Idol Top 7 Results…Shocking? Only kind of.

Well, it’s been a week of interesting show results, but I think Idol Top 7 Results gets the win on the most surprising this week. Or…do they?

First, a few observations on the show: What the hell happened to Steven Tyler’s hair? It was like he did an aging rock star Trump combover. Whoever thought that was a good idea? You’re fired! There were two musical performances last night. JHud looked great and though songs like that, with a repetitive hook that just gets sung over and over (and over, and over) are a lot more fun to dance to than to watch, I let the tape roll and didn’t FF. So, that was a major accomplishment. Same couldn’t be said for James Durbin. Oh, he Durbin’d up the stage all over the place and I even think I’d like the studio version of the song, it was just…a lot. So, yeah…FF. Sorry. But he’s still cute with his naive let-it-all-out-there kind of way, and I like the guy…so am happy to see him happy and doing well.

Okay, enough with that. Let’s get on with the results. So, last night they finally had results that were topsy turvy enough to play the “Put Them In Groups” game, along with the “Choose The Loser Group” game, which, thankfully, Skylar (who was announced as safe), the unlucky victim, was having no part of.

When it was all said and divided, we had Hollie, Philip, and Colton in one group and Joshua, Elise and Jessica in the other. Now, I knew as soon as Hollie was paired with Phillip, she was safe, despite Jimmy wanting us to believe that Phil2 sang so badly the night before that he was Bottom 3 material this week.

First off, oh no he di’int. It might not have been Phil at his most powerful, but he’s locked and loaded his fan base now, and they ain’t going anywhere. When Colton was added to the group, then it was a slam dunk who was safe. While I thought Hollie would go home after having the bus repeatedly driven over her poor, little body for the past few weeks, maybe America was tired of her being piled on without even a hint of positive balance. Because, I think we all agree that she’s adorable and can sing like no other, and, yes, needs to mature…but we also, apparently agree that they were way too harsh on her, even with all those things considered.

So…that leaves us with Joshua, Elise and Jessica. Now, Elise in the bottom didn’t surprise me at all. It’s clear she can sing, but it’s equally clear that a whole lot of us just don’t like her much. Something about her personality rubs a lot of us, myself included, in a really wrong way. And she can only sing Zepplin so many times. Okay, once. So…no shock there, at all, and I felt, she was the one going home, fo sho.

Until…it was Joshua sent to safety first, and not Jessica. THAT? Was the only surprise of the entire night for me. Because Joshua has been in the bottom and, as I’ve said in my recaps, I don’t know if he’ll build the necessary fan base. And, frankly, we’ve all been agreeing of late that while Jessica has a voice that’s amazeballs, she, personally, isn’t really drawing us in. So her landing in the bottom three wasn’t entirely surprising, either.

But, Jessica landing in the Bottom 2? Definitely more surprising. And I knew as soon as it was her and Elise that the only reason they’d have that clearly oddball pairing, was if it were Jessica as the one in danger. And? Yeppers, that was it.

Now…one additional aside: as soon as they showed the Bottom 3, Steven goes on record saying they were using their Judge’s Save, no question. I get they only have two weeks left to use it. But, honestly, Stevie? You’d have used it for Elise? Really? I somehow doubt that. And, frankly, I’d even be surprised if they used it for Joshua, though, with Jimmy now back firmly in his camp, maybe they would have. Jessica was, honestly, the only one up there with a guarantee save. The other two I could see them using it on? Phil2 and Colton. That’s it.

So…fortunately Johsua and Elise will never have to find out just where they’d have rated,because it was Jessica. Judges didn’t even let her get through her sing out. They storm the stage, take the mic away, and tell her to go have a sit down in the Seats of Safety.

Now, did they do the right thing with that save? Well, sure they did. Obviously she’s one of the most talented, if not the most talented, purely vocally. If not her, than who, right? BUT! Does this mean two go home next week? Cuz, girls, I’d be gettin’ real nervous right about now! Just sayin.

And? I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find Jessica right back in there again. Because, honestly, it’s not happening to her because she doesn’t sing well. Or didn’t sing well. So….what could she do at this point to earn the votes she’s not getting? Nothing. Unless it was one of those things where folks voted to save the on-the-brink singers and just didn’t vote for her….. Do you think that’s it? I’m not so sure.

So, I’ll go out on a limb and say next week? Jessica, Elise, and Hollie? Be careful. Joshua…. mmm. Maybe you as well. Phil and Colton? Sit back boyz. You don’t have to worry until it’s Final 2 time. Just sayin.

What say you Blog Babes? Let’s DISH!

Oh! Wait! First, let’s give a big cheer to this week’s Free Stuff Friday winner! Congratulations, Alicia R!!! WOOT!! You win a copy of any book from my website bookshelf. Just send me an email to with a few title ideas (in case I’m out of your first choice) and in the mail it will go! Next week? Oh yeah, we’re doing it again!

So…check in Monday for all the Sunday Night Dish and a new contest! But rightthisverysecond? DISH!!

10 Responses to “Idol Top 7 Results…Shocking? Only kind of.”

  1. I SO agree with you on WTH did they do to Steven Tyler’s hair? It made him look “old”…which we all know he is NOT!!

    I vote for Skylar (I am a Mississippi girl myself), Colton and Phillip every week and will throw in any other votes in that I think are deserved!

    I think Jessica is an awesome singer but she lacks the personality that it is going to take to win the popular vote…..that said, even if she is voted off early…she will SO HAVE a career in singing…she is too good! I also think Joshua is in the same boat with Jessica… he is such a nieve Mama’s boy but can totally sing!

    I like Elise’s voice as well…. but there is something about her that comes across as a No Vote. She did sing an Awesome Zepplin!

    I LOVED Colton last season and it was awesome the way they made him tryout and now he is in the top 6! Phillip is precious and I love how he loves the music and could care less about the rest of it……Mr. Hilifiger tries to dress him and he ignores it…..I laugh so hard during those segments!

    Love American Idol…..Hope one of my singers WINS!!!

  2. You didn’t comment on the raving comments of Randy about how could America get it so wrong and Jessica was “the best” singer! Well I guess all the other participants should just head on home. They are not worthy of being on stage with Jessica. They were all standing there with their shocked faces. Not because Jessica was voted out and then saved, but because they have been duped into thinking they could actually win!!

  3. Donna, you’re right, I didn’t comment on that. I think it’s because their over the top reaction really won’t amount to anything. Clearly we’re going to vote for whoever we want to anyway. And, with all the hype, it would have been weird if they’d just shrugged and said, “whatevs” – I just kind of FF mentally through that stuff. As i said, she’s still not safe. They gave her a week. Will be interesting to see if America gives her any more of them. At this point, it doesn’t really matter what order Final 7 through F3 go home in. They’ve made their impact and will get a career from it or not (aka JHud, etc). Final 2 is the only real interesting thing left as far as the show is concerned, and that, I predict, will be Colton/Phil. Beyond that, a whole lot of them will be winners as it won’t just be the final 2 or winner who does well.

  4. I already chatted it up on FB, but I’ll say it again – I love Phillip – he’s my pick from the very beginning. Jessica as low vote last night took me a bit by surprise – I completely thought it’d be Hollie. The drama with the “save” was unnecessary and ridiculous to me – I felt bad for everyone else on stage – and Jessica, well, look at the replay – she is completely clueless to what they’re doing or why – and there was no pressure for her – they’d already said they’d use the save, so even listening to her bellow at all was unnecessary, in my opinion – I turned the TV off right after Ryan told her to sing the closing. Sorry, Jessica fans – I’m just kinda done with her style – she doesn’t bring anything New to my radio, which is probably why I like Phillip so much. Not a Colton fan – same reason as not a Jessica fan. Counting down to next week already – I love this show!
    Ok – that’s it – I’m moving on now. 🙂

  5. Great blog. And just wanted to say that I think the judges over-reaction will actually hurt America because not only did they insult te other contestants, they insulted everyone who didn’t vote for Jessica. Ya know?

  6. Oops… I meant hurt Jessica! LOL

  7. Last night was so scripted and Steven announced using the save before the Bottom 3 was even announced.

    Please take this survey on the Top 7 of S11 and help to spread it around:

  8. WOW is was a bit of bizzare moment last night when the results were done… I kind of figured that that after last weeks result that the it would be a shake up againa this week… And you are right , Steven let the cat out of the bag, but I thought it was going to be Joshua that they would be saving…
    I think with DiAndre gone, the balance is now shifting in the votes.. And I agree with Dee, that that they are playing favourites and it was insulting to that if Hollie was in the bottom three that they would not have saved her…

  9. Steven, poor Steven, really blew it when he announced they WOULD use the judges save. I think they keep the judges in the dark about who the bottom two are, but the producers obviously told them they WOULD use the save. As he’s done before, Steven has no ability to fake like he doesn’t know something in advance. *sigh* I’ve never seen him look OLD before, either. That hair-do…YIKES. Remind me never to do my hair like that! Except for your Colton-love, I think we are on the same page with all the contestants. And I voted like heck for Hollie because their criticism this week of all weeks was unfounded.

  10. Caro – oh, we’re on the same page with Colton, too! I think he’s very popular and has a good shot at the Final 2 because of that popularity, but if you look at my recaps, you’ll see…not so much with me. I don’t think he has the kind of unique voice needed to stand out in today’s market at all. But…there’s no denying the girls love him. So….we’ll see. I’m betting its him and Phil2 at the end.

    And yes…I hope Steven fired that hairdresser! Yikes!

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