Idol Top 7 Become 6…and things already got interesting!

So, show of hands who thought we had another week or two before things got interesting on Idol Results Night? Yeah, yeah, I know folks thought it was weird when Jessica was in the Bottom 3 and came thisclose to going home, but last night? Last night proved I don’t know a damn thing about how folks are voting.

Now, was I personally upset? No. I’ve said all along he’s Mr. Generic Alt Rock Guy whose voice isn’t distinct enough to carry over into a career. What? Am I talking about Colton? Did he actually go home last night? Why…..yes indeedy! He sure as shootin’ did. I know, right?

I actually thought the same thing as Jimmy, that he had such a firm lock on the tween vote, along with Phil2, that we’d likely see him through to the Final 2, or at least Final 3/4. At least. No matter what he sang.

Well…apparently I was wrong. Apparently a whole lot more of you were just as unimpressed with him as I was. Hunh!

Now, yes, Hollie and Elise both were in the Bottom 3 with him, so America was still keeping it real. And, Elise, honey? Wow, dial it back with “they pick on me more because I’m older and it’s sooooo unfair because I worked so hard and these little neophytes don’t know nuthin’ about no work ethic” entitlement crap. It was bad enough to read a similar statement you made after the performance show about how you’re “more deserving” – your words – than they are. But you actually carried that petulance to the stage last night? Really? Because that’s exactly why we don’t vote for you! That you have the arrogance to think that the only reason the judges pick on you more is because you’re older and not a hot young thang, than perhaps, because….oh, I don’t know…they have more to critique with you? Mebbe? This is not like last year with Haley, where everyone was up in arms about how heavy handed the judges were with their criticism of her, and seemed so blatantly against her no matter how well she sang. Actually…no one is all that upset with them this season where you’re concerned….because we pretty much agree that they have a point! Wow.

And then she STILL didn’t go home. Seriously?

At least Colton has the good grace to apologize for not taking their criticism more to heart, and vowed that he would….as he made his first pile of platinum records. Okay, so he didn’t say that, but it was implied. So maybe there’s a whole lot of entitlement going on.

Pretty much the only thing that made me laugh last night–in a good way–was Phil2 being interviewed backstage after his performance and teased about JLo calling him sexy. He as all southern twangy sayin, “I should call her up. Your daddy let you date?” That? Was hilarious. You know, I love that he carries on the HeeJun love with Ryan every single week, still teasing him on stage at the end, the way he and HeeJun did every week when they were both on the show. So, while I’m not a huge fan of this overly-strained style of singing, I am a fan of him personally and I want him to succeed. So…you go, Phil2. You go, man!

The other laugh came from Jimmy just now realizing that, oh, I dunno, maybe with all the teenyboppers they have singing this year, they should sing something more relevant to their age. He seems to think this is only a problem with Jessica. But, hellooo! Hollie, too, dude. And, for that matter, throw Joshua in there, too. Sure, his old gospel soul can sell anything, but, at the same time, we do need to see that he can do something relevant to his age group, too–even at the grand old age of 20 now.

I have no idea what they’re singing next week, but please Nigel, let them just frakking sing regular, current, stuff.

And? That’s all I got. Weirdest. Season. Ever. Skylar? Hang in there, baby, because you’re the only one left to give Phii2 a run…and it should at least look like a contest, right?

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And now? DISH! Were you surprised? Who do you see going to the Final 2? Who’s your favorite??

3 Responses to “Idol Top 7 Become 6…and things already got interesting!”

  1. Hey Donna!!!! I think you nailed a lot of nails on the head. I had just said “Jessica isn’t getting votes because she is 16 & her age group can’t relate to her with her songs…and the age group she’s singing to isn’t going to vote for her cause she looks 12.” and minutes later Jimmy said the same thing. My favorite is Philip!!!! Love him! Love the growl, love the leg/ arm shrug thing, love that he just changes up these songs- plus he’s kind of cute. I think Colton got the boot early because he made that fatal mistake of coming off stage & saying very snarkliy “I don’t care” in regards to the judges comments. “Oh you don’t care said America well OK then we’ll give Philip your votes -bam”. I would much rather see him then Jessica sigh. I miss Adam Lambert!

  2. Opps- final 2 I pick Skylar & Philip.

  3. Love your books!! Just found the AI updates and love them too! Love to use !!

    I personally find Jessica and Joshua, while having wonderful voices, boring to watch. I do feel a bit like I’m watching Toddlers in Tiaras when Jessica and Holly perform. Please pick a younger song for them.

    Not really sure how Queen night will go but it should be F.U.N.

    I love Phillip and think someone did get through to him this week to make his face look much less ‘strained’ while he is singing. Such a sweet personality too. I’d see him in concert or buy his records!


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