October 1996
Bantam Loveswept #811
Delgado’s Dirty Dozen #1 (Diego’s story)
ISBN 0-553-44538-3
Men of Power Series
Cover Photo © Mort Engel Productions
Floral Border © Joyce Kitchell

September 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537850






When she answered his knock with “Enter at your own risk,”

Diego Santerra realized he’d have his hands full protecting Blue Delgado without her knowledge. He’d taken more than a little pleasure keeping an eye on her the past three weeks, but now he had to get closer–and that meant getting a job in her cantina. Blue could feel the danger he exuded and yearned for the excitement he aroused in her passionate soul. But could surrendering to this mystery man be a sin?

At her best when a story sizzles and peril lurks in every corner, Donna Kauffman burns up the pages with a hero just born for trouble, and a lady strong enough to handle him! She provoked him , tempted him, made him hunger for what he could never have, but if he managed to keep her alive would he ever be able to let her go?


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Nominated for a Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Loveswept from Romantic Times
Nominated for a Maggie Award of Excellence

“Quiet, confident,” she said, her tone more amused than flattering. “I like your style, Diego Santerra.”

She drew him in far too easily. He wasn’t there to make friends. Or anything else, for that matter. He was there to save her life.

“Just respect a woman who knows a good salsa when she tastes it.”

“Well, you might try some habenero peppers next time,” she said, naming one of the spiciest peppers grown. “Perk it up a bit.”

“You got’em, I’ll use’em. But I take no responsibility for your customers’ stomachs.”

She smiled. “Oh, we like things hot around here.”

Diego looked up at her again, but there wasn’t so must as a hint of innuendo in her expression or in her voice. No, that wasn’t her style.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do about that.”

She paused a moment before answering. “You do that.”

"Suspense and plenty of action-packed excitement are only a part of this fantastic tale. Fiery passion and a host of unforgettable characters make this one as superlative–well worth more than one read." ~ Rendezvous


"Donna Kauffman sets our hearts ablaze with smoldering sensuality in her newest romantic sizzler, SANTERRA’S SIN (4 1/2 stars). A sexy-as-sin undercover agent makes like Zorro when he takes a job as cook in a small New Mexico bar in order to protect his boss’ daughter from a notorious drug lord. Ms. Kauffman’s passionate ambiance and shattering intensity make this dynamic love story outstanding reading." ~ Romantic Times


"Temperatures sizzle…in Donna Kauffman’s passionate new novel. Category romance hasn’t been this much fun in a while. In SANTERRA’S SIN, Donna Kauffman has a spicy hit on her hands." ~ America Online Romance


"Fiery heat, challenging, and emotionally intensive. Just like an excellent chili relleno. Donna Kauffman’s Santerra’s Sin Is Slaked!" ~ Slake reviews


"In this first installment of her Delgado’s Dirty Dozen series, Donna Kauffman gives her readers all of the spice and heat they have come to expect–and love–from her novels. Packed with action and smoldering with sensuality, SANTERRA’S SIN is a page-turner that offers all kinds of excitement." ~ Kimberly Borrowdale, Under the Covers reviews



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