It’s Hometown Week on The Bachelor. Oh, it’s getting good, y’all. And by good, I mean…horrifying.

So…we’ve made it past the Houston hometown visit with AshLee. What, you missed it? Well, hop on over to my fabulously fun weekly Bachelor Dish over at USA Today’s HappyEverAfter column and catch up already! Then join us in the shallow end of the pool for more! Freshen up those fruity umbrella drinks and stock up on lots of chocolate (then add a few more, because…trust me) and come on in!

We’re in Seattle for Hometown Date #2 with Catherine!

Yay, someone healthy and happy, who isn’t on the verge of shimmering, trembling, my-life-will-never-be-the-same tears at any given moment! Sean’s first impression of Seattle is a good one, but then it’s a rare sunny day, so that helps. Their welcoming hug is a lot more mutually excited than his was with AshLee. I think Sean feels very comfortable with Catherine, their enjoyment of each other is very natural, easy, and equally mutual, as is their romantic attraction to one another…and there’s that part where he doesn’t have to worry about the Big Issues, which…take notes, Sean. All of that is a Very Good Thing.

Catherine has enjoyed (aka has been a good sport) about all of the things Sean has planned for her so far, so she wants to surprise him and give him that same “once in a lifetime experience” he’s given her. You go, girl! Will there be any potential for bruising, bone breakage, or loss of limb due to frostbite? No? Well, we can’t have everything. But there is a chance of getting drilled by a fish to the face, so I’ll take what I can get! She takes him to a local fish market where they put on a show, tossing fish from container to display shelves and Sean gets right in there and gets slimy. He also catches every one they toss at him. (And they’re not taking it easy on him, quite the opposite.) Oh Sean, My fishy hero! But they’re laughing and having a great time…so of course Sean makes her catch fish, too. Oh, Sean. For once, just let her have the fun! Naturally he takes great delight in her dropping them, so we’re back to the adolescent part of him that enjoys embarrassing his date like a brother enjoys humilating his siblings, which, you know, worries me because, Sean, you don’t have to sleep with your siblings and I’m guessing you want sex at some point, so…be nice. She catches the next one, one-handed. HA!

So, they’re very adorably, giggling kids who are truly having a great time. She makes him comfortable enough to be his goofy self, because she’s comfortable being goofy, too. And, at the same time, she clearly makes him feel like the big, strong man that he is, who can make her blush and make her swoon, so….he’s smitten, y’all. Just sayin. And he damn well should be. Because she’s All That. And she is, too…which, so maybe I question her taste a little, but hey, if she’s in, and she’s happy (and she takes him off the market for all the other unsuspecting women out there he’s yet to maim on first dates) then I’m a fan. I like these two together.

Sean asks about her family, and it’s so cute because she’s talking about how her mom can be scary and rambling happily along and he’s just sort of staring at her with that “man, I’m falling so hard for you” smile on his face and probably only hearing every other word. It’s a little adorable. If you like that kind of thing. And who doesn’t? (I know, I’m such a suckah!! HEY, I write romance for a living for a reason! Thank you show, for FINALLY giving me a little of it!)

What I like about Catherine is that she’s very clear-headed about all of this. She’s falling in infatuation, and it’s all very whirlwindy and exciting, and she’s feeling vulnerable because who wouldn’t be, yet she’s trying to embrace it for the opportunity it is, taking the risk into consideration, but not letting it control her or ruin the chance. And, even when it’s not whirlwind and on national television and bound up in a contrived deadline, that’s real. She’s not claiming undying love, but she’s hopeful there’s a chance to get there with this guy. THANK YOU.

So, we’re at the Meet the Fam part of the day. Her house is normal, not ostentatious, culturally traditional, and kinda cute. She’s truly excited to see the various family members who have shown up, and it all feels very warm and bubbly. He’s welcomed warmly and even remembers the Filipino greeting she taught him to use with he grandmother, so…WINNING so far. He dons an apron and gets in the kitchen with mom, chats with gramma (Gram Cracker. HA!) who is freaking adorable and says she’s going to steal him, and honestly, are we loving this? Why can’t the show be more this?? I like that she’s taking it all in stride. Like, wow, this is cool, everything I could have hoped for, and she’s just that. Hopeful. Not calling the engraver to discuss fonts for the wedding invites.

Sister time: Private time with her sibs, and she’s all gushy cute and they’re all um…this was cute when it was just a crazy lark but now you’re serious about this dude and we’re your older sisters and we have madd respect for you but, bottom line, we don’t want you to get hurt. And I get their side (being the oldest sister of three) as well as her side of “come on, go with me on this! It’s not traditional, but I’m happy.” Again, real. Not fantasyland. Even when it’s hard. Maybe especially then. I like them. And I very much like her. They come down hard enough, though, in their sincere concern, that she’s left feeling like they just buzz killed a good day, and she’s worried they won’t be supportive when they talk to him. I get that, and while I can see her point, I still see theirs. My feeling is, the real proof is that Sean will trust her and what they’ve shared with each other, even limited though it might have been, and at least give themselves the chance to address and work beyond any family worries or insecurities about their future. (Because if they’ve watched this show, they’d be fools not to be worried…and they’re no fools.) So…if it’s meant to be and he hangs in there and they get to something real together, then I see her fam being just as protective of him as they are of their little sis. All good. So don’t blow it, dude.

And wow, sisters don’t make it easy. Way to throw baby sis under the bus, even from a loving place. But, if they are that sincerely concerned, either about her, or about him, then…ya gotta do. I just hope he uses his own judgment in the end, with their comments as things to be open to and explore further. He goes to talk to mama, trying to get a better feel for where she’s at. And mama is as keepin’ it real as it gets. She likes Sean and she wants to be supportive of her daughter, and at the same time, she is very honest about how unconventional and wacky this whole thing is and of course she doesn’t want Catherine to get hurt. Can’t get any more real than that. If she was any other way, I’d have been “have you watched this show?” So kudos for saying “we’ll welcome you, but only when we get past the fantasy show part and into the is this really for real and it’s just the two of you now part.” So…no up front blessing for you! But, come back after it’s all over, and we’ll talk I like them. (And Sean, that should actually have been a big selling point, not a deterrent. They love her, they want what’s best for her, and they don’t know you yet to know if that’s you, so don’t expect them to take that leap of faith. Why should they? If it is, and you end up together, you’ll get that same fierce support and loyalty. This is where you need to be taking that same leap of faith you’re expecting these four women to take as they all date you at the same time. So….man up. If she’s the one, then you have to jump too.)

As it ends, he’s completely thrown and she definitely feels his uncertainty. And all I can say is…if that was enough to simply make him walk and not even try to explore and learn more, and he truly thought going in to that date that he could be a mere week or two away from a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL, then let him go and thank your sisters. Boys are so dumb.

Hometown #3 with Lindsay:

We head to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Sean is nervous because cute and bubbly and always perky Lindsay’s dad? Yeah, he’s a 2 star general. Gulp. He seems to have much the same ease with Lindsay as he does with Catherine. I think Lindsay is even an easier thing for him because she’s so young and despite her life experience of living around the world on various military bases, she’s definitely not an intimidating sort. I’m not saying she’s a good time girl in that nudge nudge wink wink kind of way, but if there is a PG-13 rated version? She’s totally that. i don’t know that I see a lot of depth between them and, frankly, I think that’s a relief for Sean, too, because she doesn’t seem to need that, so hey, less work for him! She’d be perfectly happy to bypass that whole career and life thing and just get married and have babies. Nice and easy peasy. The more I think about it, maybe they are made for each other. And Catherine should find a guy who has a little more going on, and not only wants the same in return, but needs it. If he isn’t scared away by a family protecting their daughter that would be nice, too. But hey, we haven’t met the general yet! I think I’ll go freshen up my fruity umbrella drink. Potential Good Times ahead!

Sean shares his very real fears for meeting her dad but he’s almost kind of giggly, bashful school boy with it, which is exactly how Lindsay is and it’s like they’re both pimply 18 year olds when they’re together. I get that it has its adorable qualities, except there doesn’t seem to be any depth under it, so while it’s not something that makes me swoon, if it’s working for them, then…okay. She puts him through a mock drill sergeant routine, with her doing the drilling, which I’d have personally loooooved to do, “Who do you think you are, kissing other women!” So points to Lindsay for getting a bit of that out of her system, albeit in a humorous way, because they all have to wish they could. I have no problem with Sean being so intimidated by his impending meeting with her dad. Heh.

Lindsay’s mom is both tickled to see her daughter so happy, and surprised that they’ve clearly gone a long way toward falling for each other in such a short time and they, of course, haven’t been any part of it. So she’s trying to get up to speed, but she’s very nice about it. We get the “I’m crazy about your daughter” thing and I wonder how not only The Chosen One feels about hearing him say that about every single one of them, but how the family’s feel, watching this, hearing him say that exact same phrase to all the sets of parents. It’s a bit…gah. Even if they love him. It has to be.

Lindsay’s mama likes him and does her best to assure him that if it’s for reals, she’d be thrilled. Sean is all happy because, just like their daughter, the family is going to make it easy on him as well. Well, mama is as well. Time to meet the general. Sean does frame it well by saying that if he were in the general’s place, he would understandably have a hard time with the set up. And her dad agrees. He doesn’t want to see his little girl hurt, and let’s be real here. Three of them will be and he knows that one of them could very easily be his pride and joy. There really isn’t anything you can say in the face of that truth. Sean wants his blessing and he doesn’t know if he knows enough as yet to give it, so also real. But he does give it in the sense that if my blessing means you feel you can make a decision that’s right for you, then you have that. It’s more of a clearance, but it works and I respect how he framed it. I like this guy. (Two for two good dads this hometown season!)

Sean comes away feeling that even if they are reserved and cautious, and rightfully so, but also warm, loving and ready to accept whoever their daughter loves into their home and hearts. They also are very certain that their daughter is ready if it works out. Which is something that Catherine’s family didn’t make him feel at all. So his doubts there were both family and Catherine related. Here he only has to ask himself if Lindsay is who he wants, because if so, it’s pretty clear the family would immediately be on board. Comfortable. Easy peasy. Did we expect anything else? Even with a few stars on his lapel? For her, given how amazing it all went, Lindsay feels confident enough to tell him she’s falling in love. And while I’m more the realist type that Catherine is, it rings true for Lindsay, both in age an personality and again, I’m pretty sure she has all the information she needs to make that claim. Because she doesn’t need much. You know? Not bad, just true. (Maybe we should all be so easy peasy.) So…looks sort of slam-dunky to me. What do you think, Blog Babes?

And though I was rooting for Catherine, more and more, I’m thinking she needs more depth and Sean is willing to settle for easy peasy with a side of serious sexual attraction (which ain’t bad, I’m not saying it is), so….win win in the end for them both?

Now we get to Hometown #4 with Des in L.A.

We’ve already seen plenty o’ sneak peeks that this is clearly the trainwreck hometown date, so go stock up on some chocolate and meet me right back here for all the….well, maybe fun isn’t the right word. Unless you’re applying the term fun to what’s about to happen the same way Sean applies the word fun to what he thinks his group dates are like.

Their initial meet is good, but more in that just-getting-to-know-you-early-date kind of way. Which is actually where is truly is with all four of them, but with the others they’ve managed to relax past that and ease into a more natural and advanced comfort level. We know he’s had doubts about Des during this, so I think that’s still there. And given what we know is coming, at least in part, well…this isn’t going to end well for her. Or, given I don’t think Sean is right for her anyway, perhaps it will, but just in a really painful way first.

He gets to her home and it’s great, interesting, funky, cool art on the walls that she created. Very nice, comfortable, on par with how Sean sees his life. They’re fixing dinner for the folks, then….uh oh. Doorbell and it’s her ex. Who has come to stake his claim and make it known he still loves her. With Sean standing right there. Awkward! Sean’s thinking he needs to leave, then he’s thinking he dude needs to leave. He asks her if she wants to talk to him, she says no, so he’s asking the guy to leave. Total train wreck and he knows the cameras are rolling (and the producers are giving each other high fives) and he’s Not Liking It. At All. Des finally shrugs he guy off, but before either guy can get another word in, she turns to Sean and says, “Well, now that he’s here, I do have to tell you something.” (Ominous break to commercial. Natch.) And then we’re back and she looks at Sean, and then says…. “Sean? Buddy? You’ve been PUNK’D!” HA! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! It was all an act, the supposed ex is an actor. And that? Was made of beyond awesome. Total, 100% payback with interest on the prank date in the art gallery. Des, don’t marry the guy, okay? But please come and hang out with me, k? Because you not only rock, but you very clearly roll. The season could end right here and I’d be happy. HA!

We finally meet her parents and brother, who come for dinner. We already know Des came from very, very little, so not the Brady Bunch upbringing a lot of us have. But her folks are very kind, super sweet, open and friendly. We gloss right over her chat with her mom and Sean’s one on one with her dad, but all is clearly rosy and happy and joy all around. We like them. And they would like us. We’ve rushed past that because obviously the really juicy stuff is with her sib. Who she is very close to. Her brother, though friendly on first meeting Sean…yeah, so he isn’t quite as ready to hold hands and sing kumbaya as the rest of us are. Now, they both grew up with a hard life and whereas Des turned it around and grew from it, I think her brother hasn’t made quite the same transition. At least not in a “the world is a kind and rosy place’ kind of way. And his attitude reflects that. Cynical would be putting it mildly. Sure he’s a bit of a douche about it, but he’s so very clearly not a guy who gives his trust easily and also very protective of his one and only sis. So, douchey or not, it’s coming from a place he sees as his job. Defend, protect, and don’t let some a**hole come in and break his sister’s heart. That’s his stance and nothing is going to budge him on what little info he has to go on. I think Des needs to accept that he’s just not going to take her word on it. Again, he’s probably seen the show. He knows how this goes. And that’s not well. Not ever. So accept that and realize you’re not changing his mind. Not tonight. Quite possibly not ever.

He’s decided that any dude who is looking for a wife on national television is a playa or a famewhore and most definitely not the kind of guy he’d ever see with his precious sib. And while I might have expressed all that with a tad more finesse, okay hopefully a lot more finesse, bottom line? Is anything he’s saying not been the case on every show before this one? No. He’s speaking the truth of the show’s history. It doesn’t matter who Sean is personally, he doesn’t know the guy. And he doesn’t care to know. He’s being judgmental all over the place and he’s perfectly okay with owning that. He knows about all the guys who went this route before. Not a great track record. And because of that, he wants his sister out of this “journey.” So….put like that, there’s really not much you can really say to that.

Nathan calls Sean outside when they’ve very clearly just sat down to eat as their plates are obviously just freshly loaded. Family is all uh oh. Des isn’t thrilled, either. But, though it’s not done particularly thoughtfully, the end point is somewhat the same as Catherine’s family. We don’t know you. But we do know this process isn’t exactly one that ends well. So…forgive us if we don’t just jump up and down and say, sure, marry our precious one. Now, as I said, Catherine’s family went the extra distance of not exactly painting her in a particularly marriage friendly or even relationship friendly way and on that score, yeah, I’d be a little “gee, thanks for the support and respect guys” but if Sean was ready to bail after Catherine’s sisters got hold of him, I can see him hopping in his car and skipping out entirely based on what looks about to happen.

Nathan surprises me by starting off on a tack I didn’t see coming. A more thoughtful one than I ever expected him to take. Well, thoughtful for him anyway. He says to Sean that while he can see that his sister is feeling something for him, he’s not seeing that reciprocation from Sean. And while I know Sean enjoys Des, I’d have to say bro there might be more perceptive than I was ready to give him credit for. So….hey!! Now I’m interested. Sean looks surprised, but also uncomfortable and I wonder if he’s more surprised that her brother doesn’t see the magic between them, or that he called him out on it. And then bro makes my Hall of Fame Moment for the season, because FINALLY someone calls Sean out on his tired “I’m crazy about your sister” bs line with a “Yeah, you’re crazy about a lot of girls, bro” retort. And given Sean has used that EXACT SAME LINE three other times tonight, HA! And HA! again. Sean scrambles, he tries to explain how unique, how special, how amazing, how…you know….and bro is nodding and completely not buying a single word. And I think I might love him. He pins Sean down with the “You don’t know who you’re choosing yet, though, do you?” To which Sean truthfully answers No. Heh. And Bro is game, set, match, get outta here!

For his part, Sean is all flushed and really not happy with having his character called into question. REALLY, Sean??? Because….you are doing exactly what bro says you’re doing. You might think this is an honorable way to go about courting your future wife, but this guy doesn’t, because….think about it. It iS pretty much what he says it is, even if you don’t want to view it that way. And given it’s his sister you’re talking about, you have to at least respect where he’s coming from. And that its not personal beyond that because he doesn’t know you. Seriously. Wind it down.

Back inside, it’s total awkward at the table and everyone is fidgeting, so Sean excuses himself and brings relief to everyone. He says he doesn’t want to let her bro’s comments affect his feelings for Des (and yet he was perfectly willing to run screaming because of Catherine’s sisters) so…whatevs. While I get where Nathan (bro) was coming from, you do feel sorry for Des for him totally douching up the evening, and yet…did you want him to pretend it was okay when it clearly wasn’t? He wasn’t aggressive or even obnoxious. He was calm and deliberate and very direct. It was just no one wanted to hear what he had to say. Too bad. You asked him there specifically to get his opinion, and he gave it. Whaddya gonna do? Speaking for Nathan, in his final private camera time, he was clearly very upset, and not in an angry way, but in a sad, emotional way. He very, very sincerely believes it’s not going to end well and I can’t blame him. I like how much he loves her, even if his way of going about protecting her is a little ham-handed, he thinks he’s not just saying all that because he likes being a jerk, he honestly thinks he’s doing the right thing. If he’s managed to be the catalyst for the end to happen sooner than later? Well…are you really going to say that’s a bad thing?

All in all, between the punk’d opener and now awesome bro carpet calling, for me…best hometown date evah. Entertaining, and realistic, even if it’s uncomfortable to admit. So, Sean, yeah, get outta there. And Des? Feel relief, not sadness when he does. Trust bro. What looks like unyielding cynicism might just be a rough-around-the-edges really shrewd judge of character. Peace, Nathan. And thanks.

Rose Ceremony:

First, someone at ABC is reading this!! Thank you for the complete and utter gratuitous half naked Sean in the closet getting dressed moment. Please, more of those. it’s the one time we’re unabashedly on his side. Okay, the only time.

Okay, so the women are reunited at the manse to see who gets the boot. Sean is conflicted on who goes. My first instinct is….if you’re two weeks away from proposing marriage and you’re that torn? Dude, not ready to get married. I know I wouldn’t want to be your blushing bride at this point if you’re that unsure. So….yikes.

And he confirms that his indecision is between the two tough families. (Let’s not kid ourselves that he’s basing it on the two women themselves and how he feels about them.) AshLee and Lindsay have the happy, fun families. Whereas Catherine and Des have the tougher, but more realistic families. He had a great time with Catherine’s family until they threw her under the bus and drove over it with him behind the wheel. And so what if Des’ brother is a hard sell? Would you really walk away from the woman you love because her circumstances aren’t Brady Bunch perfect? Wow.

Now, I don’t think he has the connection to Des anyway, comparatively speaking. So I’d still choose her to go home, even if Nathan wanted to be blood brothers. But my other pick, based on the women remaining, would hands down be AshLee. She’s so very clearly not ready for this and needs help cleaning up where she’s at with her childhood stuff before dragging anyone else in and drowning them in it with her. Catherine and Lindsay make the best personal fit. Catherine has the depth to build something really meaningful along with the best friend goofy fun stuff and the very real sexual attraction. Lindsay has the easy breezy no-work-involved but wow, great chemistry so who cares thing going on. And the easier family situation. So I see Lindsay being far out in front, and Catherine an unfortunate distant second due solely to the fam. Des is a goner with or without Nathan. And I hope Sean is sitting at home watching this realizing AshLee should have gone home weeks ago to spare her the complete and utter devastation that’s in her immediate future. But once you get a guys’s Wounded Bird White Knight armor on, like I said in earlier weeks, it’s a tough one to peel back off again. (What is it with guys wanting to nurture the emotionally struggling, crazytown chick, only to freak out when it’s like, you know…not particularly fun. Or healthy. How do they not see that coming? As a given? Walking in the door? I mean, if you can truly handle it, than power to you and she’s the luckiest girl ever, but when is that ever the case? It sounds all noble…but the reality is a lot of really, really hard days. And they’re not balanced with that many good ones. Be prepared.)

Host Chris Time: Sean shares the utter lack of clarity he received after the four hometown dates. And Chris doesn’t offer any help at all. Thanks, pal. He says his problem with Des is dealing with her bro, and his problem with Catherine is that she is very career oriented and has things she very much wants to accomplish, so is she really ready to settle down. I wish they’d shown us more of that earlier, because…left field much? So, that is a far more concerning issue than family. And I can see why he’s torn.

However, if there are two other women who you unreservedly do see yourself with, then are you just creating drama here? Does it matter who goes first if the other two are kinda sorts already your final 2? (Misguided and wrong headed as that is.) And if you’re not that certain and all four really are still in the running….how can you honestly say you’re ready to marry (MARRY!!!!) any of them?


So, Sean is still conflicted when he enters the rose room, but then Des wants to pull him aside and talk to him because she’s, for obvious reasons, pretty sure she’s outta there. She apologizes for her brother’s rudeness and Sean tells her it’s unnecessary except he’s made it pretty clear it couldn’t hurt. Then we’re back inside and first rose goes to first date AshLee. (Sigh). Second rose to Lindsay. (No duh.) Aaaaand, dunh dunh dunh….the final rose goes to??? He doesn’t know. He puts the rose down and walks away. Needs a time out. And wow, can you imagine how that makes the final two feel? Clearly, no matter which one goes home, neither of them are really in the running. At least it sure as hell can’t feel that way. So is it that he’s truly torn…or that he’s just really, really hating having to hurt either one of them? I dunno.

Host Chris offers more not help. “Take your time.” Really, Chris? Sure. Except isn’t that exactly what I’m already doing by walking away from the rose ceremony? But hey, thanks. Brewskis later? Cool.

In the end, he goes at it from the “who will I miss the most if I never see her again?” route, which isn’t a bad one to take if you’re that confused. He reveals Des’ final plea really got to him, so I think he’s just feeling horrible for having to send her packing and that’s what this is really all about. So would you really keep her there and toss Catherine to the curb just to spare her feelings….only to jack them up further so you can further crush her next week? Are you high? And if they’re both that equally disposable, think on that. And do the right thing and send them BOTH HOME. Regardless, come on already. Rip off the BandAid, because prolonging their certainly isn’t doing them any favors. (Oh yeah, that’s right. He really isn’t worried about if it’s hard for them.)

So, who gets final rose?

Catherine! More ambition, but less chance of actually being shot by a family member. (Although I’d keep an eye on Gram Cracker. She’s a wily one.) Des handles it pretty smoothly. All credit. Catherine, I honestly don’t know how I’d feel “accepting this rose.” But I’d start to do some real soul searching about this guy and fast. Prepare yourself. Because he was crystal clear, zero doubts on two other women. And thisclose to booting you. Let’s be real.

Then Sean walks her out and they sit, and instead of giving her any kind of closure that will help her to get past a choice she has no say in, he pulls the “I’m afraid this might be a big mistake.” GAH!! How cruel is that? So naturally Des assures him that, in fact, he damn well has. Because of course she will say that. Dude, honestly. At least own yor damn decision and don’t string it and her out needlessly. Cheers to her for saying “if you think you feel more strongly for someone else, then yes, this is absolutely the right thing to do, but if not…then why not me? I think it should be me.” So at least she’s standing up for herself. Not begging or belittling or any of that, just “I know I’m a good thing.” And she is. Still….augh.

Then it drags on way longer than it should and she’s holding on and he’s all I’m going to miss you and she’s it’s not right and he’s I know and she’s then don’t let me go and I’m MAKE IT STOP!

She finally does get in the limo and I’m not sure if that’s…what is that expression on his face? He seems to not be all that broken up. It looks like relief. But he does the pacing in the driveway, toe dragging through some puddles, hands in the pocket stuff and honestly, can we skip to the previews? And I hate the previews. Because this isn’t come off as sincere. You?

And Nathan? Don’t be too I told you so smug with your sister. Or I’ll have to punch you. And I like you. So, don’t. And Des? Don’t blame your brother. Choice was Sean’s.

Finally. Previews. Uh oh. We can an Extra Special Edition of The Bachelor tomorrow night. Yep, it’s The Bachelor Tell’s All. And honey, if Sean’s going to dish it up with Chris, I’m there! Join me?

In the meantime….let’s do another Giveaway and end this night on a cheery note! (To learn who won last week’s giveaway of a copy of my April 30 release, HONEY PIE, check out Part 1 of the blog over at USA Today!)

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Then join me tomorrow for all the dish we can stand. (Okay, probably far more than we can stand, but I’ll be here to hold your hand. And your drink. And your chocolate. I know, I’m so giving like that. And taking.)

Now it’s your turn? Who wins? Who goes? Who cares? You? Well then, tell me all about it! DISH!!

9 Responses to “It’s Hometown Week on The Bachelor. Oh, it’s getting good, y’all. And by good, I mean…horrifying.”

  1. You are so perceptive. Agree with all. ” I don’t need no stinkin’ rose. But a book? I accept!”

  2. WOW – I am only watching this season because a girlfriend roped me/sucked me into it.

    I thought I was the ONLY one who agreed with the brother – my sister is so special but you’re sucking face with three other girls right now too. I wish I had a protective, observant older brother like Des.

    I was a tad nauseated be the women who proclaim to be madly/deeply in love after 7 weeks. OK, hot lust, really like – I’m on board with all of that.

    I SO agree after Des was chopped (oh, wrong show) Sean needed to walk her out and stuff her in the limo. No ‘this was so tough’ ‘I am going to miss you so much’. Talk about mind games. “I didn’t choose you Des, I’ll have to live with my choice. I wish you all the best. Let me get the door for you”. That’s what a gentleman says!

  3. TK – and did you notice that even when Des had the presence of mind and class to say that her main hope that is if he wasn’t choosing her, that he was happy with who he was going to pick….that there was not a single word from him about “I hope you find happiness and I’m so sorry it wasn’t me.” Or anything indicating he wanted the same for her? No, it was just “I could be wrong here, but since this is all about me and only me, I’ll agonize and always wonder, and oh hey, don’t let the limo door hit ya!”

    It will be interesting to see how well we can stomach is tell all tonight. Which frankly sounds more like “The Bachelor Whines” to me. “It’s haaaaaard.” Suck it up, dude. Because, after all, it is all about you and for you. So we don’t want to hear that it’s a struggle. Watching you do this, that’s a struggle.

  4. To be truthful and honest, I don’t watch this show. I just cannot stand to see what some woman will do to get a man… Degrading.. Sorry that’s how I feel.
    But I will take a book, instead of a Rose for sure… More satisfying for

  5. Hi Donna (and fellow dishers) – I DID notice that there wasn’t one word about Des and how he wished her well. Sean is great about platitudes “your a great girl” “amazing girl” How about one wishing her all the best??

    I can admit I’m looking forward to the dishing about the bat guano crazy Tierra tonight. “How did I not know”??? WHINE…..How COULD Sean not know. “Gee” he tells himself, “no other girl smiles at Tierra”

    Do you blog after DISH night?

  6. yeesh…’you’re a great gal’…..where is grammar check when you need it??

  7. Kathleen – I’m only watching the show because USA Today asked me to blog it. It otherwise would not be on my radar. My only request when accepting the gig was that I could be honest. If you read my recaps, you’ll see that our opinions on the show are pretty much the same. 🙂

    TK – yes, USA Today asked me if I’d blog tonight’s show as well, so I’m going in!

    The response to the blogs has been overwhelmingly positive, but maybe that’s because I’m the one reviewer who is saying what a lot of viewers are thinking while watching. 🙂 It’s definitely been a new experience for me. But I’ve had fun with it, and the feedback has been tremendous, so I’m glad I said yes.

  8. Donna- I’m thrilled to win last week’s giveaway and look forward to reading your books… I’ll always take books over any roses! 🙂 Your blog has been a great discovery… I love your your raw honesty and insights.

  9. Funniest article EVER in USA Today about after the Bachelor Tells All!!!!!

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