Signing Weekend at Inn BoonsBoro!

All checked into my lovely suite at Inn Boonsboro, staring out over the snowcapped rooftops of this little pre-Civil War town.

Greeted by a toasty warm fire and even warmer hospitality, I’m looking forward to my stay!

I thought I’d share some peeks at the lovely inn. Yes, it is as deliciously comfy as it looks!

I have a thing for bathrooms, spa tubs, and big roomy showers. The Inn does not disappoint! Also? Heated floors…

If you need me, I’ll be soaking and plotting…(I’ve plotted most of my books while soaking. This should be very inspirational!)

Then maybe curl up with a good movie, book, magazine…or all three.

If you haven’t read Nora Roberts’ series based on this inn, I highly recommend!! Being here I want to read them all over again!  Here’s a link: Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy 

Snow is falling, perfect night to snuggle in and get some writing done. Then tomorrow it’s book signing day across the street at Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe!


Who else is signing? 


Our next event will be
Saturday, February 2nd from 12pm – 2pm

Scheduled to attend:

Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb, Darynda Jones, Donna Kauffman, Roni Loren, Lucy Score & Maria V. Snyder

Local authors K. L. Ramsey & Sean Daniels


I’ll be sharing signing day pics tomorrow, so stay tuned! Click the follow button and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a thing.

Can’t attend? 

Want to be part of the signing day festivities, but live too far away? TTP holds a virtual signing along with the actual signing. Hop over to their website and order any books you want by the attending authors, we’ll sign them for you during the event, then TTP will ship them right to your door. (Makes great gifts, too!)

Here’s the link: Virtual Signing

The steam is wafting from the spa tub down the hall, calling me…. More tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Signing Weekend at Inn BoonsBoro!”

  1. So so sooo very jealous!!!!! Polar vortex or not..the lines will be down the street!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. What a great place to stay.

  3. How very lovely!
    Enjoy! You’ve earned it!

  4. Looks wonderful!!

  5. Enjoy and good luck with the crowds tomorrow. Wish I could be there.

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