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September 2014
ISBN 9780758292810

“Witty dialogue, sexy heroes, Donna Kauffman’s a must-read!”
New York Times bestselling author, Jill Shalvis

Ford Maddox was running from his past when he came back to Blueberry Cove, Maine, where he’d tasted both heartache and comfort. With feisty Delia O’Reilly there to cheer him on, he couldn’t have picked a better place to start over–even if he’s determined to do it alone in his island tree house, working to save endangered seabirds…and himself. But when he finds Delia fighting to hold on to her local diner, and all that’s best about their little seaside town, Ford has to lend a hand. Suddenly two fiercely independent people are building something sweeter than they ever imagined…together.

DIY is so much better with two…

Includes an easy do-it-yourself restoration project!


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“Kauffman’s third visit to endearing Blueberry Cove, Maine solidifies the idea of the whole town as a quirky family…Kauffman’s stories show that the bravery to reach for a connection is all we need to discover joy; she excels at expressing the struggles and joys of giving in to love.”
— Publisher’s Weekly on SANDPIPER ISLAND


“…a heartfelt tale with multidimensional characters set against the allure of small town life. The story packs an emotional punch that makes the lead characters’ relationship all the more poignant.”
~ Susannah Balch, RT Book Reviews, 4 stars (Hot)


“There is a smooth & easy flow to this story. It flows along like the waves on the coast. At times it’s larger than life, but in general, it’s beautiful & draws you to it. The wildlife and coastal scenery that Kauffman describes is absolutely breathtaking. The wildlife aspect of the novel was very intriguing. It definitely added an intellectual level to the novel that is rarely seen in contemporary romances , and made me appreciate it all the more. Kauffman also had my emotions engaged. My heart was on the line throughout. Her brilliant storytelling allowed me to connect with the turmoil and upheaval of the story, keeping me enraptured.

The characters in this novel are the type of people that you instinctively want to know. Seeing what they were going through, and how they were dealing with it made me instinctively want to help them. That said, I didn’t necessarily feel sorry for them, nor did I pity them. Their strength of character combined with the flaws that Kauffman presents in them allows you to relate to and identify with these characters. It was a phenomenal feeling.

Kauffman is the author that got me hooked on the romance genre. I always look forward to her work, and this novel is no exception.”
~ Pure Jonel/Confessions of a Bibliophile


“One of the things I loved most about this book and the previous book was the characters. I can say the same thing about the characters in both books – they acted like mature and reasonable adults. However, Kauffman did a wonderful making these characters completely different than Grace and Brodie from Half Moon. Delia is all heart and used to being a shoulder for everyone else’s troubles yet keeping herself slightly apart emotionally. A long time ago she lost everyone and everything that mattered to her and she’s determined to not feel that way again while still reaching out to help people as much as possible. Ford had a rough childhood and a tough military career. When he came to Blueberry Cove, Maine he needed to find his footing and he needed to heal. He retreated to the island to work with birds and basically spent the next years alone. I liked that while Ford really wants to help he is awkward and rusty in dealing with people – especially Delia. Their interactions are lovely as well. They have quite a history so they know each other, however they haven’t seen each other in awhile. While they say the wrong things they don’t always storm off mad. They listen to each other, they communicate about what made them mad and they try to fix things all while seeming authentic. All the time spent at Delia’s Diner gives the reader a good insight into the people of the town and the divide between the fisherman and the developers. I really enjoyed the time spent on Sandpiper Island and I’m going to have to spend some time looking up baby Puffins! I really enjoyed my 2nd visit to this little harbor town in Maine. Delia and Ford are really likable characters that you can’t help but root for.”
~ Katherine P, “I Wish I Lived in a Library”


“Don’t be surprised to hear that I’m moving to Maine. Once again Donna Kauffman has written a siren song about a small coastal Maine town that has me jonesing not just for a vacation, but a life-changing move.

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a romance for a few hours, pick up the third book in Donna Kauffman’s The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series, Sandpiper Island. The only problem with this book is that after the last page is turned, I don’t want to leave Blueberry Cove. I. Don’t. My one wish is that Sea Glass Sunrise, the first book in Kauffman’s new Brides of Blueberry Cove would be published before June 2015!

Oh, does that sound like I love Sandpiper Island? If that was a resounding yes, you’re right. I’ve been longing for the story of the reclusive Ford Maddox and hoped for some happiness in diner owner Delia O’Reilly’s life.

From hints in the previous two titles, I had guessed that Ford and Delia had a history that might extend a bit beyond friendship. Well, it does. And this is one sexy read.

But this isn’t really a book about hot bedroom scenes (though it does have some), but it’s truly about love in all its many guises. Ford’s love for his sister, his love of the migrating birds, his care for Delia, and love of his hometown of Blueberry Cove. Ford rides to the rescue when Delia’s diner – the town center in many ways – is threatened with closure. But will he be able to save it and does Delia want it saved?

I could not put this book down and found myself in tears several times. Don’t worry, there is also plenty of humor laced through the story, but this is really one of the more serious Kauffman titles. The ghosts that haunt Ford and the fear of love that Delia face seem almost insurmountable. Their relationship with one another is so fragile that at times I found it almost painful – in the way when people share their innermost secrets – painful. Yes, this is a book that grabs your heart and won’t let go.

I don’t want to share any spoilers, but a puffin stole my heart. Plus I found the blueprint for a home of my dreams. I’d love to live in Ford’s self-sustaining treehouse on Sandpiper Island. If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect place to live, this ranks right up there. Truly magical!

If you haven’t read the other two titles in the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series, don’t worry. Sandpiper Island is a stand-alone story. But be warned, you’ll be hooked and an will WANT to read Pelican Point and Half Moon Harbor – and you should!

Bachelors of Blueberry Cove is just a wonderful small- town romance series that feels as authentic and unique as the coastal Maine towns that inspired it. That’s one of the main attractions of Maine, the flat-out generosity and authenticity of its full-time residents. Donna Kauffman’s books capture these qualities perfectly.

Donna Kauffman’s Sandpiper Island is a must-read for me and I hope for you too. It’s a romance of the heart and spirit that I’ll be rereading for years-to- come.”
~ Emsy Van Wyck, The Best Reviews


“Donna Kauffman takes on the theme of second chances in her satisfying new novel, Sandpiper Island, the third entry in her Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series. The result is an emotionally rich story that delivers a beautifully researched natural setting, as well as a romance.

Delia O’Reilly has lived her whole life in the Cove, and her diner is a local hub of gossip, community and Delia’s delicious home-style cooking. More than that, it’s her bedrock. With her parents, brother and grandmother gone, Delia’s alone in the world aside from the friends and locals who have given her a place in their hearts. Now wealthy Brooks Winstock is poised to take the diner away from her, using a forgotten loophole to claim her scenic spot on the harbor for the yacht club he plans to build. Delia’s independence and resilience are legendary, but even she’s unprepared to have her entire life swept out from under her.

Years ago, Ford Maddox, then an Army Ranger, accompanied home the body of Delia’s brother, who was killed in the line of duty. But when the grim realities of military life began to gnaw at his soul, he retired to the Cove, finding comfort in coastal Maine’s majestic natural beauty—and its isolation. Now committed to an off-the-grid life, he studies the migratory patterns of various nesting populations around Sandpiper Island, just off the coast. He can handle feathered and flippered creatures just fine, but people. . . not so much.

But in the lovingly imagined, tight-knit community of Blueberry Cove, no one is truly alone. Ford’s sister, Grace, who moved to the Cove to renew her connection with her long-estranged brother, is also Delia’s friend—and Grace is determined help the people she cares about find happiness. With a little prodding and gentle persuasion, Ford leaves his island to find out how he can help the woman he’s never forgotten hold onto her beloved diner.

Grace’s attempt to reconnect with her brother is just one example of the second chances Kauffman offers in the novel, but Delia and Ford provide the theme’s foundation. Though linked by their mourning of Delia’s brother and the one breathtaking night of solace and passion they shared years ago, neither of them has attempted to make anything more of their relationship. Now, both have to wonder why they have never pushed their relationship farther, when the attraction and understanding between them runs so much deeper than the physical.

There’s true emotional meat to this story—both Delia and Ford are past forty, dealing not only with the choices they’ve made along the way, but the repercussions of lives lived mostly independently. Learning to love, as they find out, involves being able to accept care and concern—as well as give it—and the chance to build something together is a revelation for both of them. As usual, Kauffman’s love scenes are joyously steamy, and her dialogue is refreshingly realistic. Sandpiper Island is another keeper from an author who continues to deliver year after year.”
~ Amy Garvey, BookPage®


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