March 1995
Bantam Loveswept #732
ISBN 0-553-44469-7
Floral Border © Joyce Kitchell

January 2013
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537904




The man had renegade written all over him…

Jillian Bonner wasn’t leaving, despite the fierce tempest headed her way, but Reese Braedon had a job to do—even if it meant carrying her off on his shoulder! When the storm trapped them together, the sparks that flashed between them threatened spontaneous combustion! Once he’d branded her with the fire of his deepest need, could she ever let him go?

With a hero as wild as a hurricane, and a heroine who’s his match, Donna Kauffman delivers a tale of outlaws who’d risk all for passion– and each other! But would a lady who’d known pain open her door to a man who believed danger as safer then desire?


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Nominated for Best Loveswept of 1995 by Romantic Times Magazine

“You’ve got this survivor thing down to a science, don’t you?” he said.

Her heart pounded under his direct, unreadable expression. Why was he doing this to her? He had to know how woefully unprepared she was for a man like him. She parted her lips, not sure if it was to breathe or speak but found it didn’t matter, since she could do neither.

“I know all about surviving,” he continued. “But we gotta make a decision, and I’m not sure I’m thinking clearly enough to make the right one.”

“About what?”

“About whether we’re going to remember all the reasons we became survivors in the first place.” He leaned closer, tilting his head as if he meant to kiss her. “Or say the hell with it all and finish what we began a few minutes ago.”

"Good story with unusual plot that really grabbed my attention — impending danger, budding romance, and an alligator! Don’t miss this one — I loved it!" ~ Rendezvous


"Great romantic adventure requires just the right blend of outstanding romantic chemistry and exquisite pacing and, with WILD RAIN (4 1/2 Stars), acclaimed author, Donna Kauffman proves herself a master adventuress. Brava, Ms. Kauffman." ~ Romantic Times


"Ms. Kauffman has crafted a marvelous story with vivid, flesh and blood characters. Taut with sensual tension, this book is a fast, furious and riveting read. It even has a nine-foot-long, three-legged alligator named Cleopatra! Highly recommended." ~ The Paperback Forum


"Ms. Kauffman delivers another winner." ~ Affaire de Coeur


"WILD RAIN is a funny, sexy, face paced novel that sweeps you along on a passionate storm right along with Reese and Jillian. The triumph of this couple over their emotionally scarred pasts will touch your heart." ~ A Little Romance



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