Adventure Time!

Youngest and I have headed west on a fun adventure! I’ll be posting here and on FB & Instagram (@donnakauffman) as our jaunt progresses.  Whee!

We took off yesterday morning from northern VA, westward bound.

Picked up this sweet ride at the airport and headed to the mountains!


Two flights and three hours of driving later, we landed in the fun little train town of Williams, Arizona.  How did two happy but weary travelers end the day? At the Pine Country restaurant indulging in their amazing pie!  So.Much.Pie.

Woke up this morning to snow! We’re heading back to Pine Country for a hearty breakfast while the roads get cleared. Where to next? The Grand Canyon!

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6 Responses to “Adventure Time!”

  1. Now I wish I lived in AZ..any chance for a pit stop in So Cali! LOL

  2. Hope you are having a good time. It looks beautiful there. When you get tired of snow you can drive south and enjoy the desert again.

  3. What a wonderful adventure! And pie. And your son. What more could you ask for? Enjoy! Safe adventures!

  4. You got out in the nick of time! That storm is really whupping the East’s fanny!
    So sad the parks are “closed” during this “shutdown” but know you two will have a fabulous time!
    BTW, had another “lovely” 5.1 quake this morning, in AK….not really the way I lke to start a Sunday-or ANY day!

  5. Looks like you are having a blast!! I hope the parks you visit are open. That pie looks good. So much better than you get at chain restaurants.

  6. Hi Donna <3 I'll get that email off to you soon 🙂
    Grand Canyon is an awesome trip. We went in May a few years ago and did the 1000 mile loop picking up most of the national parks. Enjoy learning about the geology, I found it fascinating.

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