May 2003
Harlequin Signature Select
ISBN 0-373-83576-0

Fireman Ethan Winters ran headlong into a burning building to find Rosie Carrington. Rescue worker Brett Gannon defied the after-shocks of a San Francisco earthquake to prevent Haley Brubaker from entering her collapsing home. And emergency-room doctor Matt Walker braved gale force winds and rising floodwater to rescue scientist Molly Staunton

And impossible to resist!

For Rosie, the heat in Ethan’s eyes was enough to start a three-alarm blaze! As for Haley, being trapped amidst the rubble with Brett meant heightened tension — and heightened passion. And sheltering together from the storm, Molly need Matt to make love to her. It was the only way for her to know she was still alive…and that she’d stay that way.

More than just life-and -death intimacy…. Their love was the real thing


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"In “Trapped!” by Foster, fireman Ethan hasn’t been so lucky in his personal life. Jilted over a year ago at the altar, he never thought he’d find love again until it appears in the most unexpected place. His best friend, Rosie, is everything he ever wanted but can he get over his fear of being jilted? The tone of this opening story—its humor and terrific secondary characters—was perfect for kicking off this book.

“Buried!” by Kauffman skillfully immerses readers in her world. Harley has everything of importance washed out of her life by a horrendous earthquake. Then she meets one of the search and rescue men, a man from her past. Will love shine through her tragedy? Boy, this is one strong tale with multi-dimensional characters and breathtaking action!

In “Stranded!” by Shalvis, an emergency room doctor and a professor have one thing in common—they have no time for love. During a horrible storm, Matt (the doc) saves Molly’s life. Afterwards, with the two of them stuck in a storm cellar, they get to know one another in the physical sense. Then, something stronger starts to factor in and they must decide if they’re willing to trust each other with their hearts. Molly was extremely likable and it’s hard not to walk away from this read without harboring a crush on Matt.
Men of Courage is definitely a great read, courtesy of these three terrific must-read romance authors. Getting these three stories for the price of one was quite a treat!" ~ Romantic Times Magazine, Harlequin 4 stars


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