September 1994
Bantam Loveswept #707
ISBN 0-553-44425-5
Floral Border © Joyce Kitchell

December 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537324




“You have something that belongs to me–my heart…”

Hired to locate a runaway wife, he’d blown into her life like a hawk riding the wind, but when Kane Hawthorne found Elizabeth Lawson, he wanted her for his own! A desperate woman who trusted no one, she tried to keep him from making her enemies his, but Kane insisted on fighting her demons. Could she cherish her savage hero until his own ghosts were silenced?

Nobody does it better when it comes to writing about dangerous men and women who like their passion elemental. Now Donna Kauffman has produced another spellbinder in her tale of a dark warrior who meets his soul’s match on a journey into the heart…


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Spent two weeks on the Waldenbooks Bestseller list
Named by Booklovers, Inc. as Best-selling Loveswept of 994
Second place in the 1995 Maggies, Short Contemporary division

“I can’t worry about you, Kane,” Elizabeth said, her voice hoarse with emotion.

“So don’t. Let me worry about me.”

Her eyes glistened. “I don’t think I have that choice. Not anymore.” Almost to herself, she added, “I’m not sure I ever did.”

Kane swore under his breath, his control so close to shattering he shook with the effort to piece the ragged edges back together. This was alien territory for him, having someone care about him. “Little Sun,” he whispered, his tone rough. “Don’t waste that precious energy on me. I’ve taken care of myself for so long, I wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

A sad smile lit the corners of her mouth. “That’s right, the man with the empty soul.” She held his gaze, her eyes burning with a fierce light deep within. “If there was ever a soul worth caring about, it is yours, Eyes of the Hawk.”

He could swear he heard his control snap as he reached out and drew her to him. “Stop me.”

“No.” And she lifted her mouth to his…

"Donna Kauffman lights a romantic flame that would put a prairie fire to shame in BOUNTY HUNTER. (She) knows just the right ingredients to make our hearts throb for this dangerous, but loving hero!" 4 stars ~ Romantic Times


"BOUNTY HUNTER is a well-written story that blends suspense, mystery, and romance. With well-developed characters that will arouse the reader’s empathy and a plot that will pique the reader’s interest, this novel is a commendable addition to the Loveswept line." ~ The Paperback Forum


"It is a good sign that the importance of not tolerating bigotry has found its way into genre fiction. Kane and Elizabeth are strong and interesting characters, and the readers will root for them." ~ Affaire de Coeur


"Ms. Kauffman combines beauty, mystery, and seduction into a thrilling, sensuous love story." ~ Rendezvous


"The author has succeeded in making Kane and Elizabeth very real people; the reader cannot help but care about them. Lovers of … mysteries … discover a contemporary romance with bits of action thrown in to spice up the plot." ~ Gothic Journal



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