April 2001
Harlequin Temptation #828
ISBN 0-373-25928-X


Chicago heiress Sunny Chandler was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Now she’s determined to take a walk on the wild side– and take the first job she comes across, But “kitchen helper” in a cozy Italian restaurant is a stretch even for cool, elegant Sunny!

Nick D’Angelo was practically born with a cooking spoon in his fist. He runs the family restaurant with an iron hand, keeping his meddlesome siblings and matchmaking grandmother in line. The last thing he needs is sexy Sunny trying to find herself while wreaking havoc in his kitchen.

Although he wouldn’t mind the leggy blonde wreaking havoc in his bedroom. In fact, Nick is tempted to take a walk on the wild side, too…


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Finalist for a National Readers Choice Award for Best Short Contemporary Romance

"Chicago – Present Day

Raised by her grandparents after the death of her parents, Sunny Chandler has been reared the “Chandler” way and is expected to step from graduate school into her grandfather’s place at Chandler Enterprises. While Sunny loves and respects her grandparents, she chafes at the sterile environment, and longs to find out for herself what she wants, and who she really is. Deciding she needs time on her own before taking her place in the family company, she answers the advertisement for kitchen help at D’Angelo’s Italian restaurant. Sunny is only looking to find herself, but what she finds is a man who could steal her heart.

Niccolo D’Angelo absolutely does not want to hire the beautiful, blond, non-Italian debutante to work in his family restaurant, but Mama Bennie has other ideas. Nick reluctantly agrees to give Sunny a one-month trial period, with every intention of firing this social butterfly at the first opportunity. He hadn’t counted on his heart taking over his mind…and his common sense.

Can a wealthy socialite and a family businessman possibly find a way to build a life together, or will social pressures and family obligation tear them apart?
Sexy, fun and heartwarming aptly describe WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. The story of the “rich girl” meets “poor man” isn’t a new plot, but Donna Kauffman’s deft style with characterization and dialogue breathes fresh life into this tried and true plot. Sunny Chandler emotes a fun and intriguing personality from the first page, and her struggle to find herself amid the strict confines of her life is delightful. Nick on the other hand is a workaholic, completely devoted to his family, and not looking for love…until Sunny comes into his life. The relationship between Sunny and Nick evolves slowly, but that just increases the sexual tension between them. When they finally do succumb to each other, the love scenes between them burn up the pages. I’d have to vote Niccolo D’Angelo as the man I’d most like to take a walk on the wild side with.

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE is a treat for fans of Ms. Kauffman’s work. With all the fun and sensuality of her Loveswept titles, WALK ON THE WILD SIDE also delivers secondary characters that charm the reader and add a fullness to the story I found truly enjoyable. From Mama Bennie to Nick’s various siblings, each one found a place in my heart. For a captivating and sinfully sexy read, I highly recommend WALK ON THE WILD SIDE." ~Terrie Figuero



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