February 1996
Bantam Loveswept #776
ISBN 0-553-44472-7
The Three Musketeers Series
Treasured Tales No. IV

October 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537843





His gaze made her feel pinned, captive as if he’d never let her go…

They called him The Predator, the investigator who never left a case unsolved, and now Dane Colbourne had set his sights on her! Adria Burke knew her quick response had prevented a tragic midair collision, but Dane wanted evidence that proved her case–and his fierce, hot look told her he wanted her just as much. Could a passionate adversary who made him lose control teach him the pleasure of playing with fire?

When men who’ll risk anything finally taste irresistible danger in the arms of women who get a little to close to the flame, there’s no one better to write their stories than Donna Kauffman. He’d warned her that he was thorough, that she could hide nothing from him, but once he’d revealed his own dark pain, would her soul be his forever?


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“You torture me in my dreams, did you know that?” Dane asked.

She gasped, then a tiny moan escaped her lips.

“And then I lie awake all night wondering things.” He looked at her mouth with hunger. “What does your mouth taste like, Adria?”

She shook her head slightly.

“Is that, ‘No, you don’t know’? Or, ‘No, don’t find out’?” He rubbed his thumb over her lip. “I’m an investigator, Adria. That’s what I do.” He leaned down, his breath warmed her lips. “Investigate.”

Just when she thought he’d end her agony and kiss her, he lifted his head slightly.

The tiniest of twinkles flickered in his eyes. “May I?”

“You’d better,” she answered hoarsely.

He slid one hand to cup the side of her face, as he pulled her wrist up and placed her palm on his chest. He held it there, letting his heartbeat pulse heavily against her fingertips.

He dropped a torturously light kiss on her lips. “Remember,” he warned. “I’m very thorough.”

"Ms. Kauffman’s originality knows no bounds as she’s proven time and again. This story has an abundance of passion and intrigue, and the unusual plot amplifies this tantalizing and splendid story." ~ Rendezvous


"Ms. Kauffman masterfully choreographs a wonderful love story with an intriguing plot." 4 Stars ~ Romantic Times


"The continuity is great and this is a wonderful ending to a great series of characters." 5 Stars ~ Heartland Critiques


"Donna Kauffman is a great writer who uses humor and playfulness well. Readers will enjoy the personalities of her believable and likable characters." ~ Gothic Journal


"Gifted with the ability to create strong, yet lovable heroes." ~ The Speaking Tree Magazine


"This books overriding appeal is the sensual scenes… No, not sensual, but steamy!" ~ Romance Reviews


"Ms. Kauffman is an amazing talent. Her strong plots are rivaled only by her strong and passionate characters. Readers are quickly brought into her stories and are held there captivated until the final pages." 5 Stars ~ Affaire de Coeur



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