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November 2013
Kensington Brava
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September 2014
Kensington Publishing
ISBN 9781420136937

Blueberry Cove, Maine, is as small-town as small towns get. More than a little quirky, it has sheltered generations of families. But there’s always room for a new face…

Fixing things has always been Alex McFarland’s greatest gift and keenest pleasure. But with her own life thoroughly broken, she’s signed on to renovate the dilapidated Pelican Point lighthouse, hoping to reconnect with herself. The last thing she expects is to find herself falling in love – with the glorious coastline, with age-old secrets and welcome-home smiles . . .with rugged Logan McCrae, the man she just might be able to build new hopes on.

DIY is so much better with two.

See what Donna has to say about naming her fictional small towns, along with thoughts from Jill Shalvis, Debbie Macomber, Robyn Carr, Brenda Novak and more in this USA Today article! Click HERE.



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“Kauffman’s third visit to endearing Blueberry Cove, Maine solidifies the idea of the whole town as a quirky family…Kauffman’s stories show that the bravery to reach for a connection is all we need to discover joy; she excels at expressing the struggles and joys of giving in to love.”
Publisher’s Weekly on SANDPIPER ISLAND


“Renowned lighthouse expert Alex MacFarland has come to Blueberry Cove, Maine, to renovate and heal; sexy lighthouse owner Logan McCrae is resistant to change, but the interfering community may be what they both need to find peace—and each other.

Alex, the last of a long line of lighthouse keepers and renovation experts, has left everything she’s ever known behind in an attempt to restart her life after a traumatizing accident has her floundering personally and professionally. Driving across the country to take a job in Maine, she gets there only to discover that the man who owns the tower has no intention of hiring her—or anyone—for the job. As chief of police, Logan is used to taking care of other people in Blueberry Cove, and he’s not comfortable asking anyone for help, be it his uncle, his community or a vulnerable lighthouse specialist. But there’s no denying an electric attraction between the two of them, and as Alex falls under the spell of Blueberry Cove, Logan might have to recognize emotions he’s kept locked away for much too long. Kauffman pens a touching romance that offers healing and redemption to two lonely hearts who fall into a love they don’t even realize they’re looking for. The first of a series, the book introduces a quirky community and secondary characters with enough personality to make readers want to come back.

A light romance with a touch of heat, a pinch of intensity and a dash of mysterious small-town magic.”
~ Kirkus Reviews


5 out of 5 stars “Donna Kauffman’s sexy, fun, and moving Pelican Point is a five star winner!

A lighthouse, the coast of Maine, a brooding hunky hero with a sex god voice, and a strong, beautiful heroine overcoming emotional challenges – what more could you ask for in a romance? Well how about a little implied magic, another hunk with an Irish brogue, a tell-it-like-it-is diner owner, a pub owner uncle that everyone wants to hug, and a grumpy proprietor of an antique shop with very special tree growing within in it.

If this all sounds as fascinating to you as it did to me, you won’t be able to put down Pelican Point either. The first of Donna Kauffman’s Bachelors of Blueberry Cove novels, I received it from the publisher late Sunday night and was reading it until the wee hours on Monday morning. It was worth the slightly bloodshot eyes – and strong cup of coffee – as I fell in love with Kauffman’s novel and don’t regret a moment of lost sleep.

We first encounter Alex, a lighthouse restorer who has just experienced severe emotional trauma, having a mini-breakdown as she wends her way to Pelican Point and a dilapidated lighthouse. Police chief Logan is first on the scene to help her – and is also the owner of the property she is heading to. What transpires between these two guarded individuals is magic – and not just the kind that might be found in the antique store.

The way that Kauffman provides us with their inner journey through emotional heartaches, which could have permanently crippled them, is enlightening and inspiring. The romance is beautiful and their encounters are quite hot, and even when the water heater runs empty, their generated heat could steam the shower mirror.

I was really looking forward to this book as I enjoy Kauffman’s deft touch with characters and absolutely love stories set in Maine, my home away from home. But this book surpassed my expectations. It’s perfect reading at this time of year as the story is set around Thanksgiving. I highly recommend Pelican Point with a five star salute and look forward to the next book in the series, Half Moon Harbor, to be released in April 2014. An excerpt is contained at the end of Pelican Point and am really looking forward to hearing more of Brodie’s Irish brogue.”
~ Emsy Van Wyck, Fab Fantasy Fiction


4 Stars “Pelican Point is the first in a new series by Kauffman called the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove. Kauffman is known for writing humorous and witty stories, and Pelican Point has that in its favor. Add in a small coastal town in Maine with a historical lighthouse as a backdrop, and an interesting cast of secondary characters, and readers who enjoy descriptive small-town contemporary romances will delight with this one. With equal parts humor and character drama, and a storyline and sweet romance that flows nicely, Pelican Point is a great welcome to Blueberry Cove.

Alex McFarland has arrived in Blueberry Cove, Maine, to renovate the Pelican Point lighthouse and continue her family’s restoration business after a family tragedy. Alex’s plan is to rediscover the lighthouse, to heal it and to make it whole again. But she never thought that she would come to small-town Maine and fall in love with the town … and police chief Logan McCrae. Now Alex isn’t too sure what is being made whole again: the Pelican Point lighthouse or herself.”
~ Susannah Balch, RT Book Reviews


“This is my first time reading one of Ms. Kauffman’s books. The beginning didn’t start out so well for me. She put in a lot of details on lighthouse restoring and while some might appreciate those details, it distracted me from the story. I pushed through that first chapter, though and I’m SO glad I did!

Logan and Alex’s first meeting was classic. She faints into his arms and hears his “Sex-god” voice. They are both overcoming a tragic loss. They dance around each other, trying not to get involved but of course the inevitable happens, they have too much chemistry for it not to!

They end up helping each other to move on with their lives. It was such an emotional read. The story just takes you by the heart and squeezes until you’ve finished. The characters are well fleshed out and full of character. I love how it has a slightly mystical aspect in the antique shop owner. I can’t wait until Brodie’s story is released, it will be nice to see how it turns out for him. This was an exciting start to a new small town series.”
~ Raynelle Nazario, Nelle’s Night Stand


“Donna Kauffman welcomes readers to Blueberry Cove with Pelican Point, the first installment in her wonderful new series set in a small town in Maine.

Logan Mcrae loves his life in Blueberry Cove. Although his sisters had moved on to pastures new and made lives for themselves elsewhere, Logan has never been tempted by the glittering lights of the big cities and has no intention of ever leaving his home town. As the town’s Chief of Police, Logan’s free time is limited. Having to juggle keeping the peace with the demands of his challenging job is no picnic, but Logan wouldn’t have it any other way. With the town’s tricentennial coming up, Logan has got to make room in his already packed schedule to ensure that no incident befalls this most august of celebrations. Pelican Point, the town’s only lighthouse, is in desperate need of restoration and Logan is not exactly pleased when his uncle Gus goes behind his back and hires Alex McFarland to do the job. Logan is determined to send this expert away and save his beloved uncle a fortune. However, when he claps eyes on Alex, Logan cannot help but be drawn to this beautiful woman – who is as far removed from his idea of a lighthouse restorer as it is possible to get!

Taking on a restoration job of such magnitude was not one of Alex McFarland’s best ideas. With her entire work force consisting solely of herself, Alex cannot help but wonder whether she’s bitten off more than she can chew. But with this job being the only thing keeping her from bankruptcy, Alex realizes that she’s got no other option but to do the best job she possibly can – or else risk ending up in the gutter without a single cent to her name. Determined to figure out how to save the business that had been in the McFarland family for generations, Alex vows to put all the pain and heartbreak of the last couple of months behind her and try her hardest to keep her head above water and McFarland & Sons a viable business venture. Unfortunately, Lady Luck seems to have given up on her because on her way to Blueberry Cove, her truck breaks down! As if that wasn’t mortifying enough, Alex is rescued by Logan McRae, who is not only drop dead gorgeous, but also the man whose family owns the lighthouse she will be restoring!

But the more time she spends in Blueberry Cove, the more Alex realizes that it isn’t just the lighthouse that she is restoring, but also herself. Embraced by the community, blown away by her beautiful surroundings and swept off her feet by sexy Logan, Alex begins to feel whole for the very first time in a very long while. Is there light at the end of the tunnel for grief-stricken Alex in Blueberry Cove? Will she manage to pick up the pieces of her life and make a new beginning in the beautiful small town with the man she has fallen head over heels in love with? Or will she be forever tormented by events from her past and condemned to a lifetime of loneliness?

If you like Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series and Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold tales, you are going to love Donna Kauffman’s fabulous stories set in Blueberry Cove. Pelican Point is a poignant, sweet, tender and steamy love story with a gorgeous hero you’ll adore and a fabulous heroine you cannot help but love. Add a cast of eccentric but charming supporting characters, humour, pathos and charm and you’ve got a book that’s simply too good to miss!

Pelican Point is a terrific tale about healing from old wounds, finding the courage to start again when life has knocked you down and taking a chance on love that is absolutely impossible to put down. Donna Kauffman is a terrific writer who has written a gripping, compelling, emotionally satisfying and heart-warming story that made me want to pack my bags and get on the first flight to Maine. She brings to vivid life the beauty, the camaraderie and the joys of small town life and she beautifully captures the heartbreak, elation and wonder of falling in love.

Pelican Point was my first Donna Kauffman book, but it certainly won’t be my last!
A review copy of this book was provided by Kensington Books via Netgalley.
~ Julie B, Bookish Jottings


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