June 1994
Bantam Loveswept #694
ISBN 0-553-44380-1
Cover Photo©Hal Frenck

December 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537881




Jack — A charming rogue whose knowing gaze made her feel she’d been frisked…

Jack Tango was devastatingly virile, outrageously seductive, and a definite danger to her peace of mind, but resort owner April Morgan needed his help enough to promise him whatever he wanted–and she suspected what he wanted was her in his arms! He kept catching her looking, and she felt her body blush from head to toe at his wicked smile, but the craving in his green eyes matched the yearning in hers.

Jack wanted her with a naked longing, but without regrets–and he’d wait until she pleaded for his touch. April responded with wanton satisfaction to Jack’s need to claim her soul, to possess and pleasure her, but even with him as her formidable ally, did she dare face old ghosts? She’d buried her deepest emotions until Jack got under her skin, but could she convince her dragon slayer that he owned her heart


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His breath was warm on her neck as he moved behind her. She was ready to scream from the intensity of the desire mounting in her body.

“What do you want, April?” Jack whispered hoarsely.

Her only response, the only one she was capable of, was a shiver that ran the length of her body. She heard the soft rustle of fabric, then a click, and the office was bathed in moonlight.

“Do you want me to touch you, me tesoro?” Jack’s breath was warm on the skin behind her ear. She nodded. “Do you know you affect me like no other woman? I’m intrigued by your control, fascinated by your sensuality…”

April thought she’d go mad from the mixture of wonder and need that laced his rough tone.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he nuzzled her neck, reveling in every breath, every sigh. He took another deep breath of her sweet scent, the hint of muskiness from her skin burning his senses.

“Touch me,” she begged softly.

He bit his inner cheek, struggling for control. “If I do, I won’t stop. Not until every inch of your skin knows the feel of me.”


"Donna Kauffman keeps the reader thoroughly entranced with this lushly sensual romance." ~ Romantic Times


"Ms. Kauffman does an outstanding job of using the social problem of on-the-job sexual harassment and rape in her emerging plot. Excellent!" ~ Rendezvous


"GOLD 5 stars. (Excellent! Buy 2, Lend 1!)" ~ Heartland Critiques


"Ms. Kauffman deals well with the difficulties in coping with sexual harassment and the results of confronting it. In addition, she adds a steamy romance that will have you wishing for some vacation time on a remote island." ~ Affaire de Coeur


"TANGO IN PARADISE is an outstanding read. It moves fast, the characters are strong, and the emotions are hot. I anxiously await more books from this exciting author." ~ The Paperback Forum



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