It’s almost March. No, really. Winter will end. The giveaways, however, continue!

It’s another fun week in the snow-packed mountains of my world, but last night we all got to escape to New York City and the latest twisty murder plot on ABC’s Castle.  Don’t miss my recap over on USA Today.  You can catch up on all the dish right here!


That’s also where you’ll find out who won the Big Blueberry Cove Bundle giveaway from last week!  And boy were you all enthusiastic about that one!  More entries than for any previous contest and from more countries around the globe as well.   In case you missed it, here was the deal: one lucky winner will receive: Joyce Taber ‘s gorgeous, exclusively designed necklace (see photo below) along with a signed copy of Book 1, PELICAN POINT…AND…AND!…a signed advance copy of Book 2, HALF MOON HARBOR, (which doesn’t hit the shelves until April 29th!) 

I can also share with you the new contest starting rightthisverysecond!

If you’ve been hoping to start the Blueberry Cove series, or maybe you already have read Book 1 and you’re chomping at the bit for Book 2, then this is the contest for you!  I will pick TWO winners this week and each winner gets his or her choice of a signed copy of Book 1 OR a signed advance copy of Book 2!  I know!  Pick your own prize!

How to enter? Simple.  Drop an email to me at with “I want to go to Blueberry Cove!” in the subject line.  Aaaand…that’s it!  (Viewing last night’s Castle episode show isn’t a requirement, but if you did, feel free to include any Castle dish you want!)  As always, international readers welcome!  I’ll announce the winners in next week’s USA Today column.

Pelican Point Necklace I[1]

Also!  I have another exciting announcement.  If you stopped by this blog last week  and checked out the beautiful necklace the fabulously talented Joyce Taber of The Cotton Thistle designed exclusively for PELICAN POINT and pined for one of your very own, or if you’ve seen the adorable book charm bookmark she designed for the series, but weren’t lucky enough to win one in a previous giveaway, you’re in luck!  Joyce, who also designs exclusive pieces for each of Nora Roberts /J.D. Robb’s releases, has set up a Blueberry Cove Boutique right on her site!  So either piece can be yours for the ordering!  There will be exclusive pieces designed for Book 2, HALF MOON HARBOR,  as well as Book 3, SANDPIPER ISLAND, and all future installments in the series. (Psssst!! Check back here next week for a Big Announcement about that!)  You can check out the Blueberry Cove Boutique here and start your collection!


After you’re done recap reading and jewelry browsing, drop on by my Facebook Fan Page  for all the up-to-the-moment fun and frivolity.  If you’re interested in learning more about my books, including other connected series, like The Cupcake Club, The Glass Slipper Series, or my infamous Hot Scots,  you can find them all on my Bookshelf.  I even have a printable booklist showing which books are connected, and what order they go in.  Check it out!  Handy ordering links, too.  I know, I’m an enabler like that!  Happy reading!


3 Responses to “It’s almost March. No, really. Winter will end. The giveaways, however, continue!”

  1. I think Castle gets better w/each episode, never disappoints!

  2. Love your books and thanks for these great giveaways. Good luck to everyone. As far as winter goes, we got more snow yesterday so it’s off to go shovel AGAIN. I can’t wait for spring. 🙂

  3. ha! thinking winter never going to end, we got more of the white stuff last night, with more to come. Love your books! just wish they could come faster lol.

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