So, on the last episode of Phil’s Amazing Eyebrow (aka The Amazing Race) we have drama galore, starting with the Karlyn half of the *lyns getting down with her bitchy self and jumping all over the Tyler half of the Addicts (aM!) I am seriously done with Karlyn. She is Angry All The Damn Time. I feel for Lyn, who I think is essentially a decent gal.

In other news, the BQ’s can raaace their little shorty-short behinds off. This team didn’t rub me the wrong way as much this leg, and in fact earned back a few points. But there is no denying they are possibly the best all around racing team left at this point. Romberly turned into BitchScreech Part 2 (and 3….and 4….) although if I had to pair up with Rob…let’s just say I don’t entirely blame Kimberly for her screechfests. (Personal plea to Rob: please shave.)

So…we begin with the teams all leaving the Amazing Bathmat and finding out they are traveling 4000+ miles to the island of Mauritius, which happens to be off the coast of Africa. And to which they will fly via London. (Yeah, it’s a wee bit north of where both Kuwait and Mauritius are located. Like, just shy of as out of the way as you can go.) But, that is the earliest flight to the small island, so off everyone goes. The airport bitchfest between the BQ’s, Models, and Karlyn (I refuse to add Lyn by default. She was SO wanting her partner to shut it) goes on way too long and man, poor Lyn. She’s the New Sarah for me. Over this leg alone I wanted to bitchslap her partner almost as much as I wanted to have five minutes alone with Peter and a stun gun.

Once in Mauritius, each team finds a cool model ship in their car and have to find the bay with the ship moored…and swim to it. Because flying for a day and half wasn’t exhausting enough. Best. Season. Ever. Love this! This season rocks – making them figure stuff out instead of “go here, swim there.”

The Addicts (aM!) get lost, as usual. Romberly follows rather than leads, which we later learn is a better strategy for them, but still. It’s like the BQ’s are the only team who can just find stuff on their own with no help. Ever. The Six Pack (formerly known as the Back Pack) all travel together toward the Bay, where we hear the Cho’s comment on how they’re going to stick together as much as they can, but in the end, it’s a race. Mary comments that she’d hand over the million because the friendships she’s made are priceless. And Karlyn making her bitch face (which I’m thinking is permanent, proving our parents were right. If we make that face long enough, it will freeze that way) making it quite clear that she is NOT going to hand her race over to nobody. And, you know, that’s fine because the other two teams don’t seem as raaaaaaace as these two, but still….gah. Let me smack her. Just once. Please. (And to think I’m normally such a pacifist.)

So the swim is grueling. The Addicts (aM!) show up last after once again provng that James has no sense of direction At All and would be seriously home already without Tyler as his partner, but make up serious time as 4 of the 6 pack flounder a bit on the swim back and the Cho’s flow with their alliance, when, you know, boys…you don’t have to be all Karlyn about it, but at the same time, the point of the alliance is to improve your strength, not drain time for all three teams.

Once back on dry land, they find their cars and off they go. The BQ’s are tired of Rob (who cannot read a map or talk to the locals, or apparently listen to anyone at anytime) following them, so they take an alternate route and ditch Romberly just in time to get into a car accident. A crunchy fender bender, but as Rob’s car (and Rob) have a complete melt down around the same time, it doesn’t cost them a lot.

Everyone is driving, trying to find the post office. BQ’s and A(aM!) find it first, then the Six Pack, and Romberly in last as they had to wait for a new car. The clue at the Post Office is the Road Block for this leg. The teams can either do the Needle in the Haystack game at the local salt mine, or take a boat to a little island and hunt for treasure. Only the BQ’s go on the treausre hunt, but after everyone digs through enough salt looking for the random shaker with the clue in it to make them never want another margarita ever for as long as they live – ever- they all give up and head over to the treasure hunting task. Dave and Mary wait way longer than everyone else to switch tasks and never really recover until just before the pit stop, where Mary unsurprisingly harangues Dave about his lack of rudimentary navigational skills, which would have gotten them to the pit stop next to last, except no. He listens to her and they are once again in last place. But I digress.

Oh, and the secret hidden pit just in front of the treasure? Gold. Do more of that, Amazing Race Producers.

It should be said that while the Six Pack were racing for the mat, knowing one of them was going to be eliminated, Karlyn made it quite clear that her alliance was only in place when it was working in her favor. Take note Four Pack – don’t ever count on any help from Karlyn unless there is something in it for her personally. (Like when Lyn wanted to let the other two teams know they’d left the airport without waiting for them and Karlyn was all “why?” as if she couldn’t even comprehend why they’d want to communicate that to the rest of their alliance. Lyn and I both sigh heavily.)

So…the BQ’s take a very well deserved first place as the only team doing this for themselves, and win scooters (and try to pick up a very married Phil, but then, who wouldn’t? And Phil? Blushes very cutely.) The A(aM!) come in a surprising second for as badly as they ran that leg. Romberly comes in third. I know. Leaving the Six Pack bringing up the rear. The Cho’s are fourth, the *lyns are fifth, leaving Mary and a very hen-pecked Dave to come in last. And they did deserve that last place finish this week, so I was okay with this. And I was just saying my goodbyes when…

Phil smiles that smile of his and tells them that, it is called the Amazing Race for a reason, because Amazingly Enough, they just scored the second non-elimination round. I know! I was happy last time they got this, but this time I kind of felt like….maybe not so much. Then I wondered how I’d have felt if it was the *lyns getting the reprieve and decided I was happier that it was Mary and Dave and got over it.

Next week looks like we get more New Amazing Twists! Teams think it’s finally a Yield (and I would have run teams down to Yield Karlyn. Sorry, Lyn) but No! It’s an Intersection. Hunh, you ask? Well, so is the rest of America. Seems teams will have to work together…and not necessarily with the teams they’d like to. Should be interesting!


Oh and don’t forget to play the SHaQ Attack game this week. Read yesterday’s blog for all the details. It’s easy and you could win a free book. I know! (Which is officially to this blog what “seriously!” is to Grey’s Anatomy.)

Tomorrow? Dancing w/ the Stars MAC!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Wooooooooooo!

(Anyone dressing up tonight and hitting the Halloween Party Circuit? Tell us what you’re wearing!)

Monday SHaQ Attack!

Well, I had to pull double work duty yesterday so I didn’t get my Fill of Phil yet. Sigh. But I will tonight and you’ll have some Amazing Race MAC tomorrow, promise! (Fortunately that means I also didn’t get to see my Steelers lose AGAIN. I’m telling you…pod players. I know it. I don’t know when the aliens snatched my entire team and replaced them with these guys, but somewhere, somehow, they did. And, you know, the fun and games are over, alien dudes. Seriously. I want my guys back!)

So, it’s SHaQ Attack time!

We’re keeping it simple this week, gang. During the week, through Thursday’s blog, I will keep track of the replies/comments to each day’s entry. At the end of the week, I’ll draw a winner’s name from everyone who replied or commented during the week. So, no need to email me this week! You just have to read and drop a quick (or not so quick) reply to any blog this week – yes, that includes today’s blog.

So…discuss away!

Tomorrow we’ll have some Amazing Race MAC, Wed/Thurs it’ll be Dancing with the Stars MAC, and Friday some Survivor MAC. Amongst other MAC-able commentary. Hope to see you here!

Happy Monday everyone. 🙂

SHaQ Attack Winners!

Well, poo on the World Series (except GO CARDS!) because Survivor was Highlight Reel Night and Grey’s Anatomy showed not one, but two repeats! Rrrrr.

Fortunately we DO have something fun to do. We get to celebrate the winners of this week’s SHaQ Attack contest! I asked you to name the Hero Only covers of my backlist, (later amended to the 7 easy ones. )

The list should have read as follows:

Core 7: Illegal Motion, Black Satin, Midnight Heat, Bayou Heat, Santerra’s Sin, Silent Warrior, & Sean

Bonus Covers: Big Bad Wolf Tells All (hey, it’s a masked man, but it is the hero) and Charm Stone (oooh, reflecting hero…but a hero all the same.)
Iffy Covers: Men of Courage & Men of Courage 2 (three heroes, but no heroines)
Future Hero Only covers: The Great Scot, Black Sheep & The Princess

I accepted all of the above, but you had to have the Core 7, to be in running. And a lot of you were IN! So many, we actually had a 3-way tie for second place on Part 2 of the contest! (Which was to vote for your favorite cover from ANY of the ones listed above. )

The runners up were: Bayou Heat, Santerra’s Sin & Black Satin.

The winning cover (by ONE vote:) Sean!

I drew 5 names from the pile who voted for Sean and the winning Blog Babes are: Joel, Karen T, Kim, Brandy & Kathleen E!

You’ve each won an advance copy of THE GREAT SCOT! Woooot! All I need is for you to send me your mailing address (if you haven’t already included it in your entry.) I will be receiving them in about 2-3 weeks, then will be shipping them out ASAP!

I hope you each enjoy your sneak advance peek of the sequel to Bad Boys In Kilts! You’ll have to stop by and gloat–er, I mean, share with everyone what you thought after you get the chance to read it.

Thanks everyone for playing! Tune in Monday for a new SHaQ Attack Contest.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

SHaQ Update and a bit o’ MAC

Okay, so the contest this week is confusing a lot of people. So let me clarify a wee bit. Not counting unreleased books – there are 7 very straightforward hero covers – hero ONLY – then there are a few iffy’s, like covers with other author’s heroes on there, and is he a hero if he has a mask over his face, or if he’s a reflection, etc etc.

So…I’ll make you a deal – you get the essential 7 covers that feature ONLY the hero? You’re in. And please don’t forget Part 2 – you gotta vote for your favorite HERO ONLY cover (not any cover, must be one on the list.) If you don’t do both parts, you can’t win. Gotta list AND vote. And anyone who has already entered and wishes to revise their list and/or vote, by all means, please do. Your vote will only be counted once, from the last email sent.

Let the games begin!

Now! It’s time for some Dance MAKS–ooops!–MAC’n. Who goes home tonight?

The highlights were just as fun the second time around. What a night last night was! And the encore, to no one’s surprise, goes to Emmitt and Cheryl. Well deserved and great to see again. Next up we get tonight’s musical guest, Martina McBride It’s nice to see current stars as well as some of the “classics” showing up this season. I guess Dance is the The Hot Ticket. Good! Not so good? Martina’s dancers. Not that they aren’t doing their job, but I’m spoiled by our pros… and sniff! I miss seeing ’em dance! I didn’t so much mind the camera hanging on Martina this time. (Is she pregnant?)

Which couples are safe? Mario & Karina (duh) and Emmitt & Cheryl Yay!

Two of the remaining three couples are in Bottom Two….which two? I’m guessing Jerry and then I don’t know. Joey has to make up from last week, but Monique might not have the following. Hmm…. I think with the lack of the “Most Shocking Elimination Ever!” hoopla, that it’s probably Jerry leaving tonight. We’ll see.

But first, we get some of Mak’s students performing! (Watch the boys – they will be showboats, every one of them, betcha. Like teacher, like student. Ha!) Hey, I never said Maks was perfect, just that I like to look upon him as often as possible. Preferably with his shirt undone and his hips moving. But then, I’m shallow like that. 🙂

Dancing to Billy Jean here we go… Gee, can you tell Valentin is related to Maks? They all looked great and I eat my words because, though the men were definitely Maks Jr’s, the women totally kept up with them. (Despite the whack baby doll pajama fringe outfits they had one. Not all that flattering, but dang, they all had some realllllllly long legs, didnt they?) Loved the routine, loved the moonwalk at the end…and Valentin? You’re going to be a lot like Uncka Maks. This is not a bad thing. Great fun!

Tom reveals that the returning champion is the pro, not the celeb (waaah, I wanted a Drew-peat.) But we do get some nice eye candy with Alec Mazo and his real life partner, Edyta! It was fun getting to see Tysonia meeting the celebs – and she’s looking really good! So, Alec has some pretty long legs, too. Okay, and he’s just pretty, too. And Edyta is still trying to find out just how little she can wear and not give the censors a heart attack. (The faux boots were weird.) But they looked wonderful together, like they were so enjoying dancing together. Ahhhh. So nice to see. Loved it. (And that was a long time to dance – wow!) How gorgeous would their babies be, huh?

Can I just reiterate how much I love Emmitt? Such a well spoken man. Love. Him. (And editors, thanks for the Maks Moment behind the scenes, too! I knew you wouldn’t let me down.) And double YAY we get to revisit some of the previous celebs as they dish about the challenge of the two-a-week dance sessions. Great to see all of you!

What? A Dancing With The Stars TOUR? Really? Well, I must go directly to abc.com and just check that out. Could it be that Maks is coming to a city near me? I must know these things.

Another team is safe! Edtya & Joey move on, which leaves Jerry & Monique as the Bottom Two this week. Not a real surprise, but I do feel sorry for Monique. I just don’t think there is anything she can do to top the guys at this point, but hopefully she’ll at least make the final four. She definitely deserves that much, to make it past Jerry. But it looks like a Joey-Emmitt-Mario final three. I think the powers that be assume it’s a Joey-Mario finish, but I honestly believe it will be Emmitt-Mario. We’ll see! (I’d love Emmitt-Joey, but somehow I don’t think that will happen.)

So…who goes home tonight? It’s Jerry & Kym. You did so wonderfully, Jerry and we definitely loved ya, but it is your time to go. Thanks for the fun! (I think he is SO relieved. ) Aww, what a good-bye speech! I was SO upset when he was cast, and now I’m all verklempt with him leaving. That’ll teach me to assume!

Don’t forget to enter the SHaQ Attack contest for your chance to win an advance copy of THE GREAT SCOT! Winner(s) announced tomorrow morning…along with some Survivor MAC!

Oh yeah! I’m guest blogging over on the Brava Authors site today. Come on over and join us! We’re talking how sexy is too sexy…

Dancin’ MAC

So, tonight on Dancing with the Stars, Tom promises someone will go home tomorrow.

Two dances, five couples, lotsa MAC.

First we get the Ballroom Round (which means Waltz or Fox Trot.)

Jerry and Kym are up first and perhaps in response to the accusations he intentionally tanked it last week, or, more likely a call from his daughter, he takes his dancing quite seriously this week. Golf clap, Jerry! They dance a lovely,if Jerry-like, Fox Trot.

Judges? The judges reward him for the effort and look forward to his latin dance later in the show. Scores – 8,8,8 which mean they are obviously trying to keep him on the show as they combine last week’s bottom two votes with this week. (Oh, and Jerry’s haircut looks really sharp!)

Monique and Louis! are next. Monique vents about the unfair judging men v women and plans to Show Them. She looks good – no crack was involved in making her lovely dress. Hair? By Diana Ross. Their first dance is the fox trot and she does a wonderful job. She also gets great music (as did Jerry.) What happened, Stoned Music Guy? Whatever it was, let’s hope it continues through the night.

Judges? They all luuuuved it. And Carrie Ann points out she danced half the time with her foot caught in her dress, which really makes it that much more impressive (and now I have to rewatch.) Scores? 9, 9, 9 for 27.

Giving Jerry 8’s kind of gives them nowhere to go, although I suppose with two dances, they can always tank their scores in round two if they want.

Next up is Emmitt “Twinkletootsies” Smith and Cheryl who start off with the waltz aaaaaaaand Stoned Music Guy wakes up from his stupor. Although it grows on me, but still. Emmitt looks wonderful in tux n tails. Loves Cheryl’s dress, very different for a waltz. The dance is lovely and graceful and gorgeously done.

Judges? Carrie Ann loves. Len loves. Bruno says smooth, magnetic, elegant, the lord of the manor. I completely agree. So far, a wonderful nice. Scores – 10, 9, 9 for 28 and they are shocked with the 10 and thrilled. Deserved.

Aaaand, now we get Da Boyz.

First up is Mario and Kinky Blonde Karina (wtf?) Behind the scenes fighting and Mario holds his baby niece. Whatever. First up with the fox trot. And we get the Gilligan’s Island Ginger Song. Okay, so it’s supposed to be Marilyn Monroe, I get the hair now. But, again, whatever. I hear Ginger. Boo boo be do. Their dance is nice, fluid, but the floor appears to be a bit on the slippery side. The last half of the dance goes very well. And the end (was that a lift?) was very cute.

Judges? Bruno says it’s the playboy and the sex kitten. Carrie Ann said it was elegant and charming. Len remarks the caliber this week is amazing and I agree, then says he can’t believe he watched a fox trot with no heel lead. The crowd goes silent, mostly because no one knows what a heel lead is (including Mario apparently.) Scores – 10, 9, 10 or 29 and he’s actually perky about it.

Last and never least is Joey and Edyta – so, the music is intentionally appropriate (yay!) and Joey gets to practice on the steps where Singing in the Rain was filmed. Whoa. To the fox trot, they come out looking dapper (well, Joey is. Edyta? Enough with the drapage costumes.) They look wonderful and it’s a fun routine that is clearly an homage to Gene Kelly. The prop finally works for Joey and the umbrella adds to the ambience. Edyta clearly choreo’s to show off Edyta’s Amazing Legs, but tonight it all comes together much better. The dance on the steps is great and the ending sweet. Really great night so far.

Judges – Uncle Lenny says it’s great but just can’t get past the heels and balls. Don’t ask. Bruno says it was a great tribute to Gene Kelly. And Carrie Ann thought it was flawless. Scores – 10, 9, 10 for 29 and totally blows them away.

Best first half ever! For all they are doing two dances, it really has moved to a new level this week. I cannot wait to see the Latin dances!

Round Two – Latin. Which means Mambo or Paso Doble or Jive

First are Jerry and Kym, who are back in action and in character. I’ve never heard of this song, but one thing it has going for it is it’s at least up tempo. Poor Jerry’s hips. But they do go for it and for all they bring character and fun, he does try. Very weird song (what song has onomatopoeia in it?) but cute dance.

Judges? Carrie Ann commends him for getting the two dances done and not collapsing, but does point out that while he’s enjoyable, he’s not on the same level as the rest of the dancers (in the understatement of the century. Tell us something we don’t know, Carrie Ann. Like what it’s like dating Artem from last years So You Think You Can Dance. Yummm!) Lenny says for Jerry to attempt two dances he’s never done is commendable and he doesn’t care if he’s not up to snuff, he’s worth it because of the joy he’s brought. (And Jerry’s haircut really makes him look more youthful. Just sayin.) Bruno says he’s not Mario or Joey and while he might be ready for a vacation, he doesn’t think the public will let him take one. Tom jokes it’s rather a ballroom hostage situation. Love! Scores – 7, 8, 7 for 22. Which is more than fair.

Monique and Louis take on the paso doble. She’s back to Unflattering Couture For $500, but mercifully no maribou was harmed in the making of this outfit. And band? The next time you even consider trying to sing Duran Duran? Just say no to the crackhead. Poor Mo Mo. But you know what? Louis is Bringing It y’all. You’re seeing real dancing, Van Amstel style and it’s a credit to how hard Monique has worked that he can bring even glimpes of his true level of dance to the floor. But the song and the awful cut to her dress detract. Dangit. Unfair I say! She’s a lovely girl with a nice figure. Why can’t they dress her? And she stumbles near the end, which was a shame to see because he’s clearly pushed her very hard to attain this level of speed in this dance. And the ending is just clumsy and not a all graceful although the final pose was interesting. I fear for her survival now. Ah well, it was a gamble I’m sure they felt they had to take, but didn’t quite pull it off.

Judges? Lenny praises her for the level she’s reached for. Bruno says she’s a tough cookie tonight. Carrie Ann says she represented very well, if a bit over-powered at the end. Nicely and gently put. Maybe they’ll be kind in the scoring, too. Scores? 9, 9, 9 for 27, which is very nice.

Up now is Emmitt and Cheryl and their mambo. I’m looking forward to this one! Love the red and black outfits and boy, Cheryl is looking great and her outfits are so sharp. (But they get total mambo music. What’s up with Monique and Louis getting Duran Duran? Huh? Huh?) Whoa! Emmitt is Going. For. It. Shake that thang, football man. I didnt know he could move like that. I mean…dayum. Credit to Cheryl who knows how to choreo for this guy. Just such a wonderful, energetic dance. Man, the level tonight is just amazing. How they’re going to top that, I have NO idea. Fantastic and easily my favorite of the night. He is just SO charming and alpha all at the same time. Wow. And the crowd goes wild and Emmitt pumps them up.

Judges? (there’d better be some 10’s floating ’round here, y’all.) Bruno says the beast is unleashed. Carrie Ann says he’s Sir Shimmy. She says he’s magic and I totally agree. Uncle Lenny says that for every dance he’s seen the whole season, that was the best. And you know, I think he’s right. Samantha very surprisingly reminds me that Cheryl is, in fact, the reigning dance pro champ of this show, having won with Drew last season, and so she knows what they have to bring to win. I’d forgotten that small detail, but she’s really tailored her skills to her partner this year, too and well deserved, Cheryl, well deserved. Scores? 10, 10, 9 for 29 – and the audience is booing Bruno’s score. Me, too. That was a 30 folks.

Have I mentioned I love Tom? He makes it look so simple (well, until you watch Samantha, then you realize how talented he really is.)

And the Boston Legal commercial? This is why I love this show. Smooches, William Shatner! (Another guy who makes it look way easier than it really is.) Who is that guy? Ha!

Next we get Mario and Karina, back to being a brunette. Mario steps out of the audience and onto the dance floor, but their music is peppy and all, but about as non-Latin sounding as it gets, but that’s jive for you. It is jivey and so is their routine. It’s fun and well executed but doesn’t rev the crowd (or me) anywhere near as much as Emmitt’s performance.

Judges? They’re a bit critical of the nit picky things, but there isn’t anything else to criticize and maybe, like me, they just don’t want to praise him all the time. Scores? 9, 9, 9 for 27. (HA! No perfect score for them. But about right, I think.)

Lastly, we get Joey and Edyta doing their version of the mambo. They get Mambo #5 for their dance (and after some of the crap they’ve had, this is a Good Thing, but I’m still on board the Monique Grassy Knoll Train of Conspiracy. Okay, not really, but girl has bad music ju ju, that’s for sure.) These two are having all kinds of fun except once again Joey is dressed like the Ballroom Dancing member of the Village People. Come on wardrobe guy, stop smoking with the music dude! Of course, as usual, Edyta is hoping no one will notice Joey’s…interesting shirt (can that technically be called a shirt( by essentially coming out wearing only beads.

I think this is the first time I really see why these two are a bit challenged choreographically speaking. Edyta is a bit taller than Joey, which I knew, but I don’t think I realized until tonight just how much longer her legs are then his, which makes leading her (especially with all the Look At My Long Legs! choreo she comes up with) that much more challenging. Still, this looks fun and Joey has totally embraced Letting It All Hang Out.

All in all though, he’s not the dancer Mario is, nor is he the dancer Emmitt is, to be honest. Which I had them pegged more equally before. So perhaps an Emmitt final two is in the offing? If it’s up to me, it would be.

Judges? Carrie Ann says she enjoyed seeing him loosen up. Bruno agrees with CA and says they had really difficult choreo and applauds him for taking that on. Lenny gives a golf clap to Joey’s hips and agrees with both Bruno and CA. Scores? (But first, we give a collective sigh of shameless pleasure as we indulge in a Taye Diggs preview. Ahhhhhh.) Okay, where were we? Right. Scores – 9, 9, 10 (now wait, he gives Joey a 10 and not Emmitt? That’s just wrong. Nice, but wrong.)

So, the Leader Board is all over the place, with a total of 90 points possible (60 this week – 30 each dance – and 30 for the dance last week.)

Here is the order:
Mario – 84
Emmitt – 82
Joey – 81
Monique – 77
Jerry – 64

Jerry, of course, should be going home, but he was sincere in his effort tonight and I have a feeling his fans will come through for him. Joey did pretty well, too, so I fear for Monique! (I keep waiting for the Mario backlash, or for people to just think he’s safe and not vote for him. Alas….)

We get Martina McBride on tonight’s results show and a “former champion” performs. Please let it be Drew, but I suspect it could be John O’Hurley. We’ll see!

So, who do you think is going home tonight?

Two Words…Hubba. Hubba.

Yay to all the enterprising Blog Babes who have already entered this weeks’ SHaQ Attack contest! Lots of correct entries so far. (Remember, you have to list the titles, not just how many there are.) And, yes, if it’s got my hero on the cover without his heroine, it counts. There are a few tricky ones! Don’t forget to vote for your fave, too.

Now, speaking of yummy hero covers…this landed in my inbox the day before yesterday, making me a very happy author. So, of course, I immediately thought of you guys and wanted to share the joy. And the drool. 🙂

This book launches my Black Sheep series and I couldn’t have asked for a better cover to kick things off. So take a gander and let me know what you think! The back cover copy is below the cover. Release date you ask? August 2007.

They’re the black sheep—the bad boys every good girl wants to have hold her, touch her, take her, love her. But being bad never felt so good…

“I have some spare beer, if you’re interested…”

I’d know that voice anywhere, and every time I hear it, it makes me sweat. Not that well-bred heiresses are supposed to sweat, but if you saw Donovan MacLeod, trust me, you’d need a change of clothes, too. It’s been eighteen years, but he’s got the same cocky swagger, silver-gray eyes, shaggy hair, and that sexy smile that promises a whole lot of trouble. Not that I’ll ever find out because he loathes me—thinks I’m some spoiled princess. So, there’s something I’ve just got to ask…

“Why are you here, Donovan?”

The lady asked a question, she deserves an answer. Well, Kate Sutherland, how about, I’ve fantasized about you for eighteen years? Or, I wanted to remember how it feels to need a cold shower every time you flick that perfect blonde hair out of your blue eyes? Or, why don’t you come over here and let me show you, baby? Yeah, good answers, but I’ll stick with this one—I came back to help, because I think you’re in some trouble. My bad boy gut says you’re gonna need me—in more ways than one…

Discuss. 🙂

Big MAC’n Monday!

First up, some Amazing Race MAC, then last week’s SHaQ Attack winner!

So, this week on the Race, Peter is still incredibly annoying. He acknowledges that he’s pushing Sarah on a blown knee and needs to lighten up, then proceeds to not lighten up in the least. On top of that, he has this ME FIRST mentality the way he scurries in to grab things before other teams. Yes, it’s a race, and probably if anyone else did it, I’d be applauding their madd racing skillz. But he sort of relishes snatching things right out of other people’s hands. It bugs. But then, Peter breathing bugs.

Up next! Peter’s toolishness is followed by one of the bigger sacrifices I’ve seen on AR. Nice balance, AR Editors. Golf clap.

Everyone flies off to Kuwait (boy, is this the Third World Race Route of Death Defying Heat or what?) Once there, they head off to the very exotic and very, very tall Kuwait Towers, where all the teams bunch up at the top of one of the towerlike bulbs. There, the teams discover they have a Fast Forward on this leg, and the Cho Brothers, who are in last place and need it, realize that Team Coalminer, due to their non-elimination leg penalty, need it even more. They have been helping each other out, along with Team Attitude( aka the *lyns) for several legs now. So while they wait for Dave and Mary to show up and get their clue, they lead the other teams to believe they are taking the FF, all as a bluff so by the time Team Coalminer accepts the FF, the other teams are locked into taking the Road Block. To top it off, the Road Block is climbing on the outside the top of the tower, and the *wins, who have to do this task now as well, have serious fear of heights. So that was a pretty amazing thing they did. I hope it doesn’t cost them the race. Hugs, Chos!!

Coming out of the Bulb Climb, the person who did the climb must put a big puzzle together revealing the street address, in Arabic, of their next clue location. Oh yeah, guess who did the climb outside the tower? Yeah, Sarah. Who built the puzzle clue? Sarah. Who got them lost? Peter. Maybe it’s just as well she does every freaking thing.

The Coalminers take the FF, which sends to them a staged fuel fire in the desert, where they have to put on protective gear and go very, as in Way Too, close to a burning oil well to get their clue. But Mary dons the gear and prays Steven Seagal sees her playing action heroine and casts her in his next movie (she can grate, but I loved this!) and we find out that David has always wanted to be a fireman, so it’s like living a dream for him. I’m a bit concerned when David rhapsodizes about how fireman matter – so do coalminers and dads, David! – and my heart trips for him a little. They complete the task with admirable swiftness, even Steven Seagal would be impressed, and race off to meet Phil, in first place. No time penalty for them AND a trip to Jamaica. (I was hoping for Disneyworld, but hey…) Way to go, Team Coalminer!

Now….back to the Cho’s and other teams…

The remaining teams now they have to use their puzzle to figure out where to go, which means lugging the huge thing around until they can find someone to translate it. This? Cracked me up. I loved this. The *lyns try to hoarde their helpers, then whine when the BQ’s snag one of their hoarded helpers – after they already got their answer. Yeah. Whatever. I like their loyalty to the “Back Packs” but in other areas, they annoy. A lot. This being one.

Everyone gets lost in the market. The Addicts (and Models!) find the bead shop first and get their Detour clue. Manual v Automatic. Fill heavy grain bags full of camel feed in stultifying desert heat…or remote control camel racing. Yay, I want to see camel racing! The BQ’s find it, then Romberly finds their clue, then Sarah and Peter lamely try and fake out other teams that they haven’t found it when they have, and stay completely lame with the robot hum0r (yes, Sarah, you, too.) I’m no Peter fan, and she rocked that tower climb, but I’m not really digging either of them this leg.

The *lyns and *wins end up camel racing for lack of finding the other Detour but then can’t find that either, so the Cho’s bail and head back to the camel feed “manual” challenge. Everyone is having trouble finding either Detour, except the BQ’s and Romberly who apparently get the only people in Kuwait who know where the camel feed detour is. The Chos catch up (Yay!) but the Models and Team Peterbot are hopelessly lost and get behind, as do the *lyns. The *lyns find the camels, where Karlyn threatens to out attitude the camel (and trust me, you haven’t seen this camel, but I still think Karlyn will win.)

Off the camels go! Back at the feed and seed, the BQ’s and Romberly race to fill their bags of feed first. The Chos show up (Yay!) and while the BQ’s bug me occasionally, too, no one can say those chicks don’t race. And they don’t rely on flirting or doing the easy task or whatever. Those girls work it for real. So everyone is toting and filling and dragging these enormous feed filled bags in incredible heat and I am just glad I’m in my nice cool home eating ice cream. But I digress.

The BQ’s get it done, Romberly is right on their tails. Off they go to Phind Phil. BQ’s you are Team Number 2, Romberly, you are Team Number 3. (One of the more unattractive, desolate looking Pit Stops ever.) The *lyns finish with their camel race (which is just funny with that mechanical jockey monkey on top) and they Phind Phil to be told they are Team Number 4. The Cho’s show up in 5th place and I am SO very happy their kindness didn’t cost them the race. I really like these guys. Love how Edwin, when facing down one of his worst fears, still took the time at the top of the tower, to look out and appreciate the view, and revel for a few seconds in what he’d accomplished. I will say that everyone who climbed the tower really seemed to enjoy it.

In the meantime, Sarah and Peter are still lost and Peter is bitching at Sarah who can’t read the map right and they ask and ask and ask but never get the right help. They even stumble across the Fast Forward site, before returning to the towers and starting over. The Models are fighting a similar battle, but eventually they do get directions to the camel race place and off they go with their camel. Then they race to Phind Phil, certain their race is over (and while I also like these guys – not one Drug Message this entire leg! – if it weren’t for Tyler, they would have been out a long time ago. James? Not too swift a racer, but he follows Tyler’s lead very well.) Models, you are Team Number 6.

But wait! Could this really mean, could it be???? Are Peter and Sarah, who started the leg in first, but are now in Last Place, really in threat of leaving? We just had a non-elimination. Surely the producers wouldn’t be so cruel as to do two back -to-back. Not now! Peter and Sarah, you have been Philiminated from the race. And YAY! Peter is No More! Unfortunately this means Sarah is also done, but then, I think she needed to be done with Peter more than she needed to keep running this race. Phil questions the status of their relationship on the Amazing Bath Mat of Elimination, and Sarah dumps his ass, right there, on national TV, while Peter is all “but wait, I was dumping you, you can’t dump me.” Best Bathmat Break Up Ever.

Peter tries to play it off that they will be great friends but are too hard-headed and too focused to really be a couple. Yeah. Sarah sets that record straight by telling it Like It Is. She says that while she likes Peter’s strength and focus, she also needs someone who is compassionate, nurturing and kind. She says this TWICE. And Peter just has to stand there, in front of Phil and millions of viewers, and look puzzled. Who me? his expression says. And America stands up, in unison, and shouts at their televisions YES, YOU! And for all that Sarah occasionally exhibited behavior that could bug, I thought she handled the absolute disappointment that turned out to be Peter, on every posssible level, during a raaaaaaace of tension and unbelieveable stress, in the most polite, kind, politic way any woman could have handled it. At no time, on camera, should she be ashamed of how she behaved in speaking of him, or what she said. Peter on the other hand? Yeah. We won’t go there. Romberly? Pay attention.

The great thing about this leg, which has been typified this whole race, is that the order of finish is never predictable. In this case, the last place team came in first, and the first place team was eliminated. I love this.

Now we are down to six teams and next week? It’s the BQ – *Lyn Smackdown Showdown we’ve been waiting for! I’m thinking the BQ’s come out on top, although there appears to be a karmic fender bender in their future as well. Yay Team Coalminer! And Chos? You’re the real winners here. You may not be the best racers, but I bet your parents are incredibly proud of you right now. I know I am.

Now it’s time to announce our SHaQ Attack winner from last week…

I asked you to guess who went home or won 4 different reality shows. Well, No One went home on Dancing With the Stars, Jeffrey won Project Runway, Cao Boi and Cristina both went home on Survivor, and Peter/Sarah were eliminated on Amazing Race.

At least 95% of you got at least one right, and a few of you had 3 out of 4. But we can only have one winner, and this week, it’s Blog Babe Lis! Woo hoo! As it happens, Lis was also the only one (I think) who predicted Team PeterBot would go home. Whoa! So, Lis, can you do something about Team Romberly next? And maybe the *lyns while you’re at it?

Now! As promised, this week’s SHaQ Attack contest is going to have a really super prize. Well, I think it’s kinda super, anyway. I heard from my editor last week, and a certain book of mine that will be out next March? You might have heard me mention it a time or ten, THE GREAT SCOT which is a sequel to BAD BOYS IN KILTS? Well, seems I’m going to be getting my hands on a few advance copies in a few weeks and I thought maybe, just maybe, y’all might like a chance to win one. Yes, it’s a bit of delayed gratification as I can’t mail it out until mid November, but it still beats the actual release date of March 2007 by, oh, a few months. And I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait to do the contest then. Any takers?

To celebrate tomorrow’s unveiling of my first Black Sheep cover (and did I mention it’s incredibly Maks-alicious? Oddly, my hero’s name in that one is Mac…hmmm….) I thought I’d celebrate with a Cover Art SHaQ Attack this week. SO, your mission, if you choose to tackle it, is this:

List my titles that feature the hero only on the cover. This includes only the titles that have been published, no need to add in the unreleased titles.

Then! In SHaQ Part 2tell me which of those covers you liked the best. Not which book you liked best, we’re talking art here. Essentially I’m asking you to judge a book by its cover. 🙂 I’ll take all the correct title answers, and from them, I’ll tote up the fave cover tally. The Blog Babes who listed the correct titles, AND voted for the winning cover, will EACH receive an advance copy of THE GREAT SCOT up to a total of FIVE winners. If more than five are in the group, I will draw five names from the pile.

Send your answers and votes to: donna@donnakauffman.com with My Hero! as the subject line. Best of luck to all you SHaQ’ers out there!

Tune in tomorrow and be prepared to drool! The Black Sheep are definitely coming. 🙂

Bonus Survivor MAC…it’s twisty!

Wow, this one was pretty intense. Made up for last week, that’s for sure.

We get a sand wrestling, hair pulling, neck scratching, choking, shaking, dragging, sand guzzling, reward challenge that wears out every last player except for Cao Boi, who sits out. I was tired (and a little gritty) just watching them. In the end, a weary AiTunes pulls it out. Literally.

For their efforts, AiTunes win a feast. The twist? They get to eat the feast at tribal council where they can also listen to the pre-vote Raro talk to Jeff about what’s happenin’ round their campfire. (Mostly listening to Cao Boi and his endless dream sequences, complete with credit card receipts… Don’t ask.) However, in a further twist, AiTunes will only get their feast after they also vote someone out of their own feast-winning tribe. Talk about a kick in the lamb shank.

In the case of both tribes, the editors try and make us think that maybe, perhaps, something else will happen, what with Nate being all “come on, let’s give second chances” and Cao Boi with his Voodoo Vote of the Great Idol Reveal or whatever. But were we fooled? Nah. In the end, Cop Cristina Bossy Pants is voted out and Cao Boi takes his final spiritual walk. Thank. God. Man wears me out. I was very on board with both these votes. (And in case I wasn’t, Cao Boi’s parting words during the Show Me Who Voted For Whom portion of the program consisted of “why was I stupid enough to trust Asian people” would have done it for me anyway. Martyr complex much?) I do like the fact that both of these teams are eliminating the sleepers and playing the game. Nice job. Even Jeff couldn’t pick on them. “Three votes, three different, yet solid reasons…gosh, I can’t snark on you because you’re actually, you know, playing the game right. Except, you know, the losing part.”

(Oh, and Flicka? Stop with the eye rolls and smirky nanny nanny boo boo faces before I come over there and snatch your dreads.)

BUT! Because tonight wasn’t twisty or gritty enough, we get ONE MORE! (Jeff loves this stuff.) Before Raro can vote off Cristina, AiTunes gets to kidnap a member of Raro, thereby saving the kidnappee from elimination AND he gets some lamb shank chow in some last second feasting. The deal is, the kidnappee will stick around AiTune’s camp until the next reward challenge. So for a few days, they will listen in, eat up, and in general make his or her presence known. I like this. Sounds interesting. And, you know, why the heck not.

They kidnap Nate which I was all for as he was the only one not even trying to keep from drooling over the feasting he was forced to watch. So Iwas perfectly happy to let the boy eat. And you know, I’ve been picking on Nate, but his observations tonight were a little more on target and it’s clear he is really trying to think this game through. He doesn’t have the best game on, but he is playing.

Next week? Raro tiptoes around camp while Nate is there, except not. They just blab and blab and blab. And in other news, Ozzy can hold his breath a realllly long time. This means he catches a mess of a lot of fish. (Which reminds me, I liked the attitude of Raro when they lost the feast. They were totally “We have mutant octopus, we don’t need no stinkin’ lamb shanks.” Loved that.) In even other news, Adam wasn’t insufferable this time. And decent eye candy, too. Unless you were still drooling over Yul’s Pack o Six.

And one last thing….did anyone catch Candace playing “I love you” whispers toward the other tribe at council? I thought that was frakking hilarious! A little of the Billy Lurve Snark. What I couldn’t tell was if she was just doing it to the entire tribe as a joke, or was she lookin’ at Adam? Hmm….. Time will tell.

And a whole lot more Blog Babes are in the running for the free book on Monday. Some of you were are even three for three. Dang.

Oh yeah – next week, not only do I have a primo prize to giveaway, but I’ll let you guys get an advance peek at the first Black Sheep book cover. WOOT!! (In a word? Yum-mee. It’s very Maks-alicious. Just sayin.)

Have a great weekend! See you Monday for some MAC and a Winner!

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