August 1996
Bantam Loveswept #801
ISBN 0-553-44537-5
Cover Photo © Mort Engel Studio
Floral Border © Lori Nelson Field

November 2012
eBook Reissue
ISBN 9780345537294




“I’ll teach you how to like it hot, chèr….”

Found naked and bloodied in her bathtub, Teague Comeaux gave Dr. Erin McClure a smile wicked enough to charm a lady out of her clothes! She’d asked for guide into voodoo county, but Teague looked like trouble — a walk on the wild side she’d never take. Driven by a primal need to possess and protect, Teague asked only for her trust in return. Could she heal his scarred soul by bringing him home to her heart?

Weaving a story of dark seduction and steamy intrigue, Donna Kauffman extends an irresistible invitation to explore the midnight mysteries of Cajun country with a renegade who just might be the devil in disguise! He’d promised her magic, welcomed her into a world of shadows, but was this rogue her inescapable fate?


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“I’ve never met anyone like you,” Erin said in a shaky voice.

The admission sent a hot thrill through him. “What am I like, cher?” Teague’s words vibrated with need, dark and almost volatile in their intensity.

She stared at him, her face cast in deep shadow. The silence between them stretched out, the only sound the drums that echoed through the trees. Just when he thought she wouldn’t answer, she spoke. “Dangerous. To me.”

“Why? What do you think I’m going to do to you?”

She paused, then her trembling voice stroked him again. “It’s not what I think you’ll do, it’s what I want you to do.”

“What is that, Erin?” he asked hoarsely, taking another irreversible step forward in both word and deed. He lowered his mouth close to hers and whispered, “What do you want me to do to you, Erin? Tell me.” He brushed his lips against hers. “Tell me.”

“Teague.” His name was no more than a gasp.

“That’s right, ange. Say my name again.” He touched his lips to hers. “Tell me…”

"Enticing and snapping with sexual tension, not to mention a plot pulsing with sinister overtones, BAYOU HEAT will definitely heat the blood. Once again, Ms. Kauffman gives her readers a hot fiery tale of pure excitement." ~ Rendezvous


"Ms. Kauffman always knows how to set our hearts afire with passion and romance." 4 Stars ~ Romantic Times


"Intriguing combinations." 5 Stars ~ Heartland Critiques


"BAYOU HEAT blends romantic intrigue with the mysticism of voodouin (sic) society. The soft rapping of drums will guide the reader into this land of sizzling pleasure." ~ Gothic Journal


"Rarely does a novel get as hot as this one. Readers better make sure they have a cool drink and a fan when they read Bayou Heat. They will not want to put it down." ~ Gothic Journal Second Opinions


"This books overriding appeal is the sensual scenes… No, not sensual, but steamy!" ~ Romance Reviews


"Kauffman weaves a tale laced with spicy fun and romantic suspense. The reader will think of air conditioning in a whole new light after this." ~ Painted Rock/Romance Writers and Readers Group


"From jump start to thrilling end, Donna Kauffman keeps a firm hold on the readers heart and mind. And she does it with style." ~ America Online Romance Reviews



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