The Canyon is Grand!

Started the morning with snowcapped mountains in Williams, Arizona and a few inches of fresh snow.

Couldn’t resist a mug of delicious Mexican hot chocolate and sweet roll at Pine Country. Then we packed the Jeep and headed north!

My first time visiting the Grand Canyon (South Rim) and there are no words or pictures that could adequately describe this view. The snow lining the rocks made it that much more majestic.

We had hoped to take a helicopter tour but the weather wasn’t conducive and all flights were cancelled for the day. (No mule rides this time of year.) Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Helicopter ride or no, today alone has already exceeded any expectations I could have. So much yet to explore.

Connections here in the park are…challenging, via computer/wifi (both of which I need for these blog posts.) Posting via phone is easier, which I am doing on other social media. For those of you one FB & Instagram (@donnakauffman) catch up with me there for more as-it-happens adventures!

One more photo from today and we’re off to dinner!

6 Responses to “The Canyon is Grand!”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Your pictures are amazing!! When I was 9 we drove Route 66 from Chicago to California with a stop to see the Grand Canyon (not a very long one). Looking at your pictures make me want to go see it again.

  3. Absolutely fabulous! Trip of a lifetime!

  4. What a View!, It’s on my bucket list.

  5. Isn’t it overwhelming? I remember driving in to see it. It’s so flat there forever and then all of a sudden there’s this HOLE in the ground with no warning!!! I’m from Oregon and we’re so volcanic mountainous that if there’s a canyon there’s a mountain close. I was overwhelmed by the geography of tectonic plates and sedimentary rocky mountains & shapes.

  6. Such awesome pictures Donna!!!!

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