It’s Here! It’s Here!

Hello Happy Readers!

It’s one of my most favorite days of the year. The day of a new book release! I’m excited and happy to announce that THE BAKESHOP AT PUMPKIN & SPICE is NOW available!! Check out this gorgeous cover!

Every autumn, Moonbright, Maine, is the picture of charm with its piles of crisp leaves, flickering jack-o-lanterns . . . and a touch of the sweetest kind of sorcery.

Witches, goblins, the occasional ghost—they’re all sure to be spotted at the annual Halloween parade, where adults and children alike dress in costume to celebrate Moonbright’s favorite holiday. And no place has more seasonal spirit than Bellaluna’s Bakeshop, a family business steeped in traditional recipes, welcoming warmth—and, legend has it, truly spellbinding, heart-melting treats . . .

Between good-natured Halloween tricks, frothy pumpkin lattes, and some very special baked goods, for three Moonbright residents looking for love—whether they know it or not—the spookiest thing will be how magical romance can suddenly be . . .


All three stories in this anthology take place in Moonbright, Maine and happen at the same time. Kate, Allyson, and I had SUCH fun putting this anthology together. Also? There are recipes!! You can’t have a bakeshop book without recipes!

THE BAKESHOP AT PUMPKIN & SPICE is available in trade print, e-book, AND audio (I know! So much fun!) Here are some handy links so you can go snag a copy for yourself:

I hope you’ll go grab something pumpkin-spicy to sip on, curl up, and take a trip to Moonbright, Maine with us! Happy reading!

One Response to “It’s Here! It’s Here!”

  1. I requested this at NetGalley because of your story. I also had 4 other ARCs releasing today as well and had no business trying to cram them all in my reading schedule with the other stuff I have going. I will get this read if it stays on my ereader long enough but the review will be later in September when I get back from the HRR…I’m sorry but really looking forward to your story!!!

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