Annual Owl Tree…Now with More Llamas!

Many of my readers know that I also run a craft business from the cavernous industrial space below my mountain abode, which also houses my studio. Each year, I put up an owl-themed tree (and string lights all around the whole space.) Over the years, I’ve add to the menagerie, and I treasure all of the owls (and other woodland creatures) that my readers send to add to the mix.

Why owls? I am a hobbyist photographer and birds are a favorite focus of mine, owls in particular. Back when I lived along the Potomac River outside DC, I went on evening owl hikes every summer and have shared numerous owl photos over the year. (The one above is of a young barred owl.) I found a few owl ornaments one year I just couldn’t pass up and set up a little tiny tree in my studio with my feathered friends. And…that has grown over the years to a bigger tree and more owls. (Who doesn’t love more owls?)

This year I’ve been so tickled to receive llama ornaments from readers from all over, who’ve been inspired by Dexter, the Very Special Llama who plays a running role in my Blue Hollow Falls series. (And yes, I confess, I have picked up one or two myself. They are just so cute!)

So I just had to share a photo of this year’s owl & now llama tree with you all. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my writing world (and my craft business world!)

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

3 Responses to “Annual Owl Tree…Now with More Llamas!”

  1. Truly enjoy your photos , the llamas! Such fun.
    You have a lovely weekend, too.

  2. Yes, love the llamas. Owls too. Beautiful tree!

  3. I love your pictures. Your tree is beautiful!! My daughter has a couple of llamas on her tree. She has loved llamas since she was little.

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