The Bachelor Proposes! Will we say yes? (That is, after all, all that matters.)

And, oh yeah, does she say yes?  Why indeed….lets find out!


First…it’s time to see Catherine’s final date…  (What?  You missed all the dish on Lindsay’s final date?  And how it all went down with the girls meeting the fam?  Well, trot yourself on over to my USA Today recap for the latest and the low down…and also find out if you’re one of the lucky winners!  Just click Here!  Then come back and join us!)

It’s black board shorts and purple tee today, and Catherine got the memo as she’s in purple top, too.  Sean is all about Lindsay, except for that part where he’s also fallen in love with Catherine and I think what it comes down is either there really is more going on with Lindsay…or the reason we don’t see as much of the ridiculously giggly stuff with Catherine (though they do their fair share of laughing it up) is because, of the two, that’s the relationship that’s actually scary.  He knows he can get Lindsay on board because she’s SO on board.  Catherine, on the other hand, isn’t such a sure thing and maybe that’s what makes it more challenging, and, in the end, more real…because with that relationship comes actual risk.

So, back to the date part.  Sean has put together something far more meaningful for Catherine (because, come on, Lindsay did not care about the geography stuff..all you had to do for her is give her a day where you could kiss her all the time and she’s delirious.)  Catherine has made her love of all things Thai clear to Sean, and she just gets done telling him she touched an elephant the day before, when one comes lumbering into the clearing, and he announces that they are riding one for their date around town. She’s over the moon (and I notice she greets the elephant handler in Thai.)  We’re already light years beyond date 1.  They take quite the tour of the countryside from elephant back, and this would be quite a memory, regardless of how things turn out.

They end up at a pavilion overlooking a valley for lunch and the conversation is immediately serious, in a thoughtful, contemplative  “how will this play out and what would we be like” as a couple.  It’s so far and away from the Senior Prom vibe of the first date and though not as gooshy smooshy, I think perhaps a bit more realistic, the nerves, the concerns, given where this could be headed in a very short period of time.  I like them much better together.  Again, I’m utterly biased here.  Your mileage?  All over the map, I’m sure.  I guess what I see is that, if a wedding is to take place, Catherine isn’t going to go prancing down the aisle, no matter the pressure of the show.  If she walks in will be because she knows it’s the right thing to do.  (And if anyone is going to get cold feet?  It’s her.  With help, I’m sure, from her fam.)  Whereas Lindsay started this thing in a wedding dress.  You know?

The evening part of the date is more of the same.   She talks about how she’s played it so calmly and tried to keep her head straight, especially since he can’t tell her how he’s feeling.  But she also knows that it’s kind of now or never to let him know where she stands. (She hasn’t, as yet, said I love you…only that she was falling.)  Which, again, shows you there is something deeper going on there as part of the reason Sean sent several others home (Lesley, Des come to mind) was because they were still questioning their feelings and it couldn’t move along fast enough for him to take the leap of faith.

The thing that Catherine reveals as she nervously leads herself down the path (eyes darting everywhere, flipping hair every other second) is that the aspect of their relationship that makes her feel the most secure is that she can utterly be herself with him, goofy, nerdball and all.  And that’s huge.  In fact, it’s pretty much core and key.  I hope he gets that.  For his part, he doesn’t really lead her on, he just tells her what’s what, as much as he can.  I appreciate that, too.  It’s by far a more sincere, direct, rational conversation.  She doesn’t tell him she loves him…until the very last second, before he leaves.  Now, this is where I’m unhappy with him.  There are a lot of things he could say to her, knowing how crucial and utterly hard that was for her, saying it first, knowing he couldn’t, not knowing even if he would if he could.  At the very least, he could have said “I know that was hard for you and I appreciate that you told me.”

What he does say?  “Thank you for today.”  And he’s out the door.  WOW.  Stupid, stupid man.  She was hoping that, upon saying the words, she’d see something in his eyes, and….nothing.  So now I don’t know what I think.   I was going to say that I think he just feels badly that he’s come to care so deeply for someone else as well who is nothing but kind, sweet, giving and openly loving, as Lindsay is.  And saying good-bye to her is not going to be easy.   I’m not sure the torture he puts himself through to make his final choice will have as much to do with which one to choose as it is letting himself be okay with the one he wants to choose, over the one who would be easier to choose.  If that makes sense.

But after that?  Which was just shy of blowing her off when she finally took the biggest, hardest step she has?  No words, pal.  No words.

To her credit, (I hope) she’s not dealing with that.  She wants some input.  He is so wrapped up inside his own dilemma, he doesn’t even realize what he’s done.  Again…stupid, stupid man.  But even when she approaches him, clearly a little emotional, all he has to offer is “we had fun today, right?”  And what I would hear was? “It’s been fun, so at least you have good memories! See ya!”  Again.  NO words.

I’ve really been trying to get on board with this whole proposal thing and just set aside how much he strikes me as awful mate material, when it comes to the “in the trenches” stuff.  But this is exactly what I mean.  Always it’s about what he’s thinking, what he’s feeling, and being utterly oblivious to what his partner is going through.  Which is why Lindsay would be perfect for him.  He will never have to figure out what she’s thinking because a) she can’t keep a single feeling inside and b) just kiss her and she’ll forget whatever it was anyway.

Catherine says it was the worst good-bye ever and I agree.  I’d be packing my bags and mentally checking out.  (And guys wonder why it’s so hard to open up and take risks.  Because they can be so very, very thoughtlessly stupid.)  A great day, a really great day….and that just erases all of it.

We get some liiiiiiiive audience feedback who essentially concur.  It’s not that he had to say “I’m feeling this….”  but he could have at least acknowledged the importance of what she said to him.  But that would mean putting himself in her shoes.  And that’s not something he’s done once all season long.


Proposal Day.…or not.

We finally get one obligatory Sean-wrapped-only-in-a-towel shot.  Thank you, show.  Interestingly, though Sean talks about how being around Catherine is easy, he says he can fully be himself with Lindsay, which is what I just got done saying was so huge for Catherine, in being around Sean.  So, question is…is “being yourself” really the key/core thing it is to her…or just “simple/easy” versus “challenging/real?” as I proposed before.  I guess we’ll know the answer based on who he chooses.

But does she say yes?  Why indeed….lets find out!

Sean says he knows all he needed to know and he’s got it figured out.  (What happened to the huge emotional breakdown he supposedly had?)  It’s time for diamond ring picking…    He’s a happy prospective groom and seems quite sparkly picking out his ridiculously gaudy ring. (Just me? How diamond encrusted does it need to be?)  Oooh, now we get the emotional breakdown.  I thought it was coming because he was torn, but instead it’s because he’s happy, y’all.  Sean’s gettin’ married!  He has been remarkably tear-free during this journey so it’s only fair he shed at least a few.  And this would be so much more fun if we didn’t have to see him stomp someone’s heart flat first.

Lindsay is teary and happy and can’t wait for the ride into the sunset.  She seems pretty sure.  The contrast between her and Catherine in that regard is striking.  Catherine is nervous and not surprising given the last words she shared with Sean.  She wants to be excited, but in her place, would you be?  She’s in a lot more realistic place, anyway.   The one thing I will say is that, in her case, if she is the one, then I’d certainly hope he’d be saying all the right things (FINALLY) and that once she hears he’s in the same place right along with her, all will be forgiven. But…still….

I know she’s already putting herself in that place where it’s another crushing blow. Lindsay, I’d say she’s just not letting herself think about it.  Not sure how she’s going to handle the crushing blow if it’s her, other than to say she’s young and she’ll get past it, but…I’m sure that’s not what she wants to hear.  Who would?

We get some obligatory liiiiiive studio time.  And I realize that there must have been a memo to all audience members saying to wear a shirt in primary colors because yikes it’s a glaring rainbow of hard color out there.  A quick cheer poll shows the audience is strongly for Catherine.

Chris lets us know that he’s brought a few previous rejectees in….yay!  Because nothing says fun on proposal day like spending more time with women scorned.  Lesley, Sarah, Jackie and…..AshLee?  (Really on that last one?  Isn’t that a bit of “rubbing in of the salt” show??)  Lesley votes for CatherineSarah votes for LindsayAshLee admits that having watched the show now she was a bit more reserved than the finalists, but just a week ago she was still pissed, so, take that however you like.  She goes with Lindsay, as does Jackie.  I guess I have to hang with Lesley.  (Who roomed with Catherine, so maybe she’s biased, like I am.)

Jackie is asked who she thinks wrote the infamous letter he gets on the dock of matrimony and she agrees with me that it’s probably from mama bear, although, she says after watching that last date, and given her history of sending him notes throughout the show, it could be Catherine, if she’s feeling particularly worried.  It didn’t seem to me that she gave that kind of indication when she was leaving her room there, so I’m sticking with mama.  Only I don’t think it’s a final warning, I think maybe it’s to give her support.  I hope, anyway.

Chris teases us with Sean’s big surprise reveal and it better not be about him being on Dancing With the Stars, because we’ve known that for far longer than the past 24 hours.  I’m guessing it’s a wedding date.  While he’s dancing his heart out on DWTS with yet another attractive woman, she can be kept occupied planning the wedding.

We’re back with Sean and he’s dreading having to endure seeing the hurt in her eyes. (Again, all about you and how hard it is for you.)  The car pulls up and…it’s…….Lindsay!! 

HA!  Who can pick em?  I picked her back in Montana!!

And you know, on the one hand, I feel really bad for her as she’s ruminating about how today is the day she’s getting engaged, and how calm she feels and how certain. Because that’s just not realistic and that’s what bugs me about her.  I mean, I get the whole “if you visualize it, it will come true” mantra and being positive, but in this situation specicially, it’s really, really not wise or remotely self-protective, which we all need to be to some degree.  It goes right back to my point about her being young and naïve and needing to grow up a little more.  And, quite sadly, she’s about to get a really big, albeit harsh, chance to do exactly that.  Sorry, Lindsay!  It’s hard enough to grow up and learn life lessons in private. No one should have to do it on national television.  Yeeks.

She thinks she’s grown up during this process and I’m all like…oh, honey.  No, you haven’t.  But you’re about to.

He finally works his way to the “but…” we all know is coming, and the look on her face. Aww.  No one likes to see anyone hurt and boy, she had NO idea.  None.  A shame, as she really, really should have kept some part of hersslf aware that that could be the case given seh knows he’s seeing someone else, but….still.  This is not remotely enjoyable for anyone.  To her credit, she nods alot and holds it together, even smiles when he says she’s incredible.  I kind of hate that he tells her he loves her, because I’m not sure if that helps or hurts, but that’s up to her to figure out.   She doesn’t pull a Des and tell him he’s making a big mistake, which, given how sure she was, is a teeny bit surprising.  Instead, she takes a big leap forward into maturity by holding herself together remarkably well and telling him it’s okay, that she gets that she wasn’t the only one.

Also to her credit, he wants to go on and make himself feel better by telling her (over and over) how hard it is for him (REALLY, SEAN?  Because you get to end the day happy, so shut UP.)  And she essentially says the same thing.  To just….stop.  Shut. Up.  More kindly than I am, but dude, you just have to suffer because you don’t get to make yourself feel better at my further expense.  But then she crumbles and asks if it was her and awww….don’t go there.  There’s no answer that helps to that.  It’s just I love someone else more.  And that is never going to feel better no matter how it’s presented or rationalized.  Now is the time to get out and step into the next phase.  And try like hell not to think about the fact that while you’re dying inside, he’s back there proposing and being all giddy because GAH!!!!!!!!!!

Now, Lindsay scores all kind of Big Girl points with me, because she stops him, takes a moment so she doesn’t dissolve into the Big Ugly Cry, at least not yet, not in front of him.  She tells him she’s going to go now, it’s too painful, she didn’t see it coming, but she’s happy he found love, even if she can’t imagine (yet) a life without him.  Because we all know she had it planned.  Just…  She gives him a quick hug and he wants to walk her out.  I think I’d say no thanks to that, but to her credit, she takes off her heels and hikes out well in front of him.  No touchsies.

Only Sean loses Big Boy points with me because he just can’t handle that she’s handling it, and he’s in so much pain, y’all.  So he stops her to tell her how much she means to him and how blessed he was to have met her and I don’t know about you, but I am about as non-violent as they come and I’d be curling my fingers into my palm to keep from slapping him because it’s really self serving at that point.  Just SHUT UP.   She lets him hug her, tosses a good luck, and heads off.

Host Chris steps in to escort her the rest of the way (awkward!) and she manages to make it safely into  the limo without the big ugly cry…but it’ll come at some point.  She’s all “why can he do this to me” and I get it, but…have you watched this show?  You might have wanted to at least keep the possibility in the back of your mind.  She says she just wants to grow old with somebody, and have a family. And again I wonder if it’s being in love with dream more than with Sean, per se.



Chris comes back to Sean and he’s all “hey man, tough breaks” then “oh by the way, here’s this letter for you…”  And, WOW….Jackie pegged it!!  It’s from Catherine.    We get a shot of the liiiiiiiive audience and they’re all “oh my” and, okay, so more like “oh sh*t” but hey, we all thought it.  Part of me is all “serves you right dude.”  All season long you’ve been all about ‘they needed to open up more with their feelings” and when she did, you gave her a sum total of absolutely nothing.  Actually, minus nothing, because you didn’t even acknowledge, n any way, what she just gave you.  So, it wouldn’t break my heart if the note is “hey, I really needed you to be more forth coming because this isn’t just got you getting married, you big dork. I’m putting myself on the line here, too.” 

The thing is, he’s made it clear in recent media reports that he’s very happy and in love, so I’m guessing it’s all a bunch of smoke…but if it made him worry, even for a second, then Catherine is my new BFF.  Also, during commercial we find out Sean is making his next big non-surprise announcement on GMA in the morning, so that will be the DWTS announcement, which means during After the Final Rose, it’s all about the wedding date, babee. 

The letter is really just her final note to him, telling him how she feels.  And sure, awkward indeed if she’d been the dumpee, but there’s no shame in being honest and open.  it was a realistic note, not a gooshy smooshy one with hearts dotting the i’s, so it’s good she got to have her say before he has his.  (And wow, nice way to stick it to him if he is about to dump you.  You know, if you think about it.  Which, after that last bit…I do.)   I hope he keeps that letter always.

She is much in the same mental place as Lindsay, meaning she’s envisioning a life with Sean…but the difference is she’s nervous, scared, both the good kind and the bad kind, worried that it might go horribly wrong….and it’s all far more realistic and far less fairytale.    The thing I like is that she gets, no matter how it goes down, it will change her life, and she’s tried, as much as possible, to prepare herself for both possibilities on how that might play out.  (Lindsay, if you’re watching this?  Take. Notes.)  What I love is that she’ll be nervously standing there, not remotely sure until he says the words, whereas Lindsay was just waiting for confirmation.  I kind of like the anticipation, the not knowing for certain…and then there you go, you get what you always wanted.  (We can dish later on exactly whether it’s what she really needed, but hey….let’s stay in the romantic moment while we have one, fleeting is it might eventually prove to be!)

He’s so smiley and adorable and she gets that hopeful sparkle and I’m SO glad we know where this is heading, because a “…..but” at that point?  Yeah, I’d have to drown him in that cute little koi pond there.  Even when he says “I want to spend the rest of my life telling you how much I love you…”  In her mind, you know she’s still waiting for that “But…there’s someone else I love more than you” part.  So when he gets on one knee is when she finally lets loose the breath she’s been holding and you see a whole different kind of fear take hold.  that “holy sh*t, this is really happening…hey, was I really ready for this?  REALLY?”

She’s shaking so hard when he puts the ring on, like she can finally let go of the doubt and really believe it but it’s way too much to process that it’s actually happening because it never happens for her, so it’s that much more awwwwwww worthy.  he hugs her and FINALLY says “I love you so much.”   And it’s he first non-rehearsed thing he’s said, and it finally is real.

Okay, so everything that happens after that?  I love.  I’ll worry about all the reality stuff later, y’all.  In that moment, they’re in love, and they’re happy, so let’s just wallow around in that for awhile, shall we?  I mean, lord l knows we’ve earned it.  So raise your fruity umbrella glasses with me in a toast!  And, okay, I awwwww‘d when an elephant showed up to ride them off into the ridiculously beautiful sunset.  If we’re going to go through this “journey” let us have a five minute fantasy at the end, k? Thanks!

And now?  It’s After the Final Rose! 

A very relieved Sean takes the stage.  It’s ALL OVER and now he doesn’t have to keep it secret any longer.  Now, I gotta say folks, that’s a man in love right there.  He’s just shy of jumping on Oprah’s couch happy.  What of Catherine?  Well, we haven’t seen her happy face (or not) yet. And do we really need to do the buzz kill with Lindsay?  Really, Chris? Can’t she just have her time with Chris alone, check in, tell us that four months later she’s doin’ okay? No?  Because I’m sure she’s not all that happy getting to play the rain on their parade.  I’d hate it.  Oh, okay.  Jeez.  Sean proves that in oh so many ways, the man has learned zilch about women as he’s hoping for “a warm welcome” from Lindsay. All “no hard feelings, the memories were all good, right?”  So easy for him to say.  Augh.

Lindsay is back, says it’s a lot to take in and hard to see him after watching the episode which brings it all back.  She wants to know what happens and you know….WHAT CAN HE SAY?  Other than “I fell in love with you both, but I fell more deeply in love with her.”  I mean, it’s not like you can dissect that, and would it relaly matter if you could? It’s not like you make columns and checklists. So I officially hate this and want to to fast forward.   She handles it well, he does okay, and GAH, can we just MOVE ON!  The part that I hate is that she’s all thanking him for the opportunity and I’m like, wow, his ego?  Does not still need stroking.  It is not all about him, it was about you, too.  Sean should be thanking you for being willing to even put yourself in a place where he could do to you what he did. Lindsay pokes and prods some more and Chris keeps pushing for them to do more of this fruitless examination because they have air time to kill and can I PLEASE FAST FOWARD NOW?

And then, with Lindsay still sitting there, Chris is all “right after this we reuniite the happy couple!  And?  We reveal who the next Bachelorette is going to be!”  And neither of those things?  Will involve Lindsay.  Gah, at least let her leave the stage first, will ya?

We bring Catherine out and one of the more heartfelt hello’s from her fiancé who whispers “I love you”….so pretty cute. He’s more openly giddy/smiley/sparkly, but she’s into it as well.  She’s very right in saying that how they were on the show “is them.”  She talks about that final day and how, even as hard as it was to not hear any confirmation from him on their last night together she understood and knew what she had to do.   Mature, has it together and thinks he’s her prince charming. Which, whether he’d be that for any of the rest of us, doesn’t really matter as long as it works for her.  She’s an interesting mix of rational maturity and total vulnerable insecure girl and I think we’re all like that to some degree.  So if he fulfills those particular needs and provides the balance and security she needs?  Well, that’s fabulous!  Besides, it keeps him from potentially not being what anybody else needs, so win win!

Now all they have to do is survive the post-reveal media avalanche of bs made up crap, designed to break them up.  I think it’s a good thing that she’ll be relocating to Dallas, as his family will pull her into their enclave and give her strength, support and a very united front.  Whereas I’m doubtful she’ll receive the same, so whole-heartedly, from her own family.

So, Chris is asking them about what they are looking forward to and it’s the standard “being normal, being together” then he shows them their proposal, which they hadn’t yet seen and both say it was mostly a blur in their memory.  No problem! Coming right up! Catherine is very cute watching herself be all shaky and shocked.  And Sean, who never cries, gets all teary-eyed.  And yeah…he’s SUCH a goner.  The big announcement is exactly what I thought – they’re getting married folks….yep, on television!  They see no reason to wait and because there is no living together in sin for these two, given their beliefs, yeah…DUH, of course they’re not waiting.  I hope that proves to be a wise decision, but as I said, wedding planning will be something to keep her busy while he’s dancing for the next nine weeks!


Now, on to the other announcement.  Who will be the next Bachelorette?  It’s been rumored all over the place that it’s Desiree...and?  It’s totally Desiree!  The show premieres May 20th!  And yeppers, I’ll be here manning the blogging helm for all my fellow shallow end of the pool dwellers.  I mean, if USA Today can ask me to blog a show about a house full of women, I think it’s only fair if they let me blog a season about a house full of men. Who’s with me??  I hope you all join me.

Well, how do I thank you all for sticking with me through this amazing journey?  You know it goes without saying that I’m crazy about you, and you each get a final rose from me!  So….where does our journey take us from here?

What happens between now…..and May 20th?  I know I mentioned blogging Dancing With the Stars (w/ soon to be announced Sean, who will be the boyfriend who never leaves!)  But there’s some chats going on with USA Today about blogging a brand new dating show, premiering March 26th on NBC.  Yep…I’m talking about Ready for Love!  Nothing is final yet, so stop by, don’t be a stranger!  And to keep up with all the blog goings on, slide on over there to the right side bar of this very blog and click on that cute little orange “RSS” button.  That’ll subscribe you to this blog so you’ll get a little notice everytime a new post pops up.  And I hope you do, beause, unlike Sean, I don’t watn to send any of you home!

Honey Pie[2]

In the meantime, I am heading on a journey of my own, leaving this week for a few weeks in Maine and Canada, researching my next series.  What next series you ask?   Isn’t there still another Cupcake Club book coming?  Well, yes, on both counts!  HONEY PIE, Book #4 in the Cupcake Club series, debuts on shelves and online everywhere on April 30th!  (And yes, there will be more coming in that series, but first….)

pelican point[1]

Coming this fall is my Maine set series, The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove, starting with PELICAN POINT, due out October 24th! (Yes, the whole “Bachelor” tie in becomes more clear now… 🙂  Keep watching for more news!

And while you’re over there clicking buttons, join me over on Facebook to keep up with all the latest, day-to-day zaniness!  (Did you know we have our own harem over there?  Complete with our own dance instructor, pool boy, masseuse, surf instructor, hot chef, resident Scot….and oh, so many more…)   I know!  Why didn’t we think of that sooner?)

I will return to the blogosphere the week of March 25th!  So…join me on my next adventure! We’ll either be going on dates with three hot guys and judging their professional matchmaker’s choices…or donning all things sequins and fox trotting and Argentine tango-ing our way into the shallow end of a whole new pool!  Wherever we end up,  I’ll bring the fruity umbrella drinks!  And give away more cool free stuff!

See you there!

























5 Responses to “The Bachelor Proposes! Will we say yes? (That is, after all, all that matters.)”

  1. Nice wrap up. I couldn’t help but smile and perhaps shed a tear or two at how great the proposal was. I loved Catherine’s letter to Sean about how seeing him with his family had her thinking what their family could be. I like that she acknowledged that it won’t be all rainbows.

    OK, I will admit I’ll be watching the wedding…and following you with Des.

  2. Have a nice trip. Love the Maine area.

    Can’t wait for Honey Pie and love the cover for Pelican Point!

  3. Great ending! Sean’s dad made me cry, the letter made me smile, all in all a happy balance. Hope it will continue…..
    Looking forward to Dez and her bro whipping up on all those guys. LOL Have a good trip look forward to reading you soon.

  4. Thanks for the MOST DRAMATIC blog in Bachelor history! I just love Catherine… maybe it’s the connection from one person who isn’t afraid to be a playful goof with another. Maybe because I live close to Seattle! Just could not see Sean with Emily AT ALL because she had none of this in her… more like “I’m going to try to hide my embarrassment because I’m a Southern girl.” I know this is hardly the real world, but it’s a reminder that no matter how hard breakups are, sometimes they are the only reason you end up with someone way better for you. All the best to Catherine… and Sean.. but don’t break her heart, or I’ll come after you (and not in a flattering way!)

  5. TY for another new contemp series.

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