We can dance! We can sew!

Okay, so some of them can sew. Some, like Leatha’ Stella, stud more than sew. But first? We Dance!

I loved last night’s final 6 on So You Think You Can Dance. I am SO glad I’m not in charge of who goes home. Okay, who am I kidding? I totally want to be in charge.

I loved all the dances last night, but some stood out more than others. Josh and Katee are reunited, and while the judges (Nigel, Mary, and Adam Shankman) were a wee bit tongue-bathy, I was honestly just as gushy fangirly, so I have to kinda shut up. Those two just possess something special together and I was firmly back on the Josh Train after their performances last night.

They got a Tasty Oreo contemporary piece (dancing to Celine Dion, and I didn’t even cringe, that’s how good it was) that was lovely bordering on spellbinding with the leaps and holds. When he catches her in full split? Yeah, I watched the whole routine twice. And we finally got a shirtless Josh on their paso, and I loved everything from the pounding score they danced to, to Katee’s bound and tattered looking dress. It wasn’t the most technically perfect, but it was riveting to watch. So they get my top marks, overall, for the night.

Next to them, were Mark and Courtney, who made a splendid pair as well. Their waltz was the first one all season that I even liked, and I did more than like this one. It was floaty and romantic and very, very well done. And the fact that it was dance to David Cook’s wonderful voice only made it that much better. It opened the show with a strong presence and I was happy to hear the judges praise Mark. Their second routine was a Whack Sonja jazz burlesque and strange it was, but they danced the hell out of it. I was thoroughly entertained. And I like how Sonja wasn’t shy afterward about how well she thought they rocked that.

Third for the night was Twitch and Chelsie. They got a very tough mambo, and while Chelsie did everything she could to save a lost Twitch, compared to the other dances, it did come up lacking, but only because the other two pairs were so dynamic. Still, on a night when we have to find our final four, I fear for Twitch here. Not sure if Chelsie is in trouble. I was excited when I heard they were getting a NappyTabs hiphop routine for their second go, but maybe it was me…very innovative mad conductor/orchestra piece which never got going for me, for whatever reason. I liked the concept, but it didn’t rivet me. And I think these two, Twitch especially, is in trouble.

They each did solos as well. Nothing that rocked my socks off. Twitch and Joshua always choreograph well. (Cat donning Twitch’s gold teeth and glasses was actually the highlight of that entire segment. Ha! Love. Her.) Mark was interesting to watch as usual. And I thought Chelsie’s green fringey dress thing made her body look longer and her legs even longer still and was very flattering. Katee and Courtney did their contemporary thing, but it was very samey samey to me. Not bad, but there wasn’t a James Brown WOW performance. (I hope Will gets to do something with that on tour. That was still all kinds of awesome, even if it didn’t save him.)

So…did Cat say whether or not it was a guy and a girl going home tonight? Or just two dancers? If it’s the former, I fear Twitch has come to the end of his run. For the girls, it would have to be between Courtney and Chelsie. Courtney has landed in the bottom numerous times, so the odds are on her, but based on last night, Chelsie would have to be at least a little nervous. All I know is tonight is making ME nervous! I can’t wait.

Okay, then there was Project Runway.

First, Ooompa Blayne Must Die. Seriously. He made Our Tim actually speak the words: “Holla at your boy.” Complete with street hand signage. Must. Die. And Tim? Don’t humor him!

Right after Oompa Blayne departs this world, we must ask what forces of nature have turned Sandra Bernhard into whatever the hell that creature was last night. What was that? Who was that? Seriously. Yikes.

Tonight the designers actually get some creative control and finally get to show us their aesthetic and point of view. They get a camera and a ride throught NYC At Night, snapping Photos of Inspiration. I am excited because maybe I’ll actually start to care about this season if the designers become designers and not the Caricatures of Reality Programming they’ve been up to this point.

Sadly, as I watch the creations take form, I’m…..not feeling an epiphany coming on. More like a vague sense of nausea. But perhaps the runway show will change my mind…. (not to mention give me Sandra Bernhard nightmares.)

Runway Time…

First up? Keith and his precisely folded Bandanna of Ridiculousness. He does the Dress of a Million Scraps, and I don’t think getting a new model in the eleventh hour is going to excuse the fact that, even on the runway….it looks like s-crap.

Out next is Oompa Blayne his Dress of Neon Busy-ness. It’s essentially a Froot Loops on Crack Lil Black Dress as imagined by Carmen Miranda and worn by….well, no one would wear that. Not even Paris. Just say no.

Joe (it doesn’t say much that I don’t think I’ve even heard this guy’s name yet) does a bondage bodice dress that’s pretty sharp comparitively speaking. Which isn’t saying much, but at least this one is wearable. And has a passing resemblance to his photo. Not great, just okay, but in this group, that sets him apart. (Who cast this season?)

Emily’s Froot Loops On Crack Redux dress actually does more and is more flattering than Oompa Blayne, but it’s still too Carmen Miranda for me. All that was missing was the tropical fruit/head wrap montage. And why do the frills cut right across her boobs? Most unflattering.

Lilith Fair Leanne’s dress of many black layers….the skirt is awesome, but a little poorly fitted, and the top? I don’t know what that is, except a distraction from a not quite perfectly fitted but very cool looking skirt. 50/50, but at least she’s saying something we might want to hear. At some point. As long as we don’t have to hear it in her whispery whisperson little voice.

Next is Alice In Wonderland Jennifer’s….maternity smock? What the hell is that? It was based on a clock? Mmmmkay. Yikes. Squared.

Jerrell rocks it with a very flattering gown patterened after water fountains. It’s nothing particularly unique, but it’s the best looking thing to walk down this runway. Even if it is puce. (Puce, Jerrell?) Still, the intricacy alone is attention demanding.

But where is the creativity and innovativeness, people? No one is Making It Work.

And then Kelli’s model walks out and I can’t even describe what the hell she’s wearing except it’s all kinds of awesome freakiness. THAT is original, that is a point of view, and whatever the hell it was, her model totally rocked it.

Daniel’s dress was elegant. And looked three sizes too big for his waif model. (Oh, and it was in the news this week that Daniel and Christopher Robin (aka Wesley who was auf’d last week) are an “item.” Project Runway Romance!)

Kenley’s model has a really cool dress of bizarre tulle poufiness, but I liked it. Maybe not the fabric used (which I wasn’t exactly getting with her photo) but I did like the silhouette a lot, and her model totally sold it. I think the fabric pattern might haunt her though, with the judges. Still, the latter half of this runway show is making up for a seriously slow beginning.

Suede (who needs to stop with the third person referrals before we staple gun him to death) designed a dress that looks like it was attached with a staple gun. Did nothing for me and I thought it did nothing for her, but your mileage may vary. He seems to be a teacher’s pet. Still? Shut up, Suede.

Stella’s rocker biker chick model is sporting a bustier belly vest and itty bitty tight jeans and, well, it’s definitely Stella. And not easy to make pants like that in a day, so….we’ll see.

Korto’s model was wearing a black pantsuit. That’s it. Black. Pantsuit. Nothing else going on. Nicely fitted, but seriously. Target. 2001. Hunh?

Terri’s bohemian grafitti chick backless dress/pants ensemble was a stand out for me, and he rmodel rocked it in a big way. I’m undecided on whether it worked or not. But the model definitely sold it. She could be top three with that. She’s been consistently good so far this season, which is saying amazing things. Considering.

So, judgment time: Heidi calls out Keith, Kenley, Emily, Terri, Jennifer, and Leanne as top and bottom three. The rest are safe. These six are top and bottom. I’m sure Stella is relieved.

The love went out to Tulle Hip Kenley, Backless Dress Terri, Awesome Skirt Leanne

Not so much with the love for Bandanna Keith, Carmen Miranda Emily, Maternity Smock Jennifer

After the judges Little Chat (where Sandra is surprisingly lucid), we learn that Kenley is In as the winner. And…..Emily is Out. I might have sent Jennifer home instead, but it wasn’t a toss up that bothered me. I think I might have given Terri the win though, over Kenley.

What about you? What did you love? What did you hate? How soon must Blayne leave this show?

Dish the Dance, Dish the Fashion! And don’t forget to enter this week’s contest – details in Monday’s post. THREE winners announced right here tomorrow!

Silly Hamsters…

So, okay, maybe I’m still watching Big Brother. Wanna make something of it? There is no Phil and his Amazing Race eyebrow of sexiness, the Dance and Design shows are almost over, and, so far, Tim Gunn is not making it work. So I’m stuck watching Jesse lose his collective crap (not that there is a lot for him to collect before losing it) because Keesha had the nerve to put him in danger and not put up someone else she’d given her word never to nominate (because it’s all about respect with Jesse, until Jesse is in danger, then it’s well, all about Jesse….) Why it was the job of the one person who’d given her word to Libra, to get Libra out of the house, I have no idea, but I hope the house collectively rises up and sends Libra out on a giant tsunami of see-ya-later next week, because wow, what a way to paint a huge target on your back, Libra. Renny is suddenly below the radar, and if the feeds are to be believed, training with Jesse of all things and people, while Jerry has turned into quite the opinionated old fart, except that someone has to tell Memphis that being called a womanizer is not exactly on par with being called a baby killer, which is about the level on which he reacted to that asssessment. Lighten up, dude.

Ah, hamsters. This is what I’m reduced to watching for entertainment. Seriously.

Fortunately tonight we’re at the final 6 dancers and I can’t wait to see who dances with whom and what insane dance styles they get this week. We also get Our Tim desperately trying to get the designers to keep our attention past episode three. So, tune in tomorrow for all the MAC you can samba to.

In the meantime, a few fun things….first, I’m guest blogging today over at Novel Thoughts. Drop by and leave a comment, and you’ll have a chance to win a prize. You can win one right here this week as well. Check out Monday’s post for the details of this week’s SHaQ Attack contest.

We’re also in the final stages of prettying up my new website home. The final move might mean a short break in the site being available, so if you drop by and can’t drop in, come back the following day. Hopefully we’ll only be down a few hours, but it might be as long as a day. I can’t wait to show everyone my new internet casa!

In the meantime, Happy Hump Day…..now DISH!

Mmkay. I have no clue.

So, I had decided to go with the guy lease likely to be the Mole. Paul. (Well, that would be Mark, but if he’s the Mole, they’d better be handing him quite the paycheck. And an Oscar.) Paul, too, in a way, but then, he went home last night, so….wrong again. This leaves Mark (who had an exemption last night), Craig (who has been on my The Mole list since Week 1) and Nicole, who I just don’t like and pray isn’t the Mole so we don’t have to listen to her be smug. More smug.

So, for this to finish out only way I could stand, would be for Mark to win, Craig to be the Mole, and Nicole to get nada, zilch, zero. Actually, truthfully, I’d like Craig to win, just because that would be so hilarious and fun. But….I’m thinking not. He and Nicole have cost the team the most money. Mark has been gung ho to win from the get go. (Oh, and my Doublet answer? CELL, CELT, COLT, MOLT, MOLE.) I know. My brain is wired differently like that. And maybe CELT wouldn’t be allowed if it’s considered an abbreviation. Shouldn’t be though. If you’re celtic, then you’re a celt. Ah well, we’ll never know!

Who do you think is the Mole?

On Design Star, we got the final challenge, which was for both Jennifer and Matt to refurbish homes in New Orleans that were devastated by the floods after Katrina hit. It was really hard to see how horrifying things still are, three years later, in OUR OWN COUNTRY. Sorry, but really US Government? Really? We can save the world, but can’t do better than that in helping our own? Sorry, I will leap from the soapbox now because, rrrrrrrrrrrr.

So, they remodel and redesign three major rooms in the homes of two families who live on the same street. Matt is very Up With People psyched from the get go and maybe needs to dial it back just a hair, whereas Jennifer needs to stop stressing and just get on with it. They both do a great job in giving the families what they asked for. I liked Jennifer’s space better personally, as it was closer to something I’d ask for, but Matt did give the other family what they wanted, and his work ethic, and his willingness to be as fair as possible so they could both do their very best for the families, not to mention how well he articulated how much the entire process was touching him, touched me. So….in the end, a hard call on who to hand the win to. I think Matt deserves the win for the season, but it’s Jennifer’s show I’d rather watch. So….sort that out, show!

Tonight we get Big Brother, where we’ll probably see Jesse freaking out for the entire hour after being put up on the block by Keesha. I heart Keesha big for that move, for the sheer entertainment value alone. If any of them have half a brain cell in their heads, they will off him before Angie. But then, I actually like Angie. And when did Renny get partially sane? I’m almost liking her. Almost.

Happy Tuesday everyone! The Black Sheep & The English Rose is officially on the shelves!! WOO HOO!! So, have some chocolate cookie dough ice cream with me to celebrate. I’m pretty sure the calories don’t count then. Pretty sure. Check out Monday’s blog for this week’s special release week contest. And keep your eyes tuned here for the Big Unveiling of the new website this Friday. YAY! Also…tomorrow I’ll be guest blogging over at Novel Thoughts. I’ll provide a link and everything. Because, you know, as always, I’m so helpful like that. 🙂

Monday, Monday…

If it’s Monday, it must be time for another SHaQ Attack contest!

This week I’m celebrating the release of my new book, The Black Sheep & The English Rose, which hits stands tomorrow. Woo hoo! Order your very own copy here. (I’m so seriously helpful like that, aren’t I?)

English Rose

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Good Night

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Good luck to all! And tomorrow, tune in for some Design Star and Mole MAC!

Wow, America. Thanks.

So, the results show last night? Not nearly as much fun as the performance show, but definitely higher on drama. Opening performance was okay but didn’t rock me, with a new choreographer whose name I didn’t totally get. We had LL Cool J (this lady is not loving Cool James as much as she used to) and a pas de deux ballet style. But the real show was all about the bottom two’s.

For the girls, it was no big shock. Comfort and Courtney landed in spots we all sorta kinda thought they’d fill. And Comfort took her leave for a second time. All as we figured. However, things on the guys side took a very surprising, some would say shocking turn, when Mark was announced safe. It was certainly shocking to Mark, who made it clear he thought his number was up. We all quickly did the math and I really didn’t like the answer I came up with. Twitch, Joshua or Will was going home. When Will was announced in the bottom two, I wasn’t surprised, only in that he’s been there before. I will forever wonder what kind of season he might have had if he’d started with a different partner. But America never really did grab hold of him, even when he had new partners. Maybe it was backlash to being told how amazingly good he was each week, despite the fact that he seemed humble and down to earth and very well liked by all his co-dancers. So, I wasn’t happy as I wanted him and Twitch as the final two guys, but shocking? No. Disappointing. But with Mark safe…who would be in the bottom two with him?

When Cat called Twitch next, I knew it was to announce him safe, leaving Joshua to hear the bad news. This made me sad, but I also know that, skill wise, he’s going to go before either of the other two, I just didn’t want it to be last night. It was Mark’s turn first. But….oh well. However, then Cat shocks me, America, and most definitely a totally unprepared Twitch by telling him he’s the other bottom dweller this week. Wow. Wow, Ameriker. After his performances the night before? Rilly? Maybe it was as Nigel said, they all thought he was safe and tried to save another dancer instead.

In the end, it is Will who takes his leave with Comfort, and while that is whack, given how often he’s been in the bottom three this season with his former partner Jessica, I suppose not as big a shock as it seemed. Still…..Twitch? Seriously? So, I predict a huge voting tsunami for him next week. Not so much on trying to save Courtney, who I fear will be the one to go. And, probably Mark along with her. Leaving Twitch, Josh, Katee and Chelsie as our remaining four. I would have probably switched out Will for Joshua – sorry, cutie! – but otherwise, we’re still on track. I’m thinking Twitch/Katee final two, but who knows after last night!

As for Twitch’s reaction. No, it wasn’t the most professional reaction in the world, but it was such a cleear sucker punch to his gut that he truly couldn’t hide his reaction, which doubled him over. I felt for him and so did Cat. (Don’t you love her? I love her.) He did pull it together, but you could tell it crushed him. Not so much because he thought he was too good to be there – clearly Will, the best dancer by far, was already there. But I think he felt he had more support from us, and it was a blow to find out that maybe we weren’t in his corner like he thought we were. It appeared more to hurt his feelings than his ego, and I felt badly for him. Conversely, I loved Will’s exit speech, both to his fellow dancers and to the rest of the dancers in the world. See, America? Why? He’s a good guy. Hugs to you, Will. No, go and dance for all the choreographers who are already lining up to work with you.

On to the ShaQ Attack contest! This week all ya had ta do was email me and whole bunch of you did. But there can only be on winner….and that winning Blog Babe is? Karen! Woo hoo!!!! Congratulations, Karen. 🙂 Tune in next week for a special SHaQ Attack to announce the release of my latest book and (fingers crossed) my new website!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

So? Dish! What did you think? Who would you send home? And are you watching Big Brother? I’m ashamed to say I still am. And wow, was Michelle a wimp or what? Send Libra packing, people. What’s wrong with you? Who will Keesha nominate? Why do I still care???

Wow, now that’s a show

So, we’re getting down to the nitty and the gritty on So You Think You Can Dance. Fortunately all the choreographers got the “use props” memo and followed through. But I have to say, well done, choreographers! About the only thing I’d have changed about last night was doing round two first, but only because round one was so freaking awesome, it should have been the round that ended the show. I wouldn’t have had a clue then who to vote for as all eight dancers rocked it.

But in round two, Mark and Comfort (such a shock they got paired up…..sure it’s out of a hat. A stacked hat.) got the dreaded close-hold, non-latin ballroom routine. I don’t think any dancer has done really well in that this season except for Chelsie, who comes from the ballroom world. They got the foxtrot and did a basic, serviceable job with it. But on a night with really amazing routines, it wasn’t even close to being enough. So, if there was any doubt either of them would survive this week, not happening after that, especially as it was their last impression.

Round one had Twitch and Katee doing a funked up contemporary routine played out entirely through a door that open and shut between what was theoretically Twitch’s apartment and the hallway. I loved it. I thought it was great fun and absolutely had a blast watching. Then Will and Courtney paired up with some obvious friendship and surprisingly great chemistry for a samba that was mui caliente. Yowza. Loved that. Then we had Joshua and Chelsie with a tango that was all kinds of hot, too, and Comfort and Mark’s innovative hip hop routine, also riveting and fun to watch. Seriously, I was just having the best time ever.

Then round two started, and we kind of came back to reality a little bit, but it was still great. The dance selection was eh. Round two we got Broadway with Tyce D’Orio (or as someone truly thought his name was …Tasty Oreo. Serously. I laughed until I was sick. But it does sound exactly like that.) Foxtrot with Mark and France (who I love, but yikes) and the dreaded Doriana, Mistress of the Dark with her lame disco routines. It was more fun this time given she had Joshua doing all these insane lifts with Chelsie, but they really need to drop that, and her, from competition. I actually liked the Broadway with Twitch/Katee to Sweet Geogia Brown, as the characters were really fun, so that was a nice surprise. And we got a slow hip hop from Nappy Tabs for Will and Courtney that was interesting and fun to watch. The foxtrot was the lowlight of the evening with Comfort/Mark, but what can you do?

But my MOST favorite thing of the whole night were the solos. Well, one solo. Show of hands on how many people, when Will’s solo came to an end, went “NO! NOT YET!” ?? Couldn’t have just been me, but oh my god I laughed and applauded. He did James Brown, full regalia and he was nailing it, y’all. I loved it. I would pay to watch that whole routine. It was hilarious and ridiculously great. Seriously, much much love to him after that. He’s been growing on my as a person anyway, in addition to being in a whole ‘nother realm as a dancer, but that? Sealed it. I heart him now.

I also heart the rest of the guys, so after Mark departs tonight (and is there any doubt, really?) it’s going to be down to Will, Joshua, and Twitch. Yow. I have a sad feeling it will be Joshua departing at that point, but I do really think Twitch and Will deserve final two guys. On the girls side, Comfort will/should go tonight, leaving Courtney, Chelsie and Katee. Only Katee is safe, really. She’ll make it to the final four, but hard to say who will go from the other two next week. Could go either way, as both have been doing really, really well with the partner rotation. Chelsie, to me, is the more talented of the two, but Courtney has benefited from some awesome choreo which she’s nailed, these past two weeks. So…..who knows.

And winning? Man, can we just give it to the final three? Because between Will, Twitch, and Katee, I couldn’t pick one. In a variety of different ways, and for very different reasons, they all deserve the win. I’d be happy with any of them taking it home. Cannot wait to see what choreo gets thrown at them next week!

What did you all think?

On Project Runway, not a really fabulous night. The challenge was interesting, only in that they had to design a dressy dress for their models…and they let the models shop for the fabric. That was hilarious. And resulted in a lot of models wearing micro mini dresses because they have no idea what a yard of fabric is. Wow. In the end, I could have sent any number of them home, but we lost someone whose name I don’t even remember at this point. In my head, I called him Christopher Robin because of his penchant for blazers, shorts and his soft spoken manner. I had no real problem with him going, only I’d have sent weepy chick home (why can’t I remember these people’s names yet?) The only one I remember is Suede and only because he talks about himself in the third person all the time, which I loathe. As do his fellow competitors, who hilariously called him out on it. That and the Leather Tuscadero sequence were what made last night’s episode watchable. Well, that and Natalie Portman is cute as a button and actually contributed to the conversations.

I hope I start feeling the love soon. Even Tim seems cranky. But I love Cranky Tim when he’s handing it to the designers.

Don’t forget to enter this week’s SHaQ Attack contest! See Monday’s post for details. Winner announced tomorrow. And only another week before the new website is launched. Wait until you all see it. SO cute and cool and fun. I’m so thrilled to finally get the whole thing redone with a cohesive look to all the pages and with my backlist and bookshelf all organized and easy to interpret. I won’t know how to act!

And if you missed yesterday’s sneak peeks….grab a fan and scroll down. My, my….now if I could just wangle invites to the cover shoots……

Sneak Peek Time!

I promised, so get your icy drinks and fans ready, Blog Babes. If it wasn’t hot enough this summer already…..

First up, my October anthology with Brava…To All A Good Night. And if that’s what opened the door when I came home? Good night, indeed. 🙂 Following the cover art is the back cover copy. Enjoy!

To All A Good Night

This Christmas, sugarplums aren’t the only visions that will be dancing in your head. Prepare to have your toes curled by some of the holiday’s hunkiest heroes in this hot, hot, hot collection. . . .



When Emma Lafferty is hired by a billionaire CEO to watch his pets over the holidays, she expects to enjoy a quiet Christmas in opulent surroundings. What she doesn’t expect is to spend the week trapped in the mansion with the CEO’s sexy great-nephew¬¬—and heir—whose motives are as shady as his desire is crystal clear….


    Finding Mr. Right

Brilliant chemist Maggie Bell has a knack for choosing Mr. Wrong, and with yet another lonely Christmas looming, she decides it’s time to alter the equation—and seek out someone who seems totally wrong for her. Enter Jacob Wahler, the rough and rippling contractor who’s about as far from Maggie type as he could get. But suddenly what’s wrong for Maggie seems oh-so-right….


    Can You Hand Me the Tape?

Natalie Pritchard is desperate. It’s a week before Christmas and she’s lost the naughty tape she made for her now-ex-boyfriend. She’s so desperate, in fact, that she’ll turn to her nemesis Spencer Donovan for help. The sexy criminal defense attorney would be only too happy to assist—but can Emma afford his price?


And if that’s not enough to melt the ice cubes in your glass…..check out the cover and copy for my March 09 Brava release, Let Me In:

Let Me In

He’s bringing anything but peace and quiet…

Tate Winslow is done with all the guns, the adventures, the brushes with death. All she wants is to be left alone. So when her enigmatic ex-boss shows up on her doorstep, she doesn’t care how good he looks. He’s all alpha male, the baddest of the bad—and a threat to her hard-won peace in more ways than one.

Tate is the only lead Derek Cole has on a case that could blow the intelligence world apart—if it doesn’t kill him before he can figure it out. She was his best agent, but she’s in hiding and he’s gone rogue, and he’s starting to think of her in a very nonprofessional way. In fact, he wants Tate like he wants his next breath, but he’s already risking his life and his career…does he need to put his heart in danger too?


Did it get a little warm in here or what?

Whack a Mole

So, they whacked Clay, who I was sure was The Mole. So I’m going to pull a complete 180 and go with Paul. I’d had it down to between Clay or Craig, but then I saw Paul with his family this week, looking remarkably sane and being very adorable with his daughter and it made me go hmmmm……

But, 3 seasons, I’ve never been right yet. So….yeah. Don’t go betting the line on my prediction.

In other news…Sneak Peek Day will be tomorrow. I know, I know, don’t be hatin. I’m not intentionally being a tease, but I somehow managed to corrupt one of the files and so I’m working on it, and I wanted to post them all together.

In the meantime, don’t forget to enter this week’s SHaQ Attack Contest! It’s easy. Really. Details in Monday’s post.

Are you Mole-ing? What is your prediction? It hasn’t been really all that entertaining, but I’ll hand it to them, I really don’t have any strong clues on who to pick, and we’re down to 4. Other than I’d be stunned if it was Mark, any of the rest could be the sneak and it wouldn’t surprise me. Still. Money on Paul. Just sayin.

So? DISH! (And tomorrow? Have something icy to sip before viewing. A fan could come in handy. Just sayin.)

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