Blue Hollow Falls is a Bestseller! Also? Exclusive Bonus Content!

A HUGE thank you to all the readers who flocked to their local bookstores, online vendors, and yes, your libraries, and picked up a copy of my brand new book, Blue Hollow Falls. 


Thanks to all of your efforts, I’m thrilled to say that the launch book of my new Blue Hollow Falls series is off to a great start, landing on Bookscan’s Top 100 Bestseller list!  I know!!  WOO-HOO!!

I’ve been so gratified by all the notes, emails, and social media posts letting me know how much you’re enjoying the book.  And for those who went the extra mile and posted a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, a special hug of thanks!!



If you haven’t snagged your copy, go grab it via iBooks/iTunes and you’ll get a special bonus chapter exclusive to iBooks readers!

Happy reading!

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