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Deals, Deals, Deals!

SO many book deals (SO MANY) out there on my backlist titles…starting as low as .99! Yes, 99 CENTS! Read on for all the details and handy go-snag-it-while-it’s-hot (and cheap!) links!

First up, if you’ve been dying to dive into my new Blue Hollow Falls series, Amazon and Barnes are giving you the perfect invite! Book 1 in that series, BLUE HOLLOW FALLS, is now an e-book deal for just 99 CENTS. Yep! Dig the change out of the cup holder in your car and boom, you’ll be relaxing in my lovely little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains before you know it. Ahhhh!



Then head from the mountains to the shore! Take a trip to my lovely seaside town of Blueberry Cove, Maine. Book 1 in my Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series, PELICAN POINT is on e-book sale for just $1.99!!



And if you enjoyed the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove, here come the brides! Book 1 in the Brides of Blueberry Cove series, SEA GLASS SUNRISE is on ebook sale for just $1.99! I know!



THEN when you’re done relaxing in Blue Hollow Falls, and walking the shores of Blueberry Cove, you can head on down to Georgia and have a blast hanging out on Sugarberry Island with my Cupcake Club! Right now Book 1: SUGAR RUSH is on ebook sale for just $1.99!  AND Book 4 HONEY PIE is on e-book sale, too, for just $.99! (Yes, 99 cents!!)




Don’t have a Kindle or a Nook e-book reader?

You don’t need one! Did you know that you don’t need a Kindle or a Nook device to read alllll of the above books? Amazon has a FREE Kindle App and Barnes & Noble has a FREE Nook app.

Simply download the app to ANY device (tablet, phone, etc) and you can read ANY Kindle or Nook book. How awesome is that?

Whew!! I told you there were deals, deals, deals! I’m so happy to help you add some fun to that pool or beach tote! Happy reading and enjoy these waning days of summer. 🙂

A Bestselling July & TWO Giveaways!

First a VERY BIG HUG to all of you who have been rushing out and snapping up copies of my brand new release, BLUESTONE & VINE. This is Book 2 in the Blue Hollow Falls series, and your fabulousness has kept it on the Bookscan Bestseller List for FOUR WEEKS running! That’s a very happy July right there!  (And if you haven’t snagged your copy yet, there’s some handy links at the end of this blog post. Come join us in Blue Hollow Falls ~ the more the merrier!)

So, I think you should reward yourself and go enter these two fabulous giveaways!

Over at Lorelei’s Lit Lair  there is a short, fun Q&A where you might learn a few things about me you didn’t know before (all rated G, I swear! Safe for work!) AND you can enter to win a copy of the first book in this series, BLUE HOLLOW FALLS.  AND this fabulous bookmark charm designed exclusively for the book by the very talented Joyce Taber of The Cotton Thistle. Click THIS LINK and pop on over and enter already. Contest open until August 4th.

Then pop on over to USA Today and check out my most recent Classic NCIS Summer Recap. If you scroll allllll the way to the end, you’ll find out how to enter to win a copy of BLUESTONE & VINE (perfect BFF giftie if you’ve already read it) AND this fab canvas tote bag. I know! That contest ends this Monday, July 30th, so no dawdling!)

LINKS: Here are those handy links I mentioned earlier:







If you haven’t read Bluestone & Vine yet, I hope you love it!  Good luck in the giveaways! I hope your July has been equally awesome!

Guest Host & GIVEAWAY!

Hello Happy Readers!


I’m hanging out over at Lorelei’s Lit Lair today, chatting with readers and giving away cool stuff. Check out the fun interview, learn some things about me you might not (okay, probably don’t) know and enter the contest! (Open to all readers, all around the world.)

See you over there!

Double Giveaway (I know!)

Yes, TWO giveaways to enter! Read on for entry details.

GIVEAWAY: In conjunction with BLUESTONE & VINE being featured in BookPage’s “Smitten” romance newsletter and chosen by editor, Christie Ridgeway, as a Top Pick for July, my publisher is sponsoring a fab GIVEAWAY!

Click THIS LINK to enter to win a fun Bluestone & Vine Picnic Wine Kit AND a copy of the book! This contest is open until the end of the month!


If you haven’t tried BookPage’s Smitten newsletter, it’s FREE! And it gives great romance recommendations as well. I’ve been a subscriber since it started and can’t recommend it highly enough.  You can subscribe HERE.


SECOND CHANCE CONTEST: Help me get the word out about the Smitten Giveaway and earn another chance to win!! Head over to my Facebook Author Page and check out the post pinned to the top of my page. Leave a comment & share that FB post and you’re in the running to win one of FIVE additional copies of BLUESTONE & VINE!  

Winners for this giveaway will be announced on the FB Post tomorrow, Sunday, July 15th at 9PM ET.

Good luck!! 

We Have WINNERS!!!

It’s here, it’s here, time to announce the winners of the big Book Birthday Bash Giveaway!

Thanks for all the enthusiasm and the deluge of entries. You made release week that much more fun!


So who wins a Blue Hollow Falls canvas tote and a pick of ANY FIVE books from my backlist?

Come on down…

Angela Sanford

Michelle Flomenhoft

Nicola Goodman

Loretta Kidd

and Ellen Hulsey!! 

WINNERS: If you haven’t already browsed my website bookshelf, it’s time to go gift-picking!

  • Click here and start selecting your five books.

What is up for grabs? ANY backlist title of mine, meaning any book that has already been released.

How do you claim your prize? Easy! Email me at with your list of five books and the address where you’d like your books & tote bag shipped and you’re all set!

Note: if you’d prefer e-book versus print, that’s fine, too. Your choice! Just let me know in your email.

Thanks again, everyone! I’ll be back soon with more fun news to share!

Amazon Did What?

I thought we’d hit Peak Excitement this week here in Casa de Kauffman. I was WRONG! (And I’ve never been so happy about that!)

So, THIS happened this morning. (WHAT!?!)

It’s true! Amazon has named BLUESTONE & VINE as a Best Book of the Month!!  (And check out the fabulous company I’m in! #gobsmacked!)

I’m still dancing it out all over my living room. (You did NOT see that Dick Van Dyke flip over the ottoman. Once again, I am thankful my life is not being filmed as a reality show.)


Also take a look at those prices in that snapshot up there! Both the print copy AND the e-book are at a reduced price so HURRY over to Amazon and snatch your copy up if you haven’t already done so!


While you’re there, SEA GLASS SUNRISE (Book #1 in the Brides of Blueberry Cove)  is a Kindle deal for just $1.99!! I know! 

If you haven’t already gobbled them up, dive into my Blueberry Cove series this summer. They are the perfect beach read (set on the coast of Maine. Ahhhh….)

Then KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and come right on back over here and enter the BIG BOOK BIRTHDAY BASH Giveaway! See below for the info and link to enter!


If you’ve picked up a copy of Bluestone & Vine hold on to your receipt (or take a screen shot of your online order – just show the book title and you’re good to go!) and you can enter to win!

Prize Loot:

  • A fab canvas Blue Hollow Falls book tote with over-the-shoulder length straps. (A must, right?)
  • FIVE of my backlist titles of YOUR CHOICE.  Yep. ANY five.
  • The contest runs through July 2nd!
  • Enter HERE

Okay, back to dancing it out! Join me, won’t you? (Watch out for that ottoman!)


BookPage Interview and MORE Giveaways!

Wow, it’s already been an incredible week and it’s only Wednesday!  Bluestone & Vine hit the stands yesterday and you all were SO AMAZING look what happened!  You made Bluestone & Vine a #1 New Release on Amazon. What!?!?! You all ROCK! 

I am so very appreciative of your enthusiasm for this book, and this series. I can’t begin to thank you enough for your support. Group hug!!

BookPage Interview: I wanted to share a link to the BookPage interview I mentioned in a previous post. They asked the BEST questions! I think this is one of my favorite interviews to date. Click HERE to check it out!

New Exclusive Excerpts AND Giveaway! 

Also today, over on Harlequin Junkies, they are doing a fun “5 Things” interview with me that includes new, exclusive excerpts from Bluestone & Vine, as well as a fab giveaway! Hop on over and enter HERE.


Speaking of giveaways, if you missed yesterday’s BIG contest post, check it out HERE. If you’ve picked up a copy of Bluestone & Vine hold on to your receipt (or take a screen shot of your online order – no acct info, just show the book title and you’re good to go!) and you can enter to win a canvas Blue Hollow Falls book tote filled with FIVE of my backlist titles of YOUR CHOICE.  Yep. ANY five. The contest runs through July 2nd!

And, like I said, it’s only Wednesday. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring! 🙂

Happy Book Birthday GIVEAWAY Party!

It’s my Big Book Birthday and I’m giving YOU all the presents!

I’m beyond thrilled that BLUESTONE & VINE has been released into the wild and is now available everywhere! (Haven’t snagged yours yet? Scroll down for handy purchase links!)

I’ve written one or a couple of books in the 26 years I’ve been a published author and it only gets MORE exciting with each release. This new series is set right where I live, here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and because of that, each one of these stories is a little extra special to me.

This is only the second full-length book in this series, after BLUE HOLLOW FALLS, and the holiday e-novella, THE INN AT BLUE HOLLOW FALLS and already your enthusiasm for this series has made it my most successful yet. I was over the moon when THE INN AT BLUE HOLLOW FALLS actually found it’s way onto the Wall Street Journal list — a first for me! – and I have you all to thank for that.

And we’ve just gotten started!

So I knew I wanted to do a Very Special Giveaway to thank you all for your enthusiasm for this series. Read on for all the details!


What You Win: FIVE winners will receive a Blue Hollow Falls canvas tote (like the one in the photo above – each one featuring a BHF book cover on the front) filled with FIVE BOOKS of your choice from my backlist.

I know!  See all those books in the photo above? Yep, those are all mine. And that’s not even all of them. (It’s true! I’m exhausted just looking at them. 🙂 )

Choose Your Prize Titles: Browse through my Bookshelf and decide which FIVE titles you’d like to receive if you’re chosen the winner. Yep, ANY book of mine that has already been released is up for grabs. Keep them all for you, share your loot with friends, it’s all up to you!

HOW TO ENTER: Send an email to me at with a photo of your receipt or proof of purchase (pre-orders work, too!) of BLUESTONE & VINE and you’re in!  I will confirm ALL entries. You can include the FIVE titles you would like if you win, or pick them after the winners are announced.

But go ahead and browse! Picking out free books is fun! 🙂

Notice: Please do NOT share account info with me – just a photo of a receipt or screen save of your online purchase showing the book title is all you need. ANY format of the book qualifies.

Contest is open to ALL readers worldwide. I love you all and couldn’t do what I do without you.

Deadline: All entries must be to me by midnight ET, Sunday, July 8th.

WINNERS: Winners will be announced right here on my blog on Monday, July 9th. Follow this blog by entering your email up there in the top right corner of the screen and you’ll get a handy email whenever a new blog post goes up. No need to remember to stop back by. I’ll come right to you. 🙂

LINKS: Here are those handy links I mentioned earlier:







I hope you love this book as much as you’ve enjoyed my past releases! More to come soon, but for now, enjoy your trip back to Blue Hollow Falls and enjoy finding out what everyone has been up to!

Happy reading!!

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