Hello, Sedona!

We left the Grand Canyon last night before getting snowed in. Traveled to Sedona, and you know, maybe I could put up with this view. Every single day of my life.  Our breakfast patio view was only the beginning!

Rain was pending but we ended up with a remarkable day before the skies opened up. First stop, hiking up Cathedral Rock.

View from the base of Cathedral Rock.

The clouds and impending storm just made the view that much more dramatic.

Then it was on to Red Rock State Park, with some wonderful hiking and even more fabulous birding in their hummingbird garden.

Raven preening his partner. They were chatting the entire time, it was adorable.

Have I mentioned I love ravens? Such interesting birds. So clever.

We tried not to disturb this napping mallard, but on looking at my photo, I don’t think I was successful. Sorry, sweetie!

The next few shots are from the hummingbird garden at the park. I’ll have to get my western birder guide to find out who’s who.

Any western birders who want to fill in these blanks, please do!

I know this is an Anna’s Hummingbird. Loved watching him.

Not sure about this fellow. He looks like the western version of our Juncos.

Enjoying the western cacti as well!

From there we traveled up to Sliding Rock State Park, which closed early due to the impending storm. We made do with a marvelous waterfall view.

Back to Sedona in time for a lovely meal as the rains came. Thank you for a lovely one-day adventure! I’ll be back next week after my conference for some solid writing time. If I can tear my gaze away from the view.

12 Responses to “Hello, Sedona!”

  1. It looks beautiful. Glad you are enjoying it. Maybe could use some of it in a book someday. You are a talented lady

  2. My kids live in Phoenix and visit Sedona a lot but we have yet to go there. We will someday soon.

  3. Your pictures are so amazing!! Now I want to go visit there!!

  4. Look, it’s the National Geographic channel! So breathtaking.. a new career? LOL

  5. Absolutely marvellous!

  6. Beautiful photos!

  7. You will not be disappointed. It’s beyond anything any photo can capture. Stunning vistas everywhere you look.

  8. Ha! My back up plan. 🙂

  9. You will love it. Truly stunning.

  10. Aw, thank you, Jean! Actually Sedona does come into play in my current work in progress, but it’s not entirely set there. Still, it was fun to be able to tie it in.

  11. The birds are white-crowned sparrow, Albert’s towhee, and dark-eyed junco (same species as east just different morph).

  12. Thank you! I am a birder and always love seeing new species when I’m out of my home area. 🙂

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