Designing Women…and a few men

So, Project Runway. A few observations.

Jerrell? After not liking his winning design last time, totally rocked it this time. Loved it. Loved the model. The Peter Pan headwear was….interesting, though. Leanne’s….not as bad as it looked. Korto….totally did not get the love for that outfit. Loved the jacket. That is all. Joe, totally deserving his Auf-ness. Wow, that was fugly coming and going and all the stages in between. That poor girl. Suede…loved the dress, loved the model, burn the jacket. Twice. And, then, there was….Kenley. Kenley, Kenley, Kenley. Kenley of the immature laughter, the Mean Girl smacktalk (calling anyone else a one note? Seriously, Ken dear? Mirror, meet Kenley. Kenley, mirror. Look into it.) and, and, the Tim Gunn smack? Wow. No words. So, please, PR editors, I am begging you, do not be teasing when you show her finally getting her richly deserved, and I mean Croesus-level richly, smackdown next week from both Nina AND Tim. Because? That would rank with the Most Deserved Smackdowns Evah. (Oh, and loved Korto’s “I’m the new leathuh” shoutout. Hugs, Stella!)

This week’s grade: C. Next week? Potential A+. Don’t let me down.

Top Design was far more entertaining. We had five previous Project Runway designers (Santino, Jeffrey, Daniel Franco, Andrae, & Sweet Pea) who had each designed an outfit around which the Top Designers had to create a window display, while staying true to the PR designers vision.

But enough about that.

My favorite moments…toss up between Eddie’s dead on India Hicks impression (“You have two dollars and a box of macaroni. Make something pretty.” HA!) Or, Care Bear’s “I wanted to drop kick him to Jesus.” Love. him.)

Wtf moments included Wisit completely missing the entire point of the challenge. Nathan understandably having a hard time comprehending Andrae’s Death Politic dress. Crazy Aunt Kelli’s hair. Daniel Franco…. Yeah.

What did I love? I thought the warped Santino window was actually, conceptually, the most interesting. Not my thing personally, but it definitely got your attention. Also liked Andrea/Preston and Daniel’s floating dress. Well deserved top two placement there.

Ondine/Natalie’s butterfly swarm sort of missed me. Maybe I couldn’t really see it from the angle they showed it. All I kept seeing was it look like they thumbtacked the back of the dress to the wall. Ew. Liked the blue gauzy shawl part, but….it was middle of the pack for me. I was surprised they got the win. I’d have given it to Andrea/Preston.

And the loss, absolutely, should go to Kerry/Wisit. Wisit because he was clueless, and Kerry for not ignoring him and doing what he knew had to be done. And I hate that, because I don’t want either of them to go. Other bottom two should be Nathan/Shazia, even though I thought it looked interesting and it pulled me in, even if I would have had no idea what the goal was. But Shazia’s Pakistani political explanation? Wuh? Send her home. Keep Care Bear. I’m beggin’ ya.

So, those were the two teams in the bottom two…and going home? Hard call in this case, but much as I hate to see his entertainment value go, I’d have to say Wisit. I”m just not sure the judges got how culpable he was for how far off they were. But no, Care Bear takes the fall as team leader. Wrong, wrong, I say! Bye bye, Big Daddy.

Tune in tomorrow for this week’s SHaQ Attack contest winner. Still time to enter – see Monday’s post for the details.

So…what does your inner designer say? DISH!

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