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That Survivor: Fiji starts tonight?? That’s how out of it I’ve been. So…yay! Nice to have one of the MAC staples back. Of course it has to be on a Thursday, the one night there is already good television on. Figures!

Nothing got watched last night and I’m afraid tonight’s TiFaux’d fare will be kept on menu as well, but hopefully at some point this weekend, when I’m not frantically making up the work hours I missed getting personally acquainted with counting every tile in my bathroom over the past couple of days (437 if you’re interested…I’m still not sure how it came out to be an odd number, but I could have been hallucinating at some point. Three days with no sleep will do that to a person…) I do hope to be able to put aside a few hours to catch up. Maybe we’ll have MACfest Monday! Maybe.

At this point, I’ll be happy just to have Upright Thursday. 🙂

Don’t forget to enter this week’s SHaQ Attack contest. Details in Tuesday’s blog post. Winner announced tomorrow!

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