Tote Bag, Book, & Charm GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

So….YES on totes, then? WOW you guys! Sorry for the delay in posting the happy winners, but 400+ entries? I LOVE IT!!  It took me a bit to read all your comments and enjoy all the photos and stories you shared. I can’t tell you how much I love this reader community. You all are the BEST!

I’m SO glad it’s not JUST ME with the tote love. And I learned the hard way today that I’m definitely not the only one who loved this particular tote.  I thought I could easily scoot back over to my JoAnn’s and snag another handful of these, but no. GONE!

HAVE NO FEAR, tote lovers! I am on a mission now! But it may take me a few days to hunt down allll the totes. (Yeah, what I drag. I have to go TOTE SHOPPING! For DAYS!?)  The winners not go tote-less!

AND because of that little snafu AND all these entries, I’m picking EIGHT WINNERS! (More totes!) I KNOW!

ALL 8 winners get the book and bookmark charm AND a tote!. NOW, on to the WINNERS!!!

Renee True

ToniAnn Sprouse

Marti Wilson

Beverly Metcalf

Rachelle Young

Marguerite Guinn

Thelma Sparks

Diana Bjarko Fahrenbruck!!

How to claim your prize: WINNERS, email me at with a mailing address and as sooooon as I lay my hands on the rest of the totes, your goodies will go out in the mail to you!

Thank you all SO MUCH for making this such a big giveaway party! Stay tuned! I’m not done yet.

Make sure to subscribe to this blog (and follow my FB Page) so you don’t miss out. There might be more totes. And there will definitely be MORE BOOKS!)

Ho Ho Happy reading!

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