creates characters who jump out at readers. Friendship becomes trust which becomes a love that will last forever. Dara and Zach will leave you breathless–and wanting more (watch for the third musketeer.)" 4 1/2 Stars ~ Affaire de Coeur



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