November 1993
Bantam Loveswept #651
ISBN 0-553-44379-8
Dangerous MenMonth
Cover Art©Peter Attard

December 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537348




Nick–a dream-weaving devil who could charm a lady out of her clothes…

He was desperate enough to try anything to clear his name, but football star Nick Logan figured he could intimidate or charm the truth out of Willa Trask–until he was burned by the sparks that flamed between him and the beautiful redhead! He’d hired her to rehabilitate his injured knee, vowing to discover if she’d helped frame him–but instead of an ice princess, he found in her a wanton witch who touched his soul.

His lethal grin made her composure vanish, while Nick’s sheer power made Willa feel utterly female. With no choice but surrender, she melted in his arms, convincing him of her innocence…and her need to be loved. As Willa struggled to heal his wounded spirit and his warrior’s body, Nick knew they were destined to be lovers. But would baiting his trap for the bad guys make him forget to hold on to her heart?


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Nominated for a Reviewers Choice Award for Best First Series Romance by Romantic Times Magazine

“Do you really want to chance working with me?” Willa asked.

Nick didn’t miss the vulnerability in her voice. “I want your help, if you’re willing to give it.”

“Yes, but it’s just that we obviously don’t agree on everything.” Nick raised an eyebrow, a dry smile on his lips. Willa felt she’d received a precious gift at the return of the warmth to his eyes. Allowing herself a small smile, she added, “Well, you have to admit, every time we’re together for more than ten minutes, we either end up arguing or–kissing.” Desire flashed in Nick’s eyes and consumed her with heat.

With a sexy grin, he said, “I’m willing to run the risk if you are.” Then he sealed the bargain with his mouth pressed to hers in a sizzling embrace…

"Exceptionally talented Donna Kauffman makes a wonderful first impression indulging fantasies with humor and unforgettable characters." 4 1/2 stars (exceptional) ~ Romantic Times


"Strong-willed individuals are involved in a lively game of give and take as sparks fly in this mystery which they must unravel." ~ Rendezvous


"5 stars. Superior, don’t miss this one!" ~ Heartland Critiques


"…she has created a believable romance between Nick and Willa readers will root for." ~ Affaire de Coeur



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