June 2010
Brava Trade Paperback
ISBN 9780758250872


She’s cautious, careful-and about to lose control of her future to a marriage of inconvenience. So, what can reluctant bride Katie McAuley do? Easy-let a modern-day Prince Charming spirit her away for a month to his Scottish castle. There she can take refuge from her overbearing family and finally figure out what she really wants. But the more Katie sees of Graham MacLeod, the harder it’s getting to keep their arrangement strictly business…

As MacLeod clan leader, Graham had always placed duty to his heritage and people before everything else. Now with Katie as his “betrothed,” he’s finally satisfied a ridiculously outdated Marriage Pact to wed a McAuley descendant, letting him focus on more pressing matters, like preventing a ruthless relative’s takeover of his home island. If he could just keep Katie’s courage and honesty at arm’s length, not to mention their all-too-sizzling attraction…


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Rating: 4 Cups

Graham MacLeod must marry or lose his beloved home to some interloper thanks to an ancient pact. He leaves Scotland and flies to Maryland to hunt down his bride.

Katie McAuley is getting ready to marry the wrong man; a man who is being linked to her for business purposes. If only she could find a way to grow a backbone and tell her domineering family that she will not be happy, then she could get on with her life and leave this farce behind.

When Graham realizes that Katie is marrying another man, he exclaims his displeasure and finds himself leading the bride away from her own wedding and toward his home in Scotland. She is thankful that the handsome Scot had stopped her wedding, but now she has a new dilemma. If she helps Graham keep his land by marrying him, she will be leaving one business wedding for another. Sometimes fate has a way of showing us just what our future holds, and Katie and Graham will find the answers to their problems in a unique and sensual way.

Some Like it Scot starts off pretty evenly, but the sexual tension along with the time restraint builds the plot into a crescendo that you thoroughly enjoy. Ms. Kauffman has a vivid imagination, bringing forth this compelling story with a very sexy Scot who leaves you fanning yourself just from imagining his brogue. The obligations that both Katie and Graham had were heavy with irony; Katie wants out of her family obligation, Graham is trying to find a different solution to his, and in the end Katie leaves her detested duty behind to help Graham with one that is quite similar to hers. I thought adding the mysterious visions the characters had was a brilliant strategy and leaves the reader trying to guess what would happen next. Whether you are a fan of a sexy Scot, a strong woman, Ms. Kauffman, or just romance in general you will enjoy reading this novel.

~ Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More


The “marriage of convenience” plot gets a contemporary makeover in this clever story that has a touch of the paranormal and plenty of steamy sex — sometimes both at the same time. Good friends, romance, hot sex, the clash of cultures and personalities, an interesting location and a little magic combine to make this one great read. 4 stars

~ Joyce Morgan, RT Book Reviews


Grade: B
Sensuality: Hot

I’m not usually one for blatantly contrived and unrealistic set-ups. However, with Some Like it Scot, if you just accept the implausibility of the back story, you’ll find a surprisingly realistic and lovely romance.

Graham McLeod is the Laird of a small island in the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland. According to tradition, the chieftain of the MacLeod clan marries a member of the McAuley clan, which shares the island, in order to unite the two. So it’s been for four hundred years, and so it is now. Which means Graham has to find a McAuley bride by the Autumnal Equinox (how they determined the year is beyond me, but again– we’re just going with it), or the leadership position passes to a total stranger. There is a lack of suitable women on the island, so Graham’s friends find him a distant member of the Clan — Katie McAuley of Annapolis, Maryland. Graham would rather try to abolish the Marriage Pact, but when his rival for the position as Laird shows up with every intention of taking power, Graham finds himself setting off to America.

Katie has never decided anything for herself in her life — including who she is going to marry. So when Graham finds her, she’s outside her own wedding having a freak-out about the fact that, while she cares deeply for her intended groom, she doesn’t love him nor does he love her; they are just both heirs to the McAuley-Sheffield name in boating, and wouldn’t a marriage and honeymoon do so much for the brand image? When she meets Graham and all of the tartan-clad Scot that he is, she decides to run for it, and the two head off to Scotland together. There is some flip-flopping about should-we-or-shouldn’t-we-get-hitched, but neither of them can deny the intense attraction between them, one that is timeless and instantaneous.

This story didn’t take the path I expected it to. Though it feels like the two have been getting to know each other for weeks, in reality the majority of the book takes place within about 72 hours. And yet, it works. There is a slight paranomal element involving visions and past lives that bolster the immediate connection between the two, and it worked. It made sense for them to be marrying after knowing each other for a day, because the connection between them was so strong and believable. There’s such a refreshing honesty and communication between Katie and Graham. It’s rare when we have protagonists openly admit to their feelings and fears. It gave them far more depth and likeability than games and evasions would have.

As I said before, there are some plot holes surrounding Katie and Graham. There are questions that are left hanging at the end, but there’s also a potential for Graham’s friends to be heroes themselves in the future. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the delectable romance between our main characters.

~ Jane Granville, All About Books


This is a very cute, contemporary romance set in the modern world of wealth in the United States and the wealth of the rustic, simple life of the Scottish isles. Both blend together nicely with an original storyline that fuels the imagination. Our hero manages to be a geek and a hunk at the same time and reminds us of one thing–a Scot in a kilt looks good no matter what the century. 4 1/2 stars

~ Lani Roberts, Affaire de Coeur




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